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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 1486973: JOTT
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F-13005 (FR)

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Cabinet FIDAL
4-6 avenue d'Alsace

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Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Boxes of leather or leather board; cases of leather or of leather board; straps of leather [saddlery]; card cases [wallets]; credit card cases [note cases]; cases for telephone cards; furniture coverings of leather; business card cases; briefcases of leather; bags [envelopes, pouches] of leather for packaging; leather labels; clothing for pets; collars for pets; bags for carrying animals; moleskin [imitation of leather]; furs; raw skins; bags; handbags; evening purses [handbags]; shopping bags; leather shopping bags; wheeled bags; barrel bags; fanny packs; shoulder bags; traveling trunks; beach bags; clutch bags; attache cases; school bags; school satchels; school backpacks; sports bags; garment bags for travel; coin purses; wallets; pocket books; carrying cases for documents; key cases; leather key pouches; key cases; briefcases (document cases); pouches of leather for packaging; luggage; pouches of leather for storing make-up, keys and other personal items; shoe bags for travel; multi-purpose sports bags; satchels; backpacks; overnight suitcases; trunks [luggage]; vanity cases, not fitted; leather hat boxes for travel; hat boxes of leather; frames for handbags; leather key cases; shoulder belts [straps] of leather; girths of leather; leather pouches; suitcases; wheeled suitcases; traveling sets [leather goods]; leather travel bags; camping bags; mountaineering bags; baby carrier harnesses; slings for carrying infants; pouch baby carriers; backpacks for carrying babies; infant carriers worn on the body; umbrellas for children; reins for guiding children; umbrellas and parasols; umbrellas; parasols; canes (walking sticks); mountaineering sticks; harness fittings; golf umbrellas; bags for umbrellas; leather and imitations of leather; animal skins and hides; luggage and transport bags; umbrellas and parasols; canes (walking sticks); whips, harness and saddlery, leashes for animals.


Англ.Clothing; footwear; headwear; jackets; sleeved or sleeveless jackets; heavy jackets; light jackets [clothing]; bomber jackets; reversible jackets; rain jackets; leather jackets; padded jackets; wind-resistant jackets; waterproof jackets; stuff jackets; down jackets; sleeveless down jackets; sports jackets; ski jackets; snowboard jackets; long jackets; winter jackets, sleeveless winter jackets; wind-resistant jackets; wind-resistant jackets for skiing; wind-resistant jackets for snowboarding; anoraks [parkas]; down anoraks; parkas; down parkas; fur jackets; vests for suits; vests for suits with removable lining; overcoats; coats; fur coats; raincoats; cardigans; pullovers; shirts; tee-shirts; polo shirts; sports shirts; undershirts; shirts for wearing with suits; overalls; camisoles; blouses; blousons; sweatshirts; sweaters; sweaters [pullovers]; jerseys [clothing]; sports jerseys; trousers; ski pants; snowboard trousers; ski pants; shorts; Bermuda shorts; jeans; skirts; skorts; work overalls; clothing for gymnastics; jogging clothing; jogging suit pants; sweatsuits; jogging suits; ski suits; snowboard suits; suits; dresses for women; evening gowns; long dresses; blazers; formal wear; petticoats; corselets; wristbands [clothing]; headbands [clothing]; twin sets; leggings [pants]; leggings [leg warmers]; long underwear; jumper suits; ponchos; veils [clothing]; wedding dresses; disguises (costumes); tops [clothing]; tank tops; knitwear [clothing]; hosiery articles; leather or imitation leather clothing; furs [clothing]; waterproof clothing; panties; sweat pants; pelerines; jumper dresses; tuxedos; romper type overalls; leotards; gabardines [clothing]; slacks; tunics; school uniforms; athletic uniforms; panties; golf clothing, other than gloves; cuffs; dance clothing; aprons [clothing]; overalls; ski masks [clothing]; kimonos; judo uniforms; karate uniforms; swimsuits; bathing caps; bathing caps; shower caps; beach cover-ups; beach clothes; swimming suits; swimsuits; bathing trunks; swimming shorts; bikinis; bathrobes; pareus; clothing for children; footwear for children; children's headgear; footwear articles and headgear articles for babies and toddlers; babies' pants [clothing]; bibs, not of paper; layettes [clothing]; play costumes for children; socks; stockings; tights; sports socks; panty hose; sock suspenders; footwear; leather footwear; footwear for sports; gymnastic shoes; beach footwear; climbing boots; running shoes; footwear articles for skiing; after-ski boots; footwear articles for snowboarding; rain footwear; sneakers; bedroom slippers; bath slippers; sandals; bath sandals; flip-flops [footwear]; heels; heel pieces for boots and shoes; inner soles; soles for footwear; boots; half-boots; lace boots; rain boots; ski boots; after-ski boots; snowboard boots; climbing boots for sports; riding boots; wooden shoes; overshoes; galoshes; gaiters; scarves; pelerines; shawls; stoles; fur stoles; bandanas [small square scarves]; scarves [clothing]; neckties; bow ties; ascots; newsboy caps; pocket squares; neck scarves [mufflers]; gloves [clothing]; muffs [clothing]; mittens; ski gloves; snowboard gloves; belts [clothing]; suspenders for clothing; suspenders; waistbands [parts of clothing]; money belts [clothing]; sashes for wear; boas [necklets]; collars [clothing]; neck scarfs; underwear; singlets; sports jerseys; slips [underwear]; panties; underpants; briefs; pajamas; dressing gowns; nightshirts; vests; brassieres; corsets [underwear]; bodices [lingerie]; girdles; teddies [undergarments]; sleep masks; caps [headgear]; hats; cap peaks; peaked caps; berets; hoods [clothing]; ear muffs [clothing]; visors [headgear].


Англ.Retail sale or wholesale services for the benefit of others, also on-line, for non-medicated soaps, perfumery products, essential oils, non-medicated cosmetic products, non-medicated hair lotions, non-medicated dentifrices, candles, spectacles, sunglasses, anti-glare glasses, protective ski goggles, protective goggles for sport, swimming goggles, cases for spectacles and sunglasses, lenses for spectacles and sunglasses, frames for spectacles and sunglasses, chains for spectacles and sunglasses, cords for spectacles and sunglasses, corrective lenses [optical items], protective cases for mobile telephones, tablets and/or other electronic devices, accessories, namely, covers, phone cases, earpieces, headsets, hands-free kits, batteries, wall chargers, car chargers, cabinets for loudspeakers, amplifiers, speakers, microphones, computer styluses, movie cameras, photographic cameras, alarms, alarm clocks, wireless connection terminals, computer mice, keyboards, printers for use with mobile telephones, tablets and/or other electronic devices, carrying cases for use with mobile telephones, tablets and/or other electronic devices, bags and cases for use with mobile telephones, tablets and/or other electronic devices, containers, cases, covering devices, containers for electronic apparatus, cases for electronic apparatus, covering devices for electronic apparatus; retail sale and wholesale services for the benefit of others, also on-line, for scientific, nautical, photographic instruments and apparatus, apparatus for recording, transmitting or reproducing sound or images, magnetic data media, recording discs, compact discs, DVDs and other digital recording media, mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus, cash registers, calculating machines, data processing equipment, computers, computer software, vehicles, land locomotion apparatus, cycles, lighting apparatus, lamps, jewelry, necklaces, ear rings, rings, bracelets, watch, precious and semi-precious stones, timepieces and chronometric instruments, key rings, key fobs, key cases, key holders, key holder bags, paper, cardboard, cardboard articles, printed matter, newspapers, manuals, advertising pamphlets, pamphlets, books, printed publications, magazines, periodicals, wrapping paper, bags, small bags and sheets of paper or plastic for packaging, emblems [paper stamps], labels of paper, pennants [of paper], posters, stickers [stationery], postcards, transfers, pictures, images, paper tapes or cards for recording computer programs, teaching material in the form of games [books], printed products, printing types, printing blocks, instructional and teaching material [excluding apparatus], subscription cards [non-magnetic], guide for television and radio programs, notebooks, spiral notebooks, sketch books, address books, birthday books, telephone number books, pads [stationery], writing paper and envelopes [stationery items], adhesive labels of paper, gift wrapping paper, bags [envelopes, pouches] of paper or plastics for packaging, tablecloths of paper, napkins of paper, felt-tip pens, coloring pencils, coloring pens, mechanical pencils, lining rulers, drawing rulers, pencil sharpeners, erasers, pen and pencil cases, encyclopedias, books, stencil plates, school diaries, text books, calendars, notepad, mail order catalog for office equipment and requisites, comics, travel diaries, handkerchiefs of paper, toilet seat covers of paper, agendas, stapler, coloring books, photograph albums, albums for stickers, stationery and office requisites, comics, paper pads, pencil boxes, cardboard boxes, exercise books, folders for documents, files [office supplies], school requisites: sticker books, indexes, greeting cards, pencil, bags, cases and holders [leather goods], leather goods, leather and imitations of leather, animal skins, trunks, traveling bags, umbrellas and parasols, walking sticks, whips, saddlery items, collars, leashes and clothing for animals, bags [envelopes, pouches] of textile for packaging, furniture, mirrors, picture frames, ropes and strings, nets, tents and tarpaulins, awnings of textile or synthetic materials, sails, bags for transporting and storing materials in bulk, stuffing, padding and cushioning materials, raw fibrous textile materials and their substitutes, bed linen, household linen, curtains of textile or plastics, bed covers, table covers, clothing, winter jackets, sleeveless winter jackets, footwear, caps, trousers, shirts, polo