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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 1201803: ASTON WATERWAY
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Limited Liability Company "Epitsentr K"
Street Bratyslavska, 11
Kyiv 02139 (UA)

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Tetyana Sardelli,
Bureau of Intellectual Property Expertise
Post Office box 109
Kyiv 04071 (UA)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Automatic grapnels for marine purposes; air brushes for applying colour; aerocondensers; aerating pumps for aquaria; glaziers' diamonds [parts of machines]; dashpot plungers [parts of machines]; anti-friction bearings for machines; bitumen making machines; acetylene cleaning apparatus; drums [parts of machines]; dyeing machines; concrete mixers [machines]; colour-washing machines; pulleys [parts of machines]; reels [parts of machines]; harrows; flour mills; flour mill machines; blade sharpening [stropping] machines; brewing machines; journal boxes [parts of machines]; bulldozers; hoppers [mechanical discharging]; mine borers; drilling machines; drilling bits [parts of machines]; truck lifts; vacuum pumps [machines]; axles for machines; bearings for transmission shafts; tambours for embroidery machines; printing rollers for machines; bearings [parts of machines]; handling apparatus for loading and unloading; loading ramps; derricks; bicycle dynamos; bicycle assembling machines; fans for motors and engines; fan belts for motors and engines; machine tools; shoe polishers, electric; extractors for mines; apparatus for dressing; molds [parts of machines]; exhaust manifold for engines; exhausts for motors and engines; embossing machines; vibrators [machines] for industrial use; wringing machines for laundry; clack valves [parts of machines]; centrifugal mills; centrifugal pumps; freewheels other than for land vehicles; winnowers; drain cocks; water heaters [parts of machines]; fiber separators; metal drawing machines; friezing machines; suction machines for industrial purposes; coalcutting machines; carbon brushes [electricity]; vulcanisation apparatus; blowing machines for the compression, exhaustion and transport of gases; aerated water making apparatus; aerated beverage-making machines; lawnmowers [machines]; aerators; die-cutting and tapping machines; brake pads other than for vehicles; brake shoes other than for vehicles; dynamos; dynamo belts; dynamo brushes; current generators; hydraulic door openers and closers [parts of machines]; hydraulic engines and motors; hydraulic turbines; torque converters other than for land vehicles; mineworking machines; mufflers for motors and engines; bending machines; carriages for knitting machines; cylinder heads for engines; card clothing [parts of carding machines]; connecting rods for machines, motors and engines; potters' wheels; grindstones [parts of machines]; sharpening machines; rakes for raking machines; engraving machines; stalk separators [machines]; mud catchers and collectors [machines]; pneumatic door openers and closers [parts of machines]; motors for boats; engines for boats; engines, other than for land vehicles; de-aerators for feedwater; disintegrators; tympans [parts of printing presses]; woodworking machines; turf removing ploughs; pump diaphragms; dividing machines; punching machines; can openers, electric; mortising machines; milking machines; teat cups [suction cups] for milking machines; chisels for machines; moving pavements [sidewalks]; road making machines; road sweeping machines [self-propelled]; road rollers; electric hand drills; crushing machines; typographic presses; boxes for matrices [printing]; typographic machines; printing plates; printing presses; printing machines; printing cylinders; printing machines for use on sheet metal; ejectors; excavators; shovels, mechanical; electric hammers; generators of electricity; emergency power generators; motors, electric, other than for land vehicles; electromechanical machines for chemical industry; escalators; labellers [machines]; flues for engine boilers; feeding apparatus for engine boilers; reapers; harvesting machines; reapers and binders; millstones; sealing machines for industrial purposes; railroad constructing machines; igniting magnetos; igniting magnetos for engines; igniting devices for internal combustion engines; curtain drawing devices, electrically operated; whisks, electric, for household purposes; electric welding apparatus; soldering apparatus, gas-operated; raking machines; earth moving machines; blowing machines for the compression, sucking and carrying of grain; reapers and threshers; corn husking machines; joints [parts of engines]; shaft couplings [machines]; blenders, electric, for household purposes; degreasers [machines]; machine wheelwork; couplings other than for land vehicles; stitching machines; injectors for engines; incubators for eggs; hand-held tools, other than hand-operated; food preparation machines, electromechanical; capstans; coffee grinders, other than hand-operated; calenders; rotary steam presses, portable, for fabrics; stone working machines; ditchers [ploughs]; control cables for machines, engines or motors; cowlings [parts of machines]; carburetters; carburetter feeders; crankcases for machines, motors and engines; catalytic converters; hydraulic controls for machines, motors and engines; control mechanisms for machines, engines or motors; pneumatic controls for machines, motors and engines; ball rings for bearings; grease rings [parts of machines]; piston segments; valves [parts of machines]; pressure reducers [parts of machines]; riveting machines; bookbinding apparatus and machines for industrial purposes; machine wheels; crank shafts; compressors [machines]; compressors for refrigerators; compressed air pumps; conveyors [machines]; converters for steel works; condensers [steam] [parts of machines]; condensing installations; diggers [machines]; lasts for shoes [parts of machines]; rams [machines]; cranks [parts of machines]; root cutting machines; fodder presses; mechanized livestock feeders; gear boxes other than for land vehicles; housings [parts of machines]; knives for mowing machines; bobbins for weaving looms; reels, mechanical, for flexible hoses; machine boiler scale collectors; taps [parts of machines, engines or motors]; roller bridges; cranes [lifting and hoisting apparatus]; hangers [parts of machines]; tilt hammers; ball-bearings; cultivators [machines]; food processors, electric; kitchen machines, electric; elevator chains [parts of machines]; driving chains other than for land vehicles; chain saws; winches; winches; ploughshares; foundry machines; adhesive tape dispensers [machines]; machines and apparatus for polishing [electric]; machines and apparatus for wax-polishing, electric; type-setting machines [printing]; aeroplane engines; elevators [lifts]; hoists; blades [parts of machines]; machines for making edible pastes; handling machines, automatic [manipulators]; churns; butter machines; grease rings [parts of machines]; lubricating pumps; lubricators [parts of machines]; matrices for use in printing; machine fly-wheels; garbage [waste] disposals; machines for the textile industry; machines for compacting of wastes; machines and apparatus for carpet shampooing, electric; notchers machine tools]; lace making machines; metal working machines; power hammers; vehicle washing installations; washing apparatus; high pressure washers; fleshing machines; mixers [machines]; mineral water making machines; mixing machines; bellows [machines]; forge bellows; agitators; mills [machines]; mills for household purposes, other than hand-operated; threshing machines; hammers [parts of machines]; pneumatic hammers; dairy machines; cream/milk separators; motorized cultivators; kick starters for motorcycles; cord making machines; clutches other than for land vehicles; meat choppers [machines]; pressure valves [parts of machines]; superchargers; brake linings other than for vehicles; brake linings other than for vehicles; beverage preparation machines, electromechanical; guides for machines; threading machines; pumps [machines]; pumps [parts of machines, engines or motors]; pumps for heating installations; oil refining machines; shears, electric; scissors, electric; knives [parts of machines]; chaff cutter blades; knives, electric; wrapping machines; rotary printing presses; hemming machines; atomisers [machines]; braiding machines; finishing machines; cleaning appliances utilizing steam; anti-pollution devices for motors and engines; packing machines; fuel conversion apparatus for internal combustion engines; fuel economisers for motors and engines; hosiery looms; hosiery looms; shredders [machines] for industrial use; paper machines; parquet wax-polishers, electric; boiler tubes [parts of machines]; steam engines; steam engine boilers; steam/oil separators; steam traps; belts for machines; belts for conveyors; adhesive bands for pulleys; chucks [parts of machines]; soldering irons, gas-operated; soldering blow pipes, gas-operated; pedal drives for sewing machines; superheaters; transmission shafts, other than for land vehicles; transmission chains other than for land vehicles; pepper mills other than hand-operated; apparatus for drawing up beer under pressure; beer pumps; saws [machines]; saw blades [parts of machines]; dust removing installations for cleaning purposes; dust exhausting installations for cleaning purposes; vacuum cleaners; vacuum cleaner bags; vacuum cleaner hoses; saw benches [parts of machines]; spray guns for paint; feedwater regulators; lifting apparatus; elevating apparatus; elevator belts; lifts, other than ski-lifts; jacks [machines]; roller bearings; guns [tools using explosives]; knitting machines; ploughs; bottle sealing machines; bottle capping machines; bottle stoppering machines; bottle washing machines; bottle filling machines; compressed air machines; compressed air guns for the extrusion of mastics; pneumatic transporters; pneumatic tube conveyors; air suction machines; aeronautical engines; air condensers; engines for air cushion vehicles; air cushion devices for moving loads; air pumps [garage installations]; feeders [parts of machines]; paper feeders [printing]; domestic crushers/grinders, electric; cinder sifters [machines]; pistons [parts of machines or engines]; pistons for engines; pistons for cylinders; dishwashers; washing machines [laundry]; coin-operated washing machines; ironing machines; smoothing presses; presses [machines for industrial purposes]; wine presses; swaging machines; satinizing machines; trueing machines; vacuum cleaner attachments for disseminating perfumes and disinfectants; punches for punching machines; rolling mills; rolling mill cylinders; rinsing machines; weeding machines; sifting installations; peeling machines; tarring machines; springs [parts of machines]; spinning frames; spinning machines; spinning wheels; puddling machines; puddling machines; radiators [cooling] for motors and engines; racket stringing machines; jet engines other than for land vehicles; regulators [parts of machines]; speed governors for machines, engines and motors; pressure regulators [parts of machines]; reduction gears other than for land vehicles; rack and pinion jacks; rail-laying machines; gears for weaving looms; loom shafts; cutting blow pipes, gas-operated; cutters [machines]; holding devices for machine tools; tools [parts of machines]; cutting machines; robots [machines]; sewage pulverisers; filling machines; expansion tanks [parts of machines]; ore treating machines; propulsion mechanisms other than for land vehicles; stuffing boxes [parts of machines]; self-oiling bearings; drilling heads [parts of machines]; drilling rigs, floating or non-floating; drill chucks [parts of machines]; glow plugs for diesel engines; sparking plugs for internal combustion engines; separators; cigarette machines for industrial purposes; sieves [machines or parts of machines]; sifters; sowers [machines]; agricultural implements other than hand-operated; agricultural elevators; agricultural machines; tedding machines; binding apparatus for hay; net hauling machines [fishing]; chaff cutters; glass working machines; snow ploughs; sheaf-binding machines; fruit presses, electric, for household purposes; sorting machines for industry; sorting machines for fruit and vegetables; sausage machines; stands for machines; stands for machines; stators [parts of machines]; stereotype machines; compressed air engines; tables for machines; clippers [machines]; hair clipping machines for animals; belt conveyors; planing machines; slide rests [parts of machines]; spin driers [not heated]; heat exchangers [parts of machines]; thermic lances [machines]; grating machines for vegetables; beating machines; beaters, electric; kneading machines; loom shafts; looms; lathes [machine tools]; transmissions for machines; transmissions, other than for land vehicles; turbines other than for land vehicles; turbocompressors; tobacco processing machines; driving motors other than for land vehicles; universal joints [cardan joints]; packaging machines; painting machines; aprons [parts of machines]; filters [parts of machines or engines]; filters for cleaning cooling air, for engines; cartridges for filtering machines; filter presses; filtering machines; filtering machines; molding machines; type-setting machines [photocomposition]; milling machines; bread cutting machines; journals [parts of machines]; central vacuum cleaning installations; centrifugal machines; cylinders for motors and engines; cylinders for machines; sugar making machines; carding machines; machines and apparatus for cleaning, electric; shuttles [parts of machines]; inking apparatus for printing machines; sewing machines; pinions, other than for land vehicles; leather-working machines; leather paring machines; machines; darning machines; brushes [parts of machines]; brushes, electrically operated; soldering lamps.


Англ.Lamp shades; lampshade holders; autoclaves [electric pressure cookers]; automobile lights; anti-dazzle devices for automobiles [lamp fittings]; aquarium lights; aquarium heaters; aquarium filtration apparatus; steam accumulators; heat accumulators; framework of metal for ovens; acetylene generators; acetylene flares; acetylene burners; germicidal lamps for purifying air; swimming pool chlorinating apparatus; petrol burners; bidets; bath tubs; bath linings; heaters for baths; bath installations; bath fittings; hot air bath fittings; spa baths [vessels]; bath tubs for sitz baths; waffle irons, electric; bicycle lights; taps [faucets]; faucets for pipes (Am.); fans [air-conditioning]; fans [parts of air-conditioning installations]; electric fans for personal use; ventilation [air-conditioning] installations for vehicles; ventilation [air-conditioning] installations and apparatus; safety lamps; kilns; kiln furniture [supports]; evaporators; ventilation hoods; ventilation hoods for laboratories; extractor hoods for kitchens; vehicle reflectors; lamp reflectors; disinfectant dispensers for toilets; refrigerating containers; flare stacks for use in the oil industry; water sterilizers; filters for drinking water; pressure water tanks; whirlpool-jet apparatus; water conduits installations; water heaters [apparatus]; water intake apparatus; water softening apparatus and installations; water heaters; water purification installations; water purifying apparatus and machines; water supply installations; water distribution installations; flushing tanks; flushing apparatus; water filtering apparatus; regulating accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; hair driers; carbon for arc lamps; standard lamps; regulating and safety accessories for gas apparatus; gas lighters; gas boilers; gas burners; brackets for gas burners; gas condensers, other than parts of machines; gas lamps; gas scrubbers [parts of gas installations]; gas scrubbing apparatus; regulating and safety accessories for gas pipes; discharge tubes, electric, for lighting; hot air apparatus; hydrants; heaters, electric, for feeding bottles; hearths; hot water bottles; warming pans; footwarmers, electric or non-electric; bedwarmers; stoves; disinfectant apparatus; deodorising apparatus, not for personal use; rotisseries; ornamental fountains; flares; chimney flues; stills; distillation apparatus; distillation columns; arc lamps; showers; shower cubicles [enclosures (Am.)]; electric appliances for making yogurt; electric appliances for making yogurt; electrically heated carpets; heating cushions [pads], electric, not for medical purposes; heating elements; roasters; coffee roasters; griddles [cooking appliances]; roasting spits; flues for heating boilers; feeding apparatus for heating boilers; loading apparatus for furnaces; immersion heaters; gas lighters; safety accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; chimney blowers; humidifiers for central heating radiators; coils [parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations]; mixer taps for water pipes; apparatus for dehydrating food waste; desalination plants; ash conveyor installations, automatic; furnace ash boxes; watering installations, automatic; ionization apparatus for the treatment of air or water; coffee percolators, electric; coffee roasters; coffee filters, electric; coffee machines, electric; oil lamps; refrigerating chambers; hot air ovens; oxhydrogen burners; Chinese lanterns; pocket warmers; clean chambers [sanitary installations]; level controlling valves in tanks; air valves for steam heating installations; thermostatic valves [parts of heating installations]; glue-heating appliances; blankets, electric, not for medical purposes; fire bars; fireplaces, domestic; air conditioning apparatus; air conditioners for vehicles; drying apparatus for fodder and forage; drip irrigation emitters [irrigation fittings]; forges, portable; cooking utensils, electric; cooking apparatus and installations; cooking rings; kitchen ranges [ovens]; cookers; laboratory lamps; laboratory burners; lava rocks for use in barbecue grills; burners for lamps; lamp globes; curling lamps; lamps for directional signals of automobiles; light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles; light bulbs, electric; lamp glasses; lamp chimneys; lamp casings; electric lights for Christmas trees; ice machines and apparatus; lights; lights for vehicles; pocket searchlights; lanterns for lighting; ice boxes; chandeliers; magnesium filaments for lighting; barbecues; microwave ovens [cooking apparatus]; microwave ovens for industrial purposes; milk cooling installations; freezers; cycle lights; footmuffs, electrically heated; hot plates; heaters for heating irons; air reheaters; heating apparatus for defrosting windows