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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 1508904: PIRATMARMELAD
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Ім'я та адреса власника реєстрації

Limited liability company
Kolskaya street, building 8,
construction 50,
fl. 2, room IV, office 3B
RU-129329 Moscow (RU)

Ім'я та адреса представника

"Yuridicheskaya kompaniya "Yurvista",
Limited liability company
Pokrovka street, bld. 3/7, str. 1B
RU-101100 Moscow (RU)

Транслітерація знака
"Magazin sladostey dlya detey i vzroslykh"
Інформація щодо заявлених кольорів

Англ. Light gray and brown.

Опис знака

Англ. The combined designation with the verbal elements "PIRATMARMELAD" and "Magazin sladostey dlya detey i vzroslykh" (translated in English - sweets shop for children and adults). The visual element is presented in the form of a fantasy image of a parrot with a bandage on his right eye, in a pirate hat with a skull and bones. The parrot is placed on the background of a stylized image of the compass.

Переклад знака або слів, що входять до знака

Англ. PIRATMARMELAD sweets shop for children and adults.


Англ. "Magazin sladostey dlya detey i vzroslykh"

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Ajvar [preserved peppers]; albumen for culinary purposes; albumin milk; protein milk; alginates for culinary purposes; almond milk; almond milk-based beverages; almond milk for culinary purposes; almonds, ground; aloe vera prepared for human consumption; anchovy, not live; animal marrow for food; apple purée; arrangements of processed fruit; artichokes, preserved; bacon; beans, preserved; berries, preserved; black pudding; blood sausage; bone oil for food; bouillon; broth; bouillon concentrates; broth concentrates; bulgogi [Korean beef dish]; butter; buttercream; candied nuts; caviar; charcuterie; cheese; clams, not live; cocoa butter for food; coconut, desiccated; coconut butter; coconut fat; coconut milk; coconut milk-based beverages; coconut milk for culinary purposes; coconut oil for food; colza oil for food; rape oil for food; compotes; condensed milk; corn dogs; corn oil for food; maize oil for food; cottage cheese fritters; cranberry compote; crayfish, not live; cream [dairy products]; croquettes; crustaceans, not live; crystallized fruits; frosted fruits; curd; dates; edible birds' nests; edible fats; edible insects, not live; eggplant paste; aubergine paste; eggs; escamoles [edible ant larvae, prepared]; extra virgin olive oil for food; falafel; fat-containing mixtures for bread slices; fatty substances for the manufacture of edible fats; fish, not live; fish, preserved; fish, tinned; fish, canned; fish-based foodstuffs; fish fillets; fish meal for human consumption; fish mousses; fish roe, prepared; flavoured nuts; flavored nuts; freeze-dried meat; lyophilized meat; lyophilised meat; freeze-dried vegetables; lyophilized vegetables; lyophilised vegetables; frozen fruits; fruit, preserved; fruit, stewed; fruit-based snack food; fruit chips; fruit jellies; fruit peel; fruit preserved in alcohol; fruit pulp; fruits, tinned; fruits, canned; fruit salads; galbi [grilled meat dish]; game, not live; gelatine; gherkins; ginger jam; guacamole [mashed avocado]; ham; hazelnuts, prepared; herrings, not live; hot dog sausages; hummus [chickpea paste]; isinglass for food; jams; jellies for food; kephir [milk beverage]; kefir [milk beverage]; kimchi [fermented vegetable dish]; klipfish [salted and dried cod]; kumys [milk beverage]; koumiss [milk beverage]; lard; laver, preserved; lecithin for culinary purposes; lemon juice for culinary purposes; lentils, preserved; linseed oil for food; flaxseed oil for food; liver; liver pâté; liver pastes; lobsters, not live; low-fat potato chips; low-fat potato crisps; margarine; marmalade; meat; meat, preserved; meat, tinned; meat, canned; meat extracts; meat jellies; milk; milk beverages, milk predominating; milk ferments for culinary purposes; milk products; milk shakes; milk substitutes; mushrooms, preserved; mussels, not live; non-alcoholic eggnog; nut-based spreads; nuts, prepared; oat milk; oils for food; olive oil for food; olives, preserved; onion rings; onions, preserved; oysters, not live; palm kernel oil for food; palm oil for food; peanut butter; peanut milk; peanut milk-based beverages; peanut milk for culinary purposes; peanuts, prepared; peas, preserved; pectin for culinary purposes; pickles; pollen prepared as foodstuff; pork; potato-based dumplings; potato chips; potato crisps; potato flakes; potato fritters; poultry, not live; powdered eggs; powdered milk; prawns, not live; preparations for making bouillon; preparations for making soup; preserved garlic; pressed fruit paste; prostokvasha [soured milk]; raisins; rennet; rice milk; rice milk for culinary purposes; ryazhenka [fermented baked milk]; salmon, not live; salted fish; salted meats; sardines, not live; sauerkraut; sausage casings, natural or artificial; sausages; sausages in batter; sea-cucumbers, not live; seaweed extracts for food; seeds, prepared; sesame oil for food; shellfish, not live; shrimps, not live; silkworm chrysalis for human consumption; smetana [sour cream]; snail eggs for consumption; soups; soya bean oil for food; soya beans, preserved, for food; soya milk; soya patties; spiny lobsters, not live; suet for food; sunflower oil for food; sunflower seeds, prepared; sweet corn, processed; tahini [sesame seed paste]; tofu; tofu patties; tomato juice for cooking; tomato paste; tomato purée; tripe; truffles, preserved; tuna, not live; vegetable-based cream; vegetable juices for cooking; vegetable marrow paste; vegetable mousses; vegetables, cooked; vegetables, dried; vegetables, preserved; vegetables, tinned; vegetables, canned; vegetable salads; vegetable soup preparations; whey; whipped cream; white of eggs; yakitori; yogurt; yoghurt; yolk of eggs; yuba [tofu skin].


Англ.Agave syrup [natural sweetener]; allspice; almond confectionery; almond paste; aniseed; apple sauce [condiment]; aromatic preparations for food; artificial coffee; baking powder; baking soda [bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes]; bicarbonate of soda for cooking purposes [baking soda]; baozi [stuffed buns]; barley meal; batter mixes for okonomiyaki [Japanese savoury pancakes]; batter mixes for okonomiyaki [Japanese savory pancakes]; bean meal; beer vinegar; bibimbap [rice mixed with vegetables and beef]; binding agents for ice cream; bread; breadcrumbs; bread rolls; buckwheat, processed; buckwheat flour; bulgur; buns; burritos; cake dough; cake batter; cake frosting [icing]; cake powder; cakes; candy; candy decorations for cakes; capers; caramels [candy]; celery salt; cereal-based snack food; cereal bars; cereal preparations; chamomile-based beverages; cheeseburgers [sandwiches]; chewing gum; chewing gum for breath freshening; chicory [coffee substitute]; chips [cereal products]; chocolate; chocolate-based beverages; chocolate-based spreads; chocolate-coated nuts; chocolate beverages with milk; chocolate decorations for cakes; chocolate mousses; chocolate spreads containing nuts; chow-chow [condiment]; chutneys [condiments]; cinnamon [spice]; cloves [spice]; cocoa; cocoa-based beverages; cocoa beverages with milk; coffee; coffee-based beverages; coffee beverages with milk; coffee flavourings; coffee flavorings; condiments; confectionery; sugar confectionery; confectionery for decorating Christmas trees; cookies; biscuits; cooking salt; corn, milled; maize, milled; corn, roasted; maize, roasted; corn flakes; maize flakes; corn flour; corn meal; maize flour; maize meal; couscous [semolina]; crackers; cranberry sauce [condiment]; cream of tartar for culinary purposes; croