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Міжнародна реєстрація знака для товарів і послуг № 1353644: INFOTEL
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Tour Galliéni II,
36 avenue du Général de Gaulle

Ім'я та адреса представника

83 avenue Foch
F-75116 PARIS (FR)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Scientific (other than medical), nautical, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, checking (supervision), life-saving apparatus and instruments, apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity, electronic decoders; electronic data processing apparatus, electronic measuring and checking apparatus, electronic apparatus for sound amplification, electronic signal transmitters for motion picture production; teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmission, reproduction, storage, encryption, decryption, transformation and processing of sound or images; audiovisual, telecommunication, data communication, television and remote-controlled apparatus and instruments, magnetic tape players, video tape recorders, radios, projectors, car radios, antennas, satellite dishes, loudspeaker enclosures, amplifiers, hi-fi systems, computers, computer keyboards, computer peripheral devices, modems, recorded software, decoders, encoders, devices for providing access and for controlling access to data processing apparatus, authentication devices for telecommunication networks; apparatus for scrambling and descrambling signals and for retransmission; digital terminal, repeater, satellite; microphones, exposed films, sound and video recordings, magnetic tapes, video tapes, compact discs (audio and video), optical discs, magnetic discs, digital videodiscs, video cartridges, games consoles, telephones; magnetic recording media, magnetic cards, smart cards, electronic cards, electronic wallets; integrated circuits and micro circuits, card readers, electronic components, sound recording disks; monitors for receiving data on global computer networks, computer communication servers, mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines and data processing apparatus; satellites for telecommunication and scientific use; fire extinguishers; simultaneous programming and television channel selection devices; apparatus and instruments for programming and for selection of television programs; apparatus and instruments for interactive television; television screen, computer screen.


Англ.Advertising; rental of advertising space; dissemination of advertisements; advertising mailing services; dissemination of advertising material (leaflets, prospectuses, printed matter, samples); newspaper subscription services for others; subscriptions to particular television or radio programs, video or sound recordings, audiovisual media; publication of advertising texts; radio and television advertising; interactive advertising; commercial business management; commercial administration; office functions; distribution of prospectuses, of samples; business advice, business information or inquiries; business research; commercial or industrial company management assistance; appraisals for business or industry; accounting; document reproduction; employment agencies; computerized file management; data entry and processing services, rental of computer files; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; import-export agencies; bill-posting, shop-window dressing, sales promotion for others; market research; auctions; exhibition site management.


Англ.Information relating to telecommunications and computing applied to telecommunications; telecommunications; news and information agencies; communications by radio, telegraph, telephone or videophone, television, broadcasting; information transmission by telematic means; transmission of messages, transmission of telegrams, computer-assisted image transmission; television broadcasts, broadcasting of programs especially by radio, television, videograms and phonograms, computer networks, cable, terrestrial broadcast, satellites; rental of message transmission apparatus; communication by computer terminals; communications (transmissions) over closed and open global computer networks; information transmission services using a teletypewriter; rental of access time to database server centers; rental of access time to telecommunication networks; downloading services for video games; providing access to computer networks; consultancy regarding telecommunication.


Англ.Education; training; entertainment; radio or television entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; publishing of books, magazines; book lending; animal training; production of shows, films, television films, televised broadcasts, reports, debates, video recordings and sound recordings; performing arts' agencies; rental of video recordings and audio recordings, films, phonographic recordings, sound recordings, video tapes, cinema projection apparatus, decoders, encoders, theater sets and accessories thereof; organization of competitions and games for educational and entertainment purposes; editing of programs, broadcasts, debates, reports; organization and conducting of colloquiums, conferences, conventions; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; organization of seminars, practical training (demonstration); booking of seats for shows; news reporters services; videotaping; photography services, namely photographic filming, photographic reporting.


Англ.Scientific and industrial research; engineering work, professional consultancy and drawing up of plans unrelated to business operations; surveying [engineering work]; testing of materials; scientific laboratory services; software design, development, updating and rental; consultancy relating to computers and information technology; computer programming, computer rental; design of coding, decoding, access control systems for television and radio programs, and to all transmission of information, design (development) of interactive programs and apparatus; testing services for the certification of quality and standards; technical research; clothing design services; meteorological information services; research and development of electronic, computer and audiovisual, scrambling and access control systems in the field of television, computing, telecommunications and the audiovisual sector; secure archiving services for electronic media; authentication services for electronic messages; certification services (quality and origin control); design and development of software for electronic television program guides.


Англ.Services for providing food and drink; bar services; temporary accommodation; holiday camp services; hotel reservations; preschooler and infant care at daycare centers; rental of bedding; rental of vending machines for beverages and food.


Англ.Medical, hygienic and beauty care; veterinary and agricultural services; convalescent and rest homes; hairdressing and beauty salons; rental of farming equipment; telemedicine services; consultancy relating to health.


Англ.Legal services; escorting in society (chaperoning); marriage agencies, dating clubs; undertaking; clothing rental; copyright management; missing person investigations.

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FR, 11.02.2000, 3006928
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FR, 11.02.2000, 3006928
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