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Міжнародна реєстрація знака для товарів і послуг № 1452230: SC Johnson A family company at work for a better world
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S.C. Johnson & Son, Inc.
1525 Howe Street
Racine, Wisconsin 53403-2236 (US)

Ім'я та адреса представника

43 boulevard Haussmann
F-75009 PARIS (FR)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Waterproofing chemicals for footwear, leather or textiles; chemical shoe stretching compositions.


Англ.Dyes, colorants, mordants and inks for use in the manufacture of footwear and goods of leather.


Англ.Preparations for anti-fouling and stain-preventing pretreatment of textiles including clothing, upholstery and carpets and rugs; stain removers for removing dirt and stains for textiles, including clothing, upholstery, carpets and rugs; soaps other than for body care; detergents other than for personal care; waxes for floors; furniture polish; protective coatings (waxes, sealants, polishes) for furniture, floors; preparations for unblocking pipe systems; cleaners for hard surfaces; bleaching preparations and other substances for use on textiles; disposable wipes impregnated with cleaning chemicals or chemical compounds for household use; products for scouring and removing varnishes; preparations in the form of waxes for application to untreated or finished surfaces; preparations for scouring and removing wax; all-purpose household cleaners; toilet bowl detergents; all-purpose cleaners for glass, windows and multi-surfaces; wipes and synthetic cellulose sheets impregnated with preparations for use in washing machines for the absorption of dirt and for anti-fading during a wash; air fragrancing preparations; room or atmosphere perfumes; essential oils for perfuming the atmosphere; potpourris [fragrances]; incense; cleaning, polishing, degreasing and abrasive preparations; polishes, creams and pigmented dressings for footwear and leather goods; products for the preservation of leather, namely, waxes for the preservation of leather, creams for the preservation of leather; dry-cleaning preparations, namely, dry chemical preparations in the form of tablets, of powder for cleaning and other preparations for cleaning leather, suede, vinyl, plastic and products made of these materials; scuff remover from leather and vinyl goods; polish and cream for footwear and leather goods, including for covering scuff marks; products for the preservation of footwear and goods made of leather, namely, polish for footwear and goods of leather; wipes impregnated with cleaning and polishing preparations; oil for the protection of feet against cracks or crevices (not for medical use).


Англ.Candles (lighting), liquid or solidified melted scented wax; citronella candles for use as insect repellent, namely, candles containing an insect repellent; perfumed candles.


Англ.Liquid and spray disinfectants other than for personal use; air sanitizing products; air room or atmosphere deodorizers; deodorants (not for personal use); air purifying preparations; indoor deodorants for carpets and rugs, deodorants for fabrics and textile materials; insect repellents, insecticides and insect repellents; wipes pre-moistened with an insect repellent preparation for use on the body; Anti-mosquito coils; insect baits containing insecticides to control insects and pests and vermin; medicated ointments to soothe and treat itching and redness caused by insect bites; Antifungal spray preparation for feet; shoe deodorizers.


Англ.Electric dispensers for air fresheners; candle lanterns and lamps for insect repellents.


Англ.Plastic bags for all domestic uses; plastic vacuum-closable storage bags for household use; plastic packaging; adhesives for repairing shoes, rain-wear and other surfaces of leather, rubber, nylon, plastics, canvas, linen or vinyl.


Англ.Plastic containers for household use; small utensils and containers for household use (not of precious metals nor coated therewith); shoe horns; shoe trees (stretchers); cloths for cleaning, polishing, waxing, glossing; waxing and polishing sponges; shoe brushes; hand tool for cleaning glass containing cleaning pads; scrubbing brushes for household use.


Англ.Non-slipping devices for footwear; anti-skid soles and insoles for footwear; soles, inner soles and pads (soles) for footwear; heels and heelpieces for footwear; heel plates for footwear, heel pads for footwear, heels and stocking protectors (socks) for stockings and tights; socks, stockings and tights.


Англ.Shoe laces.

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FR, 13.09.2018, 4482600
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