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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 1231196: S SUPERGASPORT
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Superga S.r.l.
Largo Maurizio Vitale 1
I-10152 Torino (IT)

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Basic Trademark S.r.l.
Largo Maurizio Vitale 1
Torino (IT)

Опис знака

Англ. The mark consists of the wording S SUPERGASPORT represented on two lines in uppercase block letters; the letter S is reproduced with empty background, inside a full background oval; below said letter, but above the wording SUPERGASPORT, there are two curved lines tied together at the left end; the altogether is represented inside a rectangular shape.

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Soaps; soaps for cleansing and care purposes; deodorants; conditioning preparations for the hair; styling gels for the hair; hair spray; shampoo; shaving preparations; aftershave lotions; depilatory preparations; facial washes [cosmetic]; eye make-up; make-up for the face; make-up removing preparations; sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; sun tan lotion; skin care preparations and treatments; body cream; nail polish; nail varnish remover [cosmetics]; talcum powder; dental rinses, non-medicated; dentifrices; perfumery; eau de toilette; wipes impregnated with a skin cleanser; perfumed tissues; essential oils; skin cleansers.


Англ.Articles of clothing, headgear and footwear for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire and for protection against accidents in the workplace; eyeglasses; sunglasses; goggles; helmets.


Англ.Chronometrical instruments; horological articles; watches; alarm clocks; key fobs of precious metals.


Англ.Paper; cardboard; stationery and educational supplies; writing, drawing and painting articles and equipment; watercolour pencils; drawing cases; pens; markers; permanent markers; highlighters; pencils; color pencils; cases for pens, pencils and for drawing; wax crayons; pastel crayons; compasses for drawing; chalks for drawing; paintbrushes; drafting rulers; drawing instruments; folders for papers; rubber erasers; writing slates; paper cutters; pencil sharpeners; writing or drawing books; display binders; diaries; desk diaries; block notepads; notepads; sketchbooks; notebooks; printed publications; calendars; photographs; drawings and graphic reproductions; books; periodicals; handbooks [manuals]; magazines; newspapers; catalogues; leaflets; adhesives for stationery or household purposes, in particular, adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes, adhesives for household purposes, glues for office use.


Англ.Suitcases; briefcases; trunks [luggage]; key bags; wallets; vanity cases, not fitted; bags; gym bags; sling bags; beach bags; baggage; purses; hand bags; duffel bags; satchels; straps for luggage; belt bags and hip bags; coin purses; clutch bags; credit card holders; briefcases [leather goods]; haversacks; all-purpose athletic bags; bags for campers; net bags for shopping; rucksacks; garment carriers; wheeled shopping bags; backpacks with rolling wheels; wheeled suitcases; parasols; umbrellas; walking sticks.


Англ.Clothing, footwear, headgear; casual wear; weather-resistant outerclothing; clothing for gymnastics; clothing for martial arts; clothing for skiing; cyclists' clothing; clothing of leather; work wear; sports clothing; rainsuits; articles of clothing for men, women and children (excluding underwear); ladies, men's and children's underwear; sports underwear; clothing of leather for motorcycle riders; suits; bath robes; pants; jodhpurs; denim jeans; trousers; shorts; swimwear; bikinis; bonnets; beach wraps; vest tops; brassieres; underpants; nightgowns; pyjamas; jackets [clothing]; wind resistant jackets; blousons; coats; gilets; skirts; polo shirts; T-shirts; jumpers; sweaters; shirts; tank tops; waist belts; dresses; socks; sports socks; ties; dress handkerchiefs (pocket squares); sweat shirts; dressing gowns; pullovers; cardigans; scarves; shawls; head scarves; neckbands and headbands; balaclavas; ear muffs; jumper suits; gym suits; running suits; snow suits; sweat suits; warm-up suits; boiler suits; topcoats; gloves; mittens; sports gloves; sports jerseys; soccer jerseys; footwear; boots; work shoes; walking shoes; beach shoes; sports footwear; infants' footwear; ski boots; leggings; flip-flops; slippers; sandals; soccer shoes; rain boots and shoes; canvas shoes; rubber boots and shoes; booties; mountaineering boots; boots for motorcycling; wooden shoes.


Англ.Gymnastic articles not included in other classes; gymnastic and sports training apparatus; protective padding for playing sports; protective padding for sports; gloves made specifically for use in playing sports; sports balls; inflatable balls for sports; bags adapted for sporting articles; cases adapted for sporting articles; bags specially adapted for carrying sports equipment and sports balls; bats [sporting articles]; discuses for sports; skates; bats for games; skis; snowboards.

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IT, 27.02.2014, TO2014C000678
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IT, 27.02.2014, TO2014C000678
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