of vehicles; beverage cooling apparatus; anti-splash tap nozzles; oil burners; heating filaments, electric; filaments for electric lamps; germicidal burners; luminous house numbers; roasting jacks; heating plates; stoves [heating apparatus]; fumigation apparatus, not for medical purposes; disposable sterilization pouches; oil-scrubbing apparatus; heating installations; hot water heating installations; heaters for vehicles; heating apparatus; heating apparatus, electric; heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels; heating boilers; boiler pipes [tubes] for heating installations; coolers for furnaces; purification installations for sewage; fuel economizers; burners; incandescent burners; steam generating installations; steam facial apparatus [saunas]; boilers, other than parts of machines; steam boilers, other than parts of machines; pasteurisers; sockets for electric lights; fittings, shaped, for furnaces; oven fittings made of fireclay; dental ovens; furnaces, other than for laboratory use; diving lights; urinals [sanitary fixtures]; ceiling lights; air deodorising apparatus; air purifying apparatus and machines; air conditioning installations; air cooling apparatus; air filtering installations; air sterilisers; air driers [dryers]; lighting installations for air vehicles; watering machines for agricultural purposes; polymerisation installations; laundry dryers, electric; laundry room boilers; projector lamps; flashlights [torches]; washers for water taps; anti-glare devices for vehicles [lamp fittings]; defrosters for vehicles; radiator caps; radiators [heating]; radiators, electric; sinks; refining towers for distillation; atomic piles; heat regenerators; regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus; dampers [heating]; refrigerators; expansion tanks for central heating installations; sanitary apparatus and installations; sauna bath installations; luminous tubes for lighting; lamps; lighting apparatus for vehicles; lighting apparatus and installations; light bulbs; light diffusers; toilet seats; pressure cooking saucepans, electric; tanning apparatus [sun beds]; deep fryers, electric; incinerators; malt roasters; solar thermal collectors [heating]; solar furnaces; alcohol burners; sterilizers; plate warmers; drying apparatus; desiccating apparatus; drying apparatus and installations; hand drying apparatus for washrooms; heat pumps; heat exchangers, not parts of machines; friction lighters for igniting gas; bread toasters; vehicle headlights; pipes [parts of sanitary installations]; toilet bowls; toilets [water-closets]; toilets, portable; Turkish bath cabinets, portable; tobacco roasters; cooling installations for tobacco; ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; wash-hand basins [parts of sanitary installations]; installations for processing nuclear fuel and nuclear moderating material; headlights for automobiles; filters [parts of household or industrial installations]; filters for air conditioning; fountains; fruit roasters; bread baking machines; bakers' ovens; cooling installations for water; cooling installations for liquids; cooling installations and machines; refrigerating apparatus and machines; refrigerating display cabinets [display cases]; cooling appliances and installations; refrigerating appliances and installations; refrigerating cabinets; chromatography apparatus for industrial purposes; central heating radiators; kettles, electric; miners' lamps; ventilation hoods.


Англ.Asbestos mortar; asbestos cement; aquaria [structures]; alabaster; alabaster glass; arbours [structures not of metal]; reinforcing materials, not of metal, for building; asphalt; asphalt paving; advertisement columns, not of metal; beacons, not of metal, non-luminous; beams, not of metal; huts; swimming pools [structures, not of metal]; safety glass; safety glass; shuttering, not of metal, for concrete; concrete building elements; bitumen; bituminous products for building; bituminous coatings for roofing; cask wood; building glass; building stone; binding agents for making briquettes; building cardboard [asphalted]; building paper; building materials, not of metal; framework for building, not of metal; building timber; building panels, not of metal; silos, not of metal; rubble; bird baths [structures, not of metal]; lime; calcareous stone; calcareous marl; diving boards, not of metal; bicycle parking installations, not of metal; agglomerated bagasses of cane [building material]; windows, not of metal; window glass, for building; window glass, except glass for vehicle windows; shutters, not of metal; window frames, not of metal; vinyl siding; stained-glass windows; tanks of masonry; fireclay; fire burrs; refractory construction materials, not of metal; fireproof cement coatings; water-pipe valves, not of metal or plastic; water-pipes not of metal; gates, not of metal; geotextiles; gypsum; clay; potters' clay [raw material]; earth for bricks; potters' clay; gravel; aquarium gravel; granite; tar; roofing shingles; latticework, not of metal; hips for roofing; roof coverings, not of metal; doors, not of metal; door casings, not of metal; door panels, not of metal; wood for making household utensils; veneer wood; wood, semi-worked; wood pulp board, for building; veneers; chimney cowls, not of metal; chimney pots, not of metal; chimneys, not of metal; chimney shafts, not of metal; binding material for road repair; materials for making and coating roads; road marking sheets and strips of synthetic material; macadam; road coating materials; wood paving; paving blocks, not of metal; lengthening pieces, not of metal, for chimneys; wooden floor boards; furrings of wood; drain pipes, not of metal; blinds [outdoors], not of metal; slag [building material]; clinker stone; railroad ties, not of metal; blinds [outdoor], not of metal and not of textile; flashing, not of metal, for building; signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal, for roads; insulating glass [building]; cabanas not of metal; gravestones; stone; coal tar; cornices, not of metal; building cardboard; tiles, not of metal; floor tiles, not of metal; tiles, not of metal, for building; quartz; sandstone tubes; caissons for construction work under water; drain traps [valves], not of metal or plastic; clinker ballast; skating rinks [structures, not of metal]; manhole covers, not of metal; insect screens not of metal; reeds, for building; buildings, transportable, not of metal; cork [compressed]; raw chalk; silica [quartz]; xylolith; chicken-houses, not of metal; angle irons, not of metal; laths, not of metal; cladding, not of metal, for building; coatings [building materials]; wainscotting, not of metal; manufactured timber; sawn timber; slate; magnesia cement; marble; memorial plaques, not of metal; grave or tomb enclosures, not of metal; mosaics for building; tombs, not of metal; tombstone stelae, not of metal; gravestones; penstock pipes, not of metal; crash barriers, not of metal, for roads; duckboards, not of metal; fences, not of metal; moldings, not of metal, for building; moldings, not of metal, for cornices; olivine for building; poles, not of metal, for electric power lines; greenhouse frames, not of metal; greenhouses, transportable, not of metal; tombs [monuments], not of metal; monuments, not of metal; palings, not of metal; parquet flooring; parquet floor boards; branching pipes, not of metal; partitions, not of metal; cement for furnaces; scantlings [carpentry]; porches, not of metal, for building; floors, not of metal; props, not of metal; aquarium sand; silver sand; sand, except foundry sand; sandstone for building; planks [wood for building]; platforms, prefabricated, not of metal; paving slabs, not of metal; cement slabs; felt for building; busts of stone, concrete or marble; glass granules for road marking; stringers [parts of staircases], not of metal; lighting slabs; roofing slates; roof flashing, not of metal; roofing, not of metal; roofing, not of metal, incorporating solar cells; lintels, not of metal; joists, not of metal; sills, not of metal; balustrading; letter boxes of masonry; floating docks, not of metal, for mooring boats; tarred strips, for building; aviaries, not of metal [structures]; rocket launching platforms, not of metal; gutter pipes, not of metal; roof gutters, not of metal; scaffolding, not of metal; grout; fair huts; pigsties, not of metal; non-luminous and non-mechanical signs, not of metal; signalling panels, non-luminous and non-mechanical, not of metal; perches; vaults, not of metal [burial]; vaults, not of metal [burial]; buildings, not of metal; works of stonemasonry; figurines [statuettes] of stone, concrete or marble; statues of stone, concrete or marble; ceilings, not of metal; stables, not of metal; wall linings, not of metal, for building; wall claddings, not of metal, for building; posts, not of metal; masts [poles], not of metal; casement windows, not of metal; folding doors, not of metal; stair-treads [steps], not of metal; staircases, not of metal; telegraph posts, not of metal; telephone booths, not of metal; terra cotta; plaster; plate glass [windows], for building; ducts, not of metal, for ventilating and air conditioning installations; rigid pipes, not of metal [building]; tufa; plywood; paint spraying booths, not of metal; foundry molds [moulds], not of metal; moldable wood; works of art of stone, concrete or marble; bricks; cement; cement for blast furnaces; cement posts; mooring bollards, not of metal; schists; slate powder; pilings, not of metal; artificial stone.

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