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"Office-impex" Limited liability company
ul. 45-oi Strelkovoy Divizii, 261a
RU-394026 Voronezh (RU)

Ім'я та адреса представника

Nikolay Rodionov
RU-121609 TIA VIS, 609 P.O.B., Osenniy bulvar, 11, Moscow, (RU)

Опис знака

Англ. The mark is a word Germanium; the word has no meaning.

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Abrasives; descaling preparations for household purposes; antistatic preparations for household purposes; aromatics [essential oils]; air fragrancing preparations; cake flavorings [essential oils]; flavorings for beverages [essential oils]; breath freshening sprays; canned pressurized air for cleaning and dusting purposes; balms, other than for medical purposes; lip glosses; polishing stones; abrasive paper; emery paper; polishing paper; petroleum jelly for cosmetic purposes; cobblers' wax; cotton wool for cosmetic purposes; sachets for perfuming linen; drying agents for dishwashing machines; adhesives for cosmetic purposes; scented water; Javelle water; lavender water; toilet water; laundry wax; floor wax; non-slipping wax for floors; depilatory wax; mustache wax; tailors' wax; polish for furniture and flooring; shoemakers' wax; polishing wax; massage gels, other than for medical purposes; heliotropine; dental bleaching gels; geraniol; make-up; deodorants for pets; scented wood; perfumes; non-slipping liquids for floors; windshield cleaning liquids; greases for cosmetic purposes; volcanic ash for cleaning; perfumery; decorative transfers for cosmetic purposes; ionone [perfumery]; shaving stones [astringents]; smoothing stones; eyebrow pencils; cosmetic pencils; silicon carbide [abrasive]; carbides of metal [abrasives]; alum stones [astringents]; tripoli stone for polishing; adhesives for affixing false eyelashes; adhesives for affixing false hair; quillaia bark for washing; corundum [abrasive]; beard dyes; colorants for toilet purposes; cosmetic dyes; laundry starch; laundry glaze; creams for leather; polishing creams; shoe polish; cosmetic creams; skin whitening creams; polishing rouge; incense; hair spray; nail polish; hair lotions; lotions for cosmetic purposes; after-shave lotions; beauty masks; oils for perfumes and scents; oils for cosmetic purposes; oils for toilet purposes; essential oils; essential oils of cedarwood; essential oils of lemon; essential oils of citron; oils for cleaning purposes; bergamot oil; gaultheria oil; jasmine oil; lavender oil; almond oil; rose oil; oil of turpentine for degreasing; whiting; cleaning chalk; almond milk for cosmetic purposes; cleansing milk for toilet purposes; musk [perfumery]; soap; deodorant soap; shaving soap; soap for brightening textile; cakes of toilet soap; antiperspirant soap; soap for foot perspiration; almond soap; mint for perfumery; cosmetic kits; emery; nail art stickers; false nails; eau de Cologne; bases for flower perfumes; cotton sticks for cosmetic purposes; joss sticks; pastes for razor strops; toothpaste; dentifrices; pumice stone; hydrogen peroxide for cosmetic purposes; breath freshening strips; abrasive cloth; glass cloth [abrasive cloth]; lipsticks; pomades for cosmetic purposes; shaving preparations; cosmetic preparations for baths; toiletry preparations; hair waving preparations; laundry soaking preparations; grinding preparations; douching preparations for personal sanitary or deodorant purposes [toiletries]; smoothing preparations [starching]; color-removing preparations; leather bleaching preparations; polishing preparations; denture polishes; mouthwashes, not for medical purposes; cosmetic preparations for slimming purposes; starch glaze for laundry purposes; furbishing preparations; fabric softeners for laundry use; laundry bleach; dry-cleaning preparations; paint stripping preparations; lacquer-removing preparations; make-up removing preparations; floor wax removers [scouring preparations]; varnish-removing preparations; nail care preparations; cleaning preparations; preparations for cleaning dentures; wallpaper cleaning preparations; preparations for unblocking drain pipes; laundry preparations; aloe vera preparations for cosmetic purposes; sunscreen preparations; color- [colour-] brightening chemicals for household purposes [laundry]; shining preparations [polish]; make-up powder; diamantine [abrasive]; stain removers; scouring solutions; false eyelashes; tissues impregnated with cosmetic lotions; safrol; laundry blueing; turpentine for degreasing; potpourris [fragrances]; bleaching soda; washing soda, for cleaning; bath salts, not for medical purposes; bleaching salts; fumigation preparations [perfumes]; preservatives for leather [polishes]; ammonia [volatile alkali] [detergent]; astringents for cosmetic purposes; eyebrow cosmetics; make-up preparations; sun-tanning preparations [cosmetics]; hair dyes; neutralizers for permanent waving; preparations to make the leaves of plants shiny; cosmetic preparations for eyelashes; depilatory preparations; cosmetic preparations for skin care; shoe cream; cosmetics; cosmetics for animals; mascara; detergents, other than for use in manufacturing operations and for medical purposes; degreasers, other than for use in manufacturing processes; bleaching preparations [decolorants] for cosmetic purposes; antiperspirants [toiletries]; talcum powder, for toilet use; terpenes [essential oils]; emery cloth; cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; henna [cosmetic dye]; shampoos; shampoos for pets; dry shampoos; sandpaper; soda lye; extracts of flowers [perfumes]; ethereal essences; badian essence; mint essence [essential oil].


Англ.Computer software, recorded; computer programmes [programs], recorded; computer game software; computer programs [downloadable software]; computer operating programs, recorded; electronic publications, downloadable; downloadable image files; downloadable music files; animated cartoons.


Англ.Fountain pens; aquarelles; albums; almanacs; document laminators for office use; mimeograph apparatus and machines; atlases; posters; paper bows; table linen of paper; tickets; forms, printed; announcement cards [stationery]; note books; pads [stationery]; drawing pads; loose-leaf binders; wristbands for the retention of writing instruments; pamphlets; booklets; paper sheets [stationery]; waxed paper; paper for recording machines; paper for radiograms; electrocardiograph paper; wood pulp paper; carbon paper; copying paper [stationery]; parchment paper; writing paper; luminous paper; Xuan paper for Chinese painting and calligraphy; toilet paper; wrapping paper; filter paper; paper; blotters; newsletters; rollers for typewriters; house painters' rollers; composing sticks; modelling wax, not for dental purposes; signboards of paper or cardboard; sewing patterns; newspapers; electrotypes; hectographs; modelling clay; terrestrial globes; drawing sets; engravings; slate pencils; pencil leads; document holders [stationery]; pencil holders; chalk holders; holders for checkbooks [cheque books]; holders for stamps [seals]; diagrams; engraving plates; writing slates; blackboards; galley racks [printing]; drawing boards; advertisement boards of paper or cardboard; duplicators; punches [office requisites]; cream containers of paper; magazines [periodicals]; money clips; tags for index cards; pen clips; bookmarkers; etching needles; tracing needles for drawing purposes; periodicals; printed publications; cardboard articles; paper shredders for office use; graphic representations; credit card imprinters, non-electric; graining combs; drawing instruments; calendars; tracing paper; tracing cloth; tracing patterns; gums [adhesives] for stationery or household purposes; lithographic stones; ink stones [ink reservoirs]; pencils; pencil lead holders; charcoal pencils; pictures; transfers [decalcomanias]; paintings [pictures], framed or unframed; wood pulp board [stationery]; cardboard; hat boxes of cardboard; files [office requisites]; cards; index cards [stationery]; geographical maps; paper tapes and cards for the recordal of computer programmes; trading cards, other than for games; perforated cards for Jacquard looms; catalogues; spools for inking ribbons; covers of paper for flower pots; paintbrushes; painters' brushes; writing brushes; typewriter keys; glue for stationery or household purposes; gluten [glue] for stationery or household purposes; starch paste [adhesive] for stationery or household purposes; printing blocks; books; manifolds [stationery]; comic books; drawing pins; cigar bands; envelopes [stationery]; cases for stamps [seals]; boxes of cardboard or paper; paint boxes [articles for use in school]; correcting fluids [office requisites]; stencils [stationery]; French curves; paper ribbons; typewriter ribbons; gummed tape [stationery]; adhesive bands for stationery or household purposes; correcting tapes [office requisites]; inking ribbons; inking ribbons for computer printers; adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; self-adhesive tapes for stationery or household purposes; drawing rulers; square rulers; absorbent sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; humidity control sheets of paper or plastic for foodstuff packaging; viscose sheets for wrapping; sheets of reclaimed cellulose for wrapping; plastic bubble packs for wrapping or packaging; steel letters; type [numerals and letters]; lithographs; paint trays; architects' models; postage stamps; plastics for modelling; graphic prints; modelling materials; teaching materials [except apparatus]; sealing compounds for stationery purposes; adhesives [glues] for stationery or household purposes; bookbinding material; packaging material made of starches; filtering materials [paper]; addressing machines; pencil sharpening machines, electric or non-electric; bookbinding apparatus and machines [office equipment]; typewriters, electric or non-electric; folders [stationery]; franking machines for office use; chalk for lithography; writing chalk; tailors' chalk; marking chalk; bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics, for packaging; garbage bags of paper or of plastics; painters' easels; hand-rests for painters; writing cases [stationery]; printing sets, portable [office requisites]; bibs of paper; stickers [stationery]; finger-stalls [office requisites]; cords for bookbinding; paper knives [cutters] [office requisites]; numbering apparatus; sealing wafers; covers [stationery]; passport holders; plastic cling film, extensible, for palletization; embroidery designs [patterns]; handwriting specimens for copying; oleographs; musical greeting cards; greeting cards; postcards; etchings; conical paper bags; bags for microwave cooking; palettes for painters; ink sticks; pantographs [drawing instruments]; folders for papers; papier mâché; pastels [crayons]; modelling paste; pen cases; bookbindings; pen wipers; office perforators; pens [office requisites]; nibs of gold; nibs; steel pens; drawing pens; song books; seals [stamps]; sealing stamps; clipboards; address plates for addressing machines; handkerchiefs of paper; plastic film for wrapping; letter trays; trays for sorting and counting money; coasters of paper; bookends; stamp stands; mats for beer glasses; stands for pens and pencils; photograph stands; inking pads; stamp pads; binding strips [bookbinding]; towels of paper; inking sheets for document reproducing machines; inking sheets for duplicators; bookbinding cloth; gummed cloth for stationery purposes; printers' blankets, not of textile; portraits; paperweights; writing cases [sets]; inkstands; office requisites, except furniture; writing materials; writing instruments; drawing materials; school supplies [stationery]; adhesive tape dispensers [office requisites]; hand labelling appliances; printed matter; lithographic works of art; prospectuses; printed timetables; ledgers [books]; printers' reglets; indexes; rubber erasers; elastic bands for offices; T-squares for drawing; graphic reproductions; penholders; marking pens [stationery]; tissues of paper for removing make-up; face towels of paper; table napkins of paper; place mats of paper; tablemats of paper; tablecloths of paper; paper clasps; document files [stationery]; scrapers [erasers] for offices; paper-clips; staples for offices; erasing products; biological samples for use in microscopy [teaching materials]; histological sections for teaching purposes; steatite [tailor's chalk]; writing board erasers; composing frames [printing]; sealing wax; arithmetical tables; placards of paper or cardboard; writing or drawing books; fabrics for bookbinding; stationery; pencil sharpeners, electric or non-electric; transparencies [stationery]; stencil plates; cardboard tubes; Indian inks; moisteners [office requisites]; moisteners for gummed surfaces [office requisites]; squares for drawing; chart pointers, non-electronic; envelope sealing machines for offices; sealing machines for offices; vignetting apparatus; apparatus for mounting photographs; stapling presses [office requisites]; manuals [handbooks]; figurines [statuettes] of papier mâché; paper coffee filters; flags of paper; silver paper; molds for modelling clays [artists' materials]; photo-engravings; photographs [printed]; stencil cases; canvas for painting; compasses for drawing; numbers [type]; correcting ink [heliography]; ink; inkwells; blueprints; stencils; erasing shields; balls for ball-point pens; cabinets for stationery [office requisites]; printing type; address stamps; stamps [seals]; shields [paper seals]; prints [engravings]; labels, not of textile.


