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Suite 19, 171 Prospekt Mira
RU-129226 Moscow (RU)

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Traktoviy Proezd, 9,
RU-656016 Altai Territory (RU)

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68 Popova Street,
Altai Territory (RU)

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Англ. The claimed verbal designation represents a fanciful word "'SIBOIL'" in Latin characters.

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Acetate of cellulose, unprocessed; acetates [chemicals]; acetic anhydride; acetone; acetylene; acids; acidulated water for recharging batteries; acrylic resins, unprocessed; actinium; additives, chemical, to drilling muds; additives, chemical, to fungicides; additives, chemical, to insecticides; additives, chemical, to motor fuel; adhesives for billposting; adhesives for industrial purposes; adhesives for paperhanging; adhesives for wall tiles; agar-agar; agglutinants for concrete; agricultural chemicals, except fungicides, weedkillers, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; albumin [animal or vegetable, raw material]; albuminized paper; alcohol; aldehydes; alginates for industrial purposes; alkalies; alkaline iodides for industrial purposes; alkaline metals; alkaline-earth metals; alkaloids; alum; alumina; aluminium acetate; aluminium alum; aluminium hydrate; aluminium iodide; aluminium silicate; americium; ammonia [volatile alkali] for industrial purposes; ammonia alum; ammonia; ammonium aldehyde; amyl acetate; anhydrides; anhydrous ammonia; animal albumen [raw material]; animal carbon preparations; anti-boil preparations for engine coolants; antifreeze; anti-frothing solutions for batteries; anti-knock substances for internal combustion engines; antimony oxide; antistatic preparations, other than for household purposes; anti-tarnishing chemicals for windows; antranilic acid; argon; arsenic; arsenious acid; artificial resins, unprocessed; artificial sweeteners [chemical preparations]; astatine; auxiliary fluids for use with abrasives; bacterial preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; bacteriological preparations for acetification; bacteriological preparations other than for medical and veterinary use; balm of gurjun [gurjon, gurjan] for making varnish; barium; baryta paper; baryta; barytes; bases [chemical preparations]; basic gallate of bismuth; baths for galvanizing; bauxite; beer preserving agents; beer-clarifying and preserving agents; bentonite; benzene derivatives; benzene-based acids; benzoic acid; berkelium; bicarbonate of soda for chemical purposes; bichloride of tin; bichromate of potassium; bichromate of soda; biochemical catalysts; biological preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; birdlime; bismuth nitrite for chemical purposes; bismuth; bleaching preparations [decolorants] for industrial purposes; blueprint paper; borax; boric acid for industrial purposes; brake fluid; brazing preparations; brickwork preservatives, except paints and oils; bromine for chemical purposes; calcined soda; calcium carbide; calcium cyanamide [fertilizer]; californium; camphor, for industrial purposes; carbide; carbolineum for the protection of plants; carbon for filters; carbon sulphide; carbonates; carbonic acid; casein for industrial purposes; cassiopium [lutetium]; catalysts; catechu; caustic soda for industrial purposes; caustics for industrial purposes; cement [metallurgy]; cement for mending broken articles; cement preservatives, except paints and oils; cement-waterproofing preparations, except paints; ceramic compositions for sintering [granules and powders]; ceramic glazings; ceramic materials in particulate form, for use as filtering media; chemical additives for oils; chemical condensation preparations; chemical preparations for facilitating the alloying of metals; chemical preparations for scientific purposes, other than for medical or veterinary use; chemical preparations for smoking meat; chemical preparations for the manufacture of paints; chemical preparations to prevent mildew; chemical preparations to prevent wheat smut; chemical preparations, except pigments, for the manufacture of enamel; chemical substances for analyses in laboratories, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; chemical substances for preserving foodstuffs; china slip; cholic acid; chrome alum; chromic acid; chromium oxide; cinematographic film, sensitized but not exposed; citric acid for industrial purposes; clarification preparations; coal saving preparations; cobalt oxide for industrial purposes; collodion; color-brightening chemicals for industrial purposes; combusting preparations [chemical additives to motor fuel]; compositions for repairing inner tubes of tires [tyres]; compost; concrete-aeration chemicals; condensation-preventing chemicals; preparations for stimulating cooking for industrial purposes; coolants for vehicle engines; copper sulphate [vitriol]; corrosive preparations; creosote for chemical purposes; crotonic aldehyde; cryogenic preparations; cultures of microorganisms other than for medical and veterinary use; curium; currying preparations for leather; currying preparations for skins; damp proofing preparations, except paints, for masonry; defoliants; degreasing preparations for use in manufacturing processes; degumming preparations; dehydrating preparations for industrial purposes; detergent additives to petrol [gasoline]; detergents for use in manufacturing processes; diagnostic preparations, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; diastase for industrial purposes; diatomaceous earth; diazo paper; dioxide of hydrogen; disincrustants; dispersions of plastics; distilled water; dolomite for industrial purposes; dressing and finishing preparations for textiles; dressing, except oils, for skins; dry ice [carbon dioxide]; dysprosium; earth for growing; electrophoresis gels, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; emollients for industrial purposes; emulsifiers; enamel and glass-staining-chemicals; enamel-staining chemicals; engine-decarbonising chemicals; enzyme preparations for industrial purposes; epoxy resins, unprocessed; ethyl alcohol; europium; expanded-clay for hydroponic plant growing [substrate]; fat-bleaching chemicals; fatty acids; fertilizers; fertilizing preparations; fillers for automobile bodies; filtering materials [chemical preparations]; filtering materials [mineral substances]; filtering materials [unprocessed plastics]; filtering materials [vegetable substances]; filtering preparations for the beverages industry; finishing preparations for use in the manufacture of steel; fire extinguishing compositions; fissionable material for nuclear energy; fixing baths [photography]; fixing solutions [photography]; flashlight preparations; flocculants; flour for industrial purposes; flower preservatives; fluids for hydraulic circuits; formic acid; foundry binding substances; foundry molding [moulding] preparations; foundry sand; fuel-saving preparations; fuller's earth for use in textile industry; fulling preparations for use in textile industry; gadolinium; gallic acid for the manufacture of ink; gallium; gallnuts; gallotannic acid; galvanizing preparations; gambier; gas propellents for aerosols; gelatine for industrial purposes; gelatine for photographic purposes; getters [chemically active substances]; glass-frosting chemicals; glass-staining chemicals; glaziers' putty; glucose for industrial purposes; glucosides; glue for industrial purposes; gluten [glue], other than for stationery or household purposes; glycerides; glycerine for industrial purposes; glycol; grafting mastic for trees; grafting wax for trees; graphite for industrial purposes; guano; gum arabic for industrial purposes; gums [adhesives], other than for stationery or household purposes; heavy water; helium; holmium; hormones for hastening the ripening of fruit; horticulture chemicals, except fungicides, herbicides, insecticides and parasiticides; humus top dressing; humus; hydrates; hydrazine; hydrochloric acid; hydrofluoric acid; hydrogen; hypochlorite of soda; hyposulphites; iodic acid; iodine for chemical purposes; iodine for industrial purposes; iodised albumen; ion exchangers [chemical preparations]; isinglass other than for stationery, household or alimentary purposes; isotopes for industrial purposes; kainite; ketones; kieselgur; krypton; lactic acid; lanthanum; lead acetate; lead arsenate; lead oxide; leather glues; leather-dressing chemicals; leather-impregnating chemicals; leather-waterproofing chemicals; lecithin [raw material]; lime acetate; lime carbonate; lime chloride; limestone hardening substances; liquids for removing sulphates from accumulators; lithia [lithium oxide]; lithium; litmus paper; magnesite; magnesium carbonate; magnetic fluid for industrial purposes; malt albumen; manganate; manganese dioxide; mangrove bark for industrial purposes; masonry preservatives, except paints and oils; mastic for leather; mastic for tires [tyres]; meat tenderizers for industrial purposes; mercuric oxide; metal earths; metal hardening preparations; metal tempering preparations; metalloids; methane; methyl benzol; mineral acids; moderating materials for nuclear reactors; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in bleaching; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in dyeing; moistening [wetting] preparations for use in the textile industry; mold-release preparations; mordants for metals; must-fining preparations; naphthalene; neodymium; neon; neptunium; nitrate of uranium; nitrate paper; nitrates; nitric acid; nitric monoxide; nitrogen; nitrogenous fertilizers; oenological bactericides [chemical preparations used in wine making]; oil cement [putty]; oil dispersants; oil-bleaching chemicals; oil-purifying chemicals; oils for currying leather; oils for preparing leather in the course of manufacture; oils for tanning leather; oils for the preservation of food; oil-separating chemicals; oleic acid; olivine [chemical preparations]; opacifiers for enamel or glass; opacifiers for enamel; opacifiers for glass; organic-bleaching chemicals; oxalates; oxalic acid; oxygen; paper pulp; peat pots for horticulture; pectin [photography]; perborate of soda; percarbonates; perchlorates; persulphates; persulphuric acid; petroleum dispersants; phenol for industrial purposes; phosphoric acid; photometric paper; picric acid; plant growth regulating preparations; plasticizers; plastics, unprocessed; plastisols; plutonium; polish removing substances; polonium; potash water; potash; potassium dioxalate; potassium; potato flour for industrial purposes; power steering fluid; praseodymium; preparations for preventing the tarnishing of glass; preparations for preventing the tarnishing of lenses; preparations for the separation of greases; preparations of the distillation of wood alcohol; preparations of trace elements for plants; preservatives for pharmaceutical preparations; preservatives for tiles, except paints and oils; protective gases for welding; pyrogallic acid; quebracho for industrial purposes; radiator flushing chemicals; rare earths; reagent paper, other than for medical or veterinary purposes; reducing agents for use in photography; refrigerants; renovating preparations for phonograph records; rubber preservatives; sal ammoniac; salicylic acid; salpetre; salts for galvanic cells; salts for industrial purposes; salts of precious metals for industrial purposes; scale removing preparations, other than for household purposes; sea water for industrial purposes; seaweeds [fertilizers]; sebacic acid; seed preserving substances; sensitized paper; sensitized plates for offset printing; separating and unsticking [ungluing] preparations; silicates; silicon; silicones; silver nitrate; sizing preparations; soap [metallic] for industrial purposes; soda ash; sodium; soldering chemicals; solidified gases for industrial purposes; solutions for cyanotyping; solvents for varnishes; sorrel salt; spirits of vinegar [dilute acetic acid]; stain-preventing chemicals for use on fabrics; starch for industrial purposes; starch paste [adhesive], other than for stationery or household purposes; starch-liquifying chemicals [ungluing agents]; stearic acid; substances for preventing runs in stockings; substrates for soil-free growing [agriculture]; sulphuric acid; sulphurous acid; surface-active chemical agents; synthetic materials for absorbing oil; synthetic resins, unprocessed; tan; tannic acid; tanning substances; tan-wood; tapioca flour for industrial purposes; tartar other than for pharmaceutical purposes; tartaric acid; test paper, chemical; textile-brightening chemicals; textile-impregnating chemicals; textile-waterproofing chemicals; tire repairing compositions; titanium dioxide for industrial purposes; toxic gas neutralizers; transmission fluid; tree cavity fillers [forestry]; tungstic acid; uranium oxide; wallpaper removing preparations; water glass [soluble glass]; water purifying chemicals; water-softening preparations; wax-bleaching chemicals; vine disease preventing chemicals; wine finings; viscose; witherite; wood pulp; vulcanisation accelerators; vulcanising preparations; xenon; x-ray films, sensitized but not exposed; ytterbium; yttrium; zirconia.


Англ.Abrasive cloth; abrasive paper; abrasives; adhesives for affixing false eyelashes; adhesives for affixing false hair; adhesives for cosmetic purposes; after-shave lotions; almond milk for cosmetic purposes; almond oil; almond soap; alum stones [astringents]; amber [perfume]; ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent]; antiperspirant soap; antiperspirants [toiletries]; antistatic preparations for household purposes; aromatics [essential oils]; astringents for cosmetic purposes; badian essence; bases for flower perfumes; bath salts, not for medical purposes; beard dyes; beauty masks; bergamot oil; bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes; bleaching salts; bleaching soda; breath freshening sprays; cake flavourings [essential oils]; cakes of toilet soap; canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes; carbides of metal [abrasives]; cleaning chalk; cleaning preparations; cleansing milk for toilet purposes; cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; cobblers' wax; colorants for toilet purposes; color-brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]; color-removing preparations; corundum [abrasive]; cosmetic creams; cosmetic dyes; cosmetic kits; cosmetic pencils; cosmetic preparations for baths; cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; cosmetic preparations for skin care; cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; cosmetics; cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; cotton wool for cosmetic purposes; creams for leather; decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; degreasers other than for use in manufacturing processes; dental bleaching gels; dentifrices; denture polishes; deodorant soap; deodorants for human beings or for animals; depilatories; depilatory wax; detergents other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes; diamantine [abrasive]; disinfectant soap; dry-cleaning preparations; eau de cologne; emery paper; emery; essential oils of cedarwood; essential oils of lemon; essential oils; ethereal essences; extracts of flowers [perfumes]; eyebrow cosmetics; eyebrow pencils; fabric softeners for laundry use; false eyelashes; false nails; flavorings for beverages [essential oils]; floor wax removers [scouring preparations]; floor wax; fumigation preparations [perfumes]; furbishing preparations; gaultheria oil; geraniol; glass cloth; glass paper; greases for cosmetic purposes; grinding preparations; hair colorants; hair lotions; hair spray; hair waving preparations; heliotropine; hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes; incense; ionone [perfumery]; jasmine oil; javelle water; joss sticks; lacquer-removing preparations; laundry bleach; laundry blueing; laundry glaze; laundry preparations; laundry soaking preparations; laundry starch; laundry wax; lavender oil; lavender water; leather bleaching preparations; leather preservatives [polishes]; lipsticks; lotions for cosmetic purposes; make-up powder; make-up preparations; make-up removing preparations; make-up; mascara; medicated soap; mint essence [essential oil]; mint for perfumery; moustache wax; mouth washes, not for medical purposes; musk [perfumery]; nail care preparations; nail varnish; neutralizers for permanent waving; non-slipping liquids for floors; non-slipping wax for floors; oil of turpentine for degreasing; oils for cleaning purposes; oils for cosmetic purposes; oils for perfumes and scents; oils for toilet purposes; paint stripping preparations; pastes for razor strops; perfumery; perfumes; petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; polish for furniture and flooring; polishing creams; polishing paper; polishing preparations; polishing rouge; polishing stones; polishing wax; pomades for cosmetic purposes; potpourris [fragrances]; preparations for cleaning dentures; preparations for unblocking drain pipes; preparations to make shiny the leaves of plants; pumice stone; quillaia bark for washing; rose oil; rust removing preparations; sachets for perfuming linen; safrol; scale removing preparations for household purposes; scented water; scented wood; scouring solutions; shampoos for pets; shampoos; shaving preparations; shaving soap; shaving stones [astringents]; shining preparations [polish]; shoe cream; shoe wax; shoemakers' wax; silicon carbide [abrasive]; skin whitening creams; smoothing preparations [starching]; smoothing stones; soap for brightening textile; soap for foot perspiration; soap; soda lye; stain removers; starch glaze for laundry purposes; sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; tailors' wax; talcum powder, for toilet use; terpenes [essential oils]; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; toilet water; toiletries; tripoli stone for polishing; turpentine, for degreasing; varnish-removing preparations; volcanic ash for cleaning; wallpaper cleaning preparations; washing soda, for cleaning; whiting; windscreen cleaning liquids.


Англ.Additives, non-chemical, to motor-fuel; alcohol [fuel]; anthracite; beeswax; belting wax; bone oil for industrial purposes; candles; carnauba wax; castor oil for technical purposes; ceresine; charcoal [fuel]; christmas tree candles; coal briquettes; coal dust [fuel]; coal naphtha; coal tar oil; coal; coke; combustible briquettes; combustible oil; cutting fluids; diesel oil; dust binding compositions for sweeping; dust laying compositions; dust removing preparations; electrical energy; firelighters; firewood; fish oil, not edible; fuel with an alcoholic base; grease for arms [weapons]; grease for belts; grease for boots; grease for leather; illuminating grease; illuminating wax; industrial grease; industrial oil; industrial wax; kerosene; lamp wicks; lighting fuel; lignite; ligroin; lubricants; lubricating graphite; lubricating grease; lubricating oil; mazut; methylated spirit; mineral fuel; moistening oil; motor oil; nightlights [candles]; non-slipping preparations for belts; oil for the preservation of leather; oil for the preservation of masonry; oils for paints; oils for releasing form work [building]; oleine; ozocerite [ozokerite]; paper spills for lighting; paraffin; peat [fuel]; peat briquettes [fuel]; perfumed candles; petroleum ether; petroleum jelly for industrial purposes; preservatives for leather [oils and greases]; rape oil for industrial purposes; soya bean oil preparations for non-stick treatment of cooking utensils; stearine; sunflower oil for industrial purposes; tallow; textile oil; vaporized fuel mixtures; wax [raw material]; wicks for candles; wood briquettes; wood spills for lighting; wool grease; xylene; xylol.

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