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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 1260808: FEROMON
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Brovkov Oleksandr Oleksiiovych
pr. Traktorobudivnykyv,
bud. 90, kv. 23
m. Kharkiv 61112 (UA)

Ім'я та адреса представника

Adamenko Olena Oleksandrivna,
Patent Attorney of Ukraine number 116
P.O. Box 10131
Kharkiv 61002 (UA)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Aprons [clothing]; ascots; babies' pants [clothing]; bandanas [neckerchiefs]; bath robes; bath sandals; bath slippers; bathing caps; bathing drawers; bathing suits; beach clothes; beach shoes; belts [clothing]; berets; bibs, not of paper; boas [necklets]; bodices [lingerie]; boot uppers; boots; boots for sports; boxer shorts; braces for clothing [suspenders]; brassieres; breeches for wear; camisoles; cap peaks; caps [headwear]; chasubles; clothing; clothing for gymnastics; clothing of imitations of leather; clothing of leather; coats; collar protectors; collars [clothing]; combinations [clothing]; corselets; corsets [underclothing]; cuffs; cyclists' clothing; detachable collars; dress shields; dresses; dressing gowns; ear muffs [clothing]; esparto shoes or sandals; fishing vests; fittings of metal for footwear; football boots; footmuffs, not electrically heated; footwear; footwear uppers; fur stoles; furs [clothing]; gabardines [clothing]; gaiter straps; gaiters; galoshes; garters; girdles; gloves [clothing]; gymnastic shoes; half-boots; hat frames [skeletons]; hats; headbands [clothing]; headgear for wear; heelpieces for footwear; heelpieces for stockings; heels; hoods [clothing]; hosiery; inner soles; jackets [clothing]; jerseys [clothing]; jumper dresses; jumpers [pullovers]; knickers; knitwear [clothing]; lace boots; layettes [clothing]; leg warmers; leggings [trousers]; liveries; maniples; mantillas; masquerade costumes; miters [hats]; mittens; money belts [clothing]; motorists' clothing; muffs [clothing]; neckties; non-slipping devices for footwear; outerclothing; overalls; overcoats; paper clothing; paper hats [clothing]; parkas; pelerines; pelisses; petticoats; pocket squares; pockets for clothing; ponchos; pyjamas; ready-made clothing; ready-made linings [parts of clothing]; sandals; saris; sarongs; sashes for wear; scarfs; shawls; shirt fronts; shirt yokes; shirts; shoes; short-sleeve shirts; shower caps; ski boots; ski gloves; skirts; skorts; skull caps; sleep masks; slippers; slips [undergarments]; sock suspenders; socks; soles for footwear; sports jerseys; sports shoes; sports singlets; stocking suspenders; stockings; studs for football boots; stuff jackets [clothing]; suits; sweat-absorbent stockings; sweat-absorbent underclothing; teddies [undergarments]; Tee-shirts; tights; tips for footwear; togas; top hats; trousers; turbans; underclothing; underpants; uniforms; veils [clothing]; vests; visors [headwear]; waterproof clothing; welts for footwear; wet suits for water-skiing; wimples; wooden shoes.


Англ.Accounting; administrative processing of purchase orders; advertising; advertising agencies; advertising by mail order; advisory services for business management; arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; auctioneering; bill-posting; business appraisals; business auditing; business efficiency expert services; business information; business inquiries; business investigations; business management and organization consultancy; business management assistance; business management consultancy; business management for freelance service providers; business management of hotels; business management of performing artists; business management of sports people; business organization consultancy; business project management services for construction projects; business research; commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; commercial information agencies; commercial information and advice for consumers [consumer advice shop]; commercial intermediation services; commercial or industrial management assistance; compilation of information into computer databases; compilation of statistics; computerized file management; cost price analysis; data search in computer files for others; demonstration of goods; direct mail advertising; dissemination of advertising matter; distribution of samples; document reproduction; drawing up of statements of accounts; economic forecasting; employment agencies; import-export agencies; invoicing; layout services for advertising purposes; marketing; marketing research; marketing studies; modelling for advertising or sales promotion; negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties; news clipping services; office machine and equipment rental; on-line advertising on a computer network; opinion polling; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; organization of fashion shows for promotional purposes; organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; outsourcing services [business assistance]; pay per click advertising; payroll preparation; personnel management consultancy; personnel recruitment; photocopying services; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; price comparison services; procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses]; production of advertising films; professional business consultancy; providing business information via a web site; provision of commercial and business contact information; psychological testing for the selection of personnel; public relations; publication of publicity texts; publicity material rental; radio advertising; relocation services for businesses; rental of advertising space; rental of advertising time on communication media; rental of photocopying machines; rental of sales stands; rental of vending machines; retail or wholesale services for pharmaceutical, veterinary and sanitary preparations and medical supplies; sales promotion for others; search engine optimisation; secretarial services; shop window dressing; shorthand; sponsorship search; systemization of information into computer databases; tax preparation; telemarketing services; telephone answering for unavailable subscribers; television advertising; transcription of communications [office functions]; typing; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; updating of advertising material; web site traffic optimisation; word processing; writing of publicity texts.


Англ.Academies [education]; amusement parks; amusements; animal training; arranging and conducting of colloquiums; arranging and conducting of concerts; arranging and conducting of conferences; arranging and conducting of congresses; arranging and conducting of seminars; arranging and conducting of symposiums; arranging and conducting of workshops [training]; arranging of beauty contests; boarding schools; booking of seats for shows; bookmobile services; calligraphy services; cinema presentations; circuses; club services [entertainment or education]; coaching [training]; conducting fitness classes; correspondence courses; disc jockey services; discotheque services; dubbing; education information; educational examination; educational services; electronic desktop publishing; entertainer services; entertainment information; film production, other than advertising films; gambling; game services provided on-line from a computer network; games equipment rental; gymnastic instruction; health club services [health and fitness training]; holiday camp services [entertainment]; language interpreter services; layout services, other than for advertising purposes; lending libraries; microfilming; modelling for artists; movie studios; music composition services; music-halls; news reporters services; night clubs; nursery schools; operating lotteries; orchestra services; organization of balls; organization of competitions [education or entertainment]; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organization of fashion shows for entertainment purposes; organization of shows [impresario services]; organization of sports competitions; party planning [entertainment]; personal trainer services [fitness training]; photographic reporting; photography; physical education; practical training [demonstration]; presentation of live performances; production of music; production of radio and television programmes; production of shows; providing amusement arcade services; providing casino facilities [gambling]; providing golf facilities; providing karaoke services; providing museum facilities [presentation, exhibitions]; providing on-line electronic publications, not downloadable; providing on-line music, not downloadable; providing on-line videos, not downloadable; providing recreation facilities; providing sports facilities; publication of books; publication of electronic books and journals on-line; publication of texts, other than publicity texts; radio entertainment; recording studio services; recreation information; religious education; rental of audio equipment; rental of camcorders; rental of cine-films; rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios; rental of movie projectors and accessories; rental of radio and television sets; rental of show scenery; rental of skin diving equipment; rental of sound recordings; rental of sports equipment, except vehicles; rental of sports grounds; rental of stadium facilities; rental of stage scenery; rental of tennis courts; rental of video cassette recorders; rental of videotapes; scriptwriting services; services of schools [education]; sign language interpretation; sport camp services; subtitling; television entertainment; theatre productions; ticket agency services [entertainment]; timing of sports events; toy rental; translation; tutoring; videotape editing; videotaping; vocational guidance [education or training advice]; vocational retraining; writing of texts, other than publicity texts; zoological garden services.

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UA, 25.02.2009, 103215
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