Англ.Mountaineering sticks; pocket wallets; business card cases; reins; harness fittings; parts of rubber for stirrups; chamois leather, other than for cleaning purposes; umbrellas; parasols; saddlery; frames for umbrellas or parasols; handbag frames; cases of leather or leatherboard; valves of leather; whips; imitation leather; leather, unworked or semi-worked; leatherboard; casings, of leather, for springs; umbrella rings; hat boxes of leather; boxes of leather or leatherboard; boxes of vulcanised fibre; chain mesh purses; purses; fastenings for saddles; butts [parts of hides]; saddle trees; bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather, for packaging; moleskin [imitation of leather]; travelling sets [leatherware]; knee-pads for horses; muzzles; halters; vanity cases, not fitted; leather thread; furniture coverings of leather; trimmings of leather for furniture; collars for animals; music cases; slings for carrying infants; goldbeaters' skin; cat o' nine tails; leather leashes; pads for horse saddles; horseshoes; girths of leather; horse blankets; shoulder belts [straps] of leather; briefcases; traces [harness]; fur; haversacks; leather straps; straps for soldiers' equipment; harness straps; straps for skates; straps of leather [saddlery]; chin straps, of leather; stirrup leathers; umbrella handles; walking stick handles; suitcase handles; rucksacks; travelling bags; riding saddles; net bags for shopping; umbrella or parasol ribs; stirrups; bags; bags for climbers; sling bags for carrying infants; garment bags for travel; portmanteaux; handbags; tool bags, empty; beach bags; bags for sports; bags for campers; shopping bags; wheeled shopping bags; school satchels; pouch baby carriers; travelling trunks; nose bags [feed bags]; bridoons; walking sticks; umbrella sticks; walking stick seats; bits for animals [harness]; bridles [harness]; harness for animals; key cases; horse collars; trunks [luggage]; valises; attaché cases; covers for horse saddles; umbrella covers; kid; curried skins; animal skins; cattle skins; leather laces; blinkers [harness]; game bags [hunting accessories].


Англ.Arcade video game machines; video game machines; gaming machines for gambling; amusement machines, automatic and coin-operated; toy vehicles; swimming pools [play articles]; trampolines; novelties for parties, dances [party favors, favours]; scratch cards for playing lottery games; starting blocks for sports; bodyboards; skating boots with skates attached; dolls' feeding bottles; stationary exercise bicycles; creels [fishing traps]; shuttlecocks; spinning tops [toys]; jigsaw puzzles; clay pigeons [targets]; punching bags; bite sensors [fishing tackle]; hang gliders; flying discs [toys]; discuses for sports; dolls' houses; dominoes; swimming kick boards; surfboards; spring boards [sports articles]; skateboards; sailboards; chessboards; checkerboards; darts; Christmas trees of synthetic material; cups for dice; swimming jackets; ascenders [mountaineering equipment]; kites; toy dolls; toys for pets; stuffed toys; plush toys; mobiles [toys]; practical jokes [novelties]; parlor games; board games; ring games; games; building games; kaleidoscopes; bladders of balls for games; rosin used by athletes; edges of skis; bingo cards; playing cards; fairground ride apparatus; reels for fishing; rocking horses; swings; skittles; skittles [games]; billiard cues; golf clubs; hockey sticks; seal skins [coverings for skis]; bells for Christmas trees; dolls' rooms; controllers for game consoles; confetti; explosive bonbons [Christmas crackers]; ice skates; roller skates; in-line roller skates; dice; paintball guns [sports apparatus]; ski bindings; dolls' beds; roulette wheels; fish hooks; building blocks [toys]; dolls; flippers for swimming; fishing lines; gut for fishing; bows for archery; skis; waterskis; surf skis; mah-jong; hunting game calls; puppets; carnival masks; theatrical masks; fencing masks; masts for sailboards; teddy bears; chalk for billiard cues; targets; electronic targets; scale model kits [toys]; scale model vehicles; balls for games; artificial fishing bait; billiard table cushions; knee guards [sports articles]; billiard cue tips; elbow guards [sports articles]; dolls' clothes; fencing weapons; twirling batons; paragliders; pachinkos; baseball gloves; boxing gloves; golf gloves; gloves for games; batting gloves [accessories for games]; fencing gauntlets; pinatas; toy pistols; toy air pistols; percussion caps [toys]; caps for pistols [toys]; rattles [playthings]; horseshoe games; candle holders for Christmas trees; Christmas tree stands; sole coverings for skis; water wings; floats for fishing; portable games with liquid crystal displays; swimming belts; decoys for hunting or fishing; scent lures for hunting or fishing; archery implements; kite reels; soap bubbles [toys]; divot repair tools [golf accessories]; billiard markers; protective paddings [parts of sports suits]; rackets; surfboard leashes; harness for sailboards; weight lifting belts [sports articles]; sling shots [sports articles]; rollers for stationary exercise bicycles; harpoon guns [sports articles]; scooters [toys]; sleds [sports articles]; bob-sleighs; butterfly nets; landing nets for anglers; nets for sports; tennis nets; bite indicators [fishing tackle]; slot machines [gaming machines]; appliances for gymnastics; quoits; bar-bells; climbers' harness; fishing tackle; artificial snow for Christmas trees; snowshoes; snowboards; clay pigeon traps; billiard tables; coin-operated billiard tables; tables for table tennis; tables for table football; strings for rackets; gut for rackets; cricket bags; golf bags, with or without wheels; slides [playthings]; radio-controlled toy vehicles; body-building apparatus; machines for physical exercises; backgammon games; men's athletic supporters [sports articles]; rods for fishing; ornaments for Christmas trees, except illumination articles and confectionery; tennis ball throwing apparatus; conjuring apparatus; apparatus for games; bowling apparatus and machinery; counters [discs] for games; chips for gambling; bags especially designed for skis and surfboards; marbles for games; billiard balls; playing balls; play balloons; paintballs [ammunition for paintball guns] [sports apparatus]; snow globes; chess games; checkers [games]; poles for pole vaulting; paper party hats; shin guards [sports articles]; camouflage screens [sports articles]; chest expanders [exercisers].


Англ.Import-export agency services; computerized file management; book-keeping; invoicing; demonstration of goods; market studies; business information; commercial information and advice for consumers [consumer advice shop]; professional business consultancy; marketing; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; shop window dressing; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; sales promotion for others; distribution of samples; advertising; systemization of information into computer databases; administrative processing of purchase orders; public relations; modelling for advertising or sales promotion; procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses].


Англ.Water analysis; computer system analysis; handwriting analysis [graphology]; chemical analysis; energy auditing; recovery of computer data; industrial design; graphic arts design; computer virus protection services; oil-field surveys; geological surveys; engineering; installation of computer software; meteorological information; material testing; textile testing; bacteriological research; biological research; geological research; research in the field of environmental protection; cosmetic research; mechanical research; chemical research; research and development of new products for others; scientific research; analysis for oil-field exploitation; underwater exploration; technical research; clinical trials; calibration [measuring]; information technology [IT] consultancy; consultancy in the design and development of computer hardware; architectural consultancy; computer software consultancy; oil-well testing; quality control; vehicle roadworthiness testing; web site design consultancy; land surveying; dress designing; updating of computer software; monitoring of computer systems by remote access; maintenance of computer software; authenticating works of art; design of interior decor; quality evaluation of standing timber; quality evaluation of wool; digitization of documents [scanning]; conversion of data or documents from physical to electronic media; urban planning; providing search engines for the internet; computer system design; rental of web servers; computer rental; rental of computer software; geological prospecting; oil prospecting; hosting computer sites [web sites]; server hosting; copying of computer programs; construction drafting; computer software design; cloud seeding; consultancy in the field of energy-saving; creating and maintaining web sites for others; computer programming; chemistry services; packaging design; scientific laboratory services; styling [industrial design]; physics [research]; surveying.

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