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Obshchestvo s ogranichennoy
otvetstvennostyu "BelKumysProm"
kab. 4, d. 48, ul. Krylova,
agr. gor. Koren
223123 Logoyskiy rayon, Minskaya oblast (BY)

Ім'я та адреса представника

Boris E. Koubriakov,
"Koubriakov, Tseliatsitskaya & Partners"
of. 822, d. 17, pr. Pobediteley
220004 Minsk (BY)

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Inostrannoe obshchestvo s ogranichennoy
otvetstvennostyu "BelKumysProm"
kab. 4, d. 48, ul. Krylova,
agr. gor. Koren
Logoyskiy rayon, Minskaya oblast (BY)

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Avtorskie produkty.
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Англ. Authors products.

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Food for babies, including milk and dairy products for babies, lacteal flour for babies, drinking water, juices, nectars, fruit drink, fruit purees, berry purees, vegetable purees, meal purees, fish purees, fruit and berry purees, fruit and vegetable purees, milk cereals, milk-free cereals, soups; baby food based on fruits, berries, vegetables, meat, soy, milk, fish; baby foods based on chips [cereal products] with fruit, berries, vegetables, chocolate; dietetic food adapted for medical purposes.


Англ.Meat, fish, poultry and game; meat extracts; preserved, frozen, dried and cooked fruits and vegetables; jellies, jams, compotes; eggs; milk and milk products, including, smetana [sour cream], yoghurt, cream, milk powder, curd, butter; milk beverages, milk predominating; lactic acid drinks; lactic bacteria drinks; koumiss [fermented mare's milk]; ayran [drink based on yogurt]; kefir [milk beverage]; tan [fermented milk beverage]; prostokvasha [soured milk]; ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; condensed milk; milk shakes; curd snacks; processed cheese; whey; cheese; edible oils and fats; margarine; milk-based spread; nuts, prepared; peanuts, processed; anchovy; shrimps, not live; shellfish, not live; meat, fish, poultry and game products; charcuterie; ham; beans and peas, processed; salads, included in this class, including vegetable and fruit salads; frozen fruits and frozen vegetables; frozen vegetable mixtures; frozen vegetable entrees; frozen vegetable soup; frozen berries; frozen mushrooms; preparations for making soup; piccalilli; fruit-based snack food; raisins; caviar; sauerkraut; fruit pulp; potato-based foods; cranberry purees; vegetable purees, fruit purees; crustaceans, not live; vegetable juices for cooking; tomato juice for cooking; sausages; tripe; processed seeds; fruit peel; crystallized fruits; seaweed extracts for food; bacon; albumen for food; beans and peas, preserved; bouillon; potato chips; fruit chips; roasted sunflower seed; processed pumpkin seed; candied fruit; foodstuffs included in this class in the form of prepared dishes; semi-prepared meals from products included in this class.


Англ.Coffee, tea, cocoa and artificial coffee; rice; tapioca and sago; flour and preparations made from cereals; bread, pastry and confectionery; ice cream; honey, treacle; yeast, baking-powder; salt; mustard; vinegar, spices; condiments, including sauces, tomato sauce [ketchup] and mayonnaise; aromatic preparations for food; high-protein cereal bars; sponge cakes; pancakes; noodle-based prepared meals; waffles; vermicelli [noodles]; natural sweeteners; malt biscuits; gluten additives for culinary purposes; thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; leaven; rice-based snack food; cereal-based snack food; dressings for salad; fruit jellies [confectionery]; confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; cakes; pastries; peanut confectionery; almond confectionery; pasta; pasties; frozen yogurt [confectionery ices]; capers; caramels [candy]; gruel, with a milk base, for food; quiches; gluten prepared as foodstuff; sweetmeats [candy]; liquorice [confectionery]; peppermint sweets; starch for food; crackers; custard; groats for human food; corn, milled; corn, roasted; meat pies; turmeric; farinaceous foods; noodles; edible ices; candy, included in this class; rice cakes; macaroni; maltose; hominy; marzipan; royal jelly, included in this class; dessert mousses [confectionery]; chocolate mousses; muesli; mint, for confectionery; cocoa beverages with milk; coffee beverages with milk; coffee-based beverages; tea-based beverages; chocolate beverages with milk; chocolate-based beverages; cocoa-based beverages; infusions, not medicinal; crushed oats; husked oats; nutmegs; stick liquorice [confectionery]; pastilles [confectionery]; molasses for food; cookies; pies; pizzas; meat gravies; fondants [confectionery]; popcorn; powders for ice cream; pralines; meat tenderizers, for household purposes; flour-milling products; oat-based food; propolis, included in this class; gingerbread; petits fours [cakes]; ravioli; chewing gum, included in this class; wheat germ for human consumption; spring rolls; aniseed; linseed for human consumption; confectionery; baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes]; malt for human consumption; spaghetti; rusks; breadcrumbs; sushi; sandwiches; tabbouleh; tacos; cakes; almond paste; tortillas; garden herbs, preserved [seasonings]; halvah; bread; chips [cereal products]; corn flakes; oat flakes; chicory [coffee substitute]; iced tea; cheeseburgers [sandwiches]; chocolate; malt extract for food; essences for foodstuffs, except etheric essences and essential oils; husked barley.


Англ.Whey beverages; beer; drinking water; mineral and aerated waters and other non-alcoholic beverages; fruit beverages; fruit juices; syrups and other preparations for making beverages; aperitifs, non-alcoholic; soda water; table waters; kvass [non-alcoholic beverage]; cocktails, non-alcoholic; lemonades; peanut milk [non-alcoholic beverage]; milk of almonds [beverage]; mors (refreshment drink made of fruit, berry or vegetable juice); isotonic beverages; non-alcoholic honey-based beverages; aloe vera drinks, non-alcoholic; fruit nectars, non-alcoholic; orgeat; powders for effervescing beverages; sarsaparilla [non-alcoholic beverage]; smoothies; tomato juice [beverage]; cider, non-alcoholic; preparations for making aerated water; preparations for making liqueurs; preparations for making mineral water; must; grape must, unfermented; beer wort; malt wort; pastilles for effervescing beverages; sherbets [beverages]; non-alcoholic fruit extracts; extracts of hops for making beer; essences for making beverages.


Англ.Advertising; business management; business administration; office functions; sales promotion for others; demonstration of goods; procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses]; commercial information and advice for consumers [consumer advice shop]; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; wholesale and retail services for foodstuffs.

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