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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 1027732: Carlo Lorenzo
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Novitsky Olexander Andrievych
vul. Cosmonavtiv, 40, app. 42
Odesa 65070 (UA)

Ім'я та адреса представника

Mihaylova Tatyana Vicktorovna
Kvitkovy provulok, 12
Odesa 65017 (UA)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Berets; jackets (stuff) (clothing); football shoes; shoulder wraps; cyclists' clothing; outerclothing; footwear uppers; heelpieces for boots and shoes; tips for footwear; non-slipping devices for boots and shoes; welts for boots and shoes; fitting of metal for shoes and boots; footwear; boots for sport; neckties; money belts (clothing); gaiters; gaiter straps; gymnastic shoes; ready-made clothing; wooden shoes; babies' pants; pelisses; galoshes; hats; slippers; caps (headwear); collar protectors; pockets for clothing; pelisses; tights; slips (undergarments); combinations (clothing); spats; bodices (lingerie); corsets (underclothing); suit; wet suits for water-skiing; swimsuits (suits (bathing)); costumes (masquerade); bath slippers; trunks (bathing); bath sandals; robes (bath); bathing caps; jackets (clothing); ski boots; brassieres; camisoles; singlets; headgear for wear; stoles (fur); linen (body) (garments); teddies (undergarments); layettes (clothing); waterproof clothing; uniforms; clothing; vests (fishing); motorists' clothing; clothing for gymnastics; clothing of leather; clothing of imitations of leather; overcoats; gloves (clothing); hosiery; stocking suspenders; stockings; heelpieces for stockings; paper clothing; paper hats; belts (clothing); soles for footwear; pajamas (Am.); coats; beach shoes; beach clothes; stockings (sweat-absorbent); girdles; sun visors; pullovers; overalls; smocks; mittens; gloves (clothing); sandals; saris; sweaters; shirts; skirts; petticoats; sport jerseys; sport shoes; frocks; knitwear (clothing); underpants; shoes; inner soles; singlets; studs for football boots (shoes); dressing gowns; boot uppers; bandanas (neckerchiefs); furs (clothing); half-boots; lace boots; caps (headwear); boots; shawls; caps (shower); sashes for wear; ascots; socks; trousers; skull caps.


Англ.Auctioneering; marketing studies; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; demonstration of goods; business research; business information; business appraisals; business investigations; business inquiries; assistance (business management); marketing research; administrative processing sales orders; import-export agencies; arranging of invoices, management assistance (commercial or industrial); business management and organization consultancy; compilation of information into computer databases; commercial management of licensing of goods and services; modelling for advertising or sales promotion; writing of publicity texts; shop window dressing; consultancy (professional business); payroll preparation; placing of publicity materials; radio advertising; rental of advertising space; rental of advertising time on communication media; advertising agencies; publication of publicity texts; presentation of products by communication facilities for the purpose of retail sale; outdoor advertising; location in one place for the benefit of others the assortment of a class 25 with the purpose of providing possibility to examine comfortably and buy these goods (terms considered too vague by the International Bureau (Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); distribution of samples; dissemination of advertising matter; direct mail advertising; analysis (cost price); commercial information and consultations for consumers; sales promotion (for others); word processing; data search in computer files (for others).

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UA, 10.03.2009, 104320
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