shirts, tee-shirts, socks, hats, skirts, dresses, underwear, blousons, coats, shorts, sweatshirt, pullover, briefs, panties, underpants, sashes for wear, gloves, scarves, footwear articles, headgear articles, lace and embroidery, ribbons and braid, buttons, hooks and eyes, pins and needles, artificial flowers, hair ornaments, artificial hair, carpeting, area rugs, mats, games, toys and playthings, apparatus for video games, gymnastics and sports articles, Christmas tree decorations, body-building apparatus, gymnastic apparatus, fishing tackle, balls for games, billiard tables, billiard cues, billiard balls, card games, board games, ice skates, roller skates, scooters [toys], sailboards, surf boards, rackets, snowshoes, skis, protective paddings [parts of sportswear], model kits [toys], figurines [toys], smokers' articles; presentation of products on communication media for retail purposes; commercial information and advice for consumers for selection of goods and services; sales promotion services for others; outsourcing services [business assistance]; procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses]; demonstration of goods; shop-window dressing services; sponsorship search services; commercial inquiries; professional information; administrative processing services for purchase orders; organization and management of customer loyalty programs; administration of customer loyalty programs; auctions; Internet auction services; business administration services for the licensing of products and of services of others; organization of fashion shows for promotional purposes; organization of events, exhibitions, trade fairs and fashion shows for commercial, promotional and advertising purposes; organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; organization of advertising events; organizing and conducting promotional and marketing events; event marketing; news clipping services; public relations; online advertising on a computer network; promotion of goods and services via the Internet and by means of mobile telephony services and by electronic mail; bill-posting; advertising space rental services; rental of advertising material; advertising material dissemination services; publicity agency services; modeling services for advertising or sales promotion purposes; writing of advertising texts; publication of advertising texts; sales promotion of goods by means of promotional articles in magazines; distribution of samples; distribution of advertising material [leaflets, printed material, prospectuses, samples]; advertising planning services; promotional services; merchandising services; search engine optimization for sales promotion; optimization of website traffic; services provided by consultants with respect to advertising communication strategies; services provided by consultants concerning communication strategies for public relations; services provided by consultants relating to marketing and social media strategy; business management and organization consultancy services; services provided by consultants and advice services in the field of business strategy; business management consultancy services in relation to strategy, marketing, production, personnel and retail sale issues; business investigations; business management support services; planning of marketing strategies; advice in the field of marketing and business management; commercial information and accounting advisory services; import-export agency services; economic forecasting; marketing research; market studies; business investigations; opinion polling; franchising services, namely, services provided by a franchiser, that is transfer of organizational and business know-how; business support services with respect to development and management of a commercial enterprise; online provision of commercial information directories on the Internet; directory compilation services for commercial or advertising purposes; compilation of information into computer databases; business relocation services; company auditing; bookkeeping services; accounting services; personnel placement and recruitment services; personnel management consultancy services; secretarial services; rental of vending machines; commercial hotel management services; photocopying services; business management of performing artists; computerized commercial record-keeping services; advertising; commercial business management; commercial administration; office functions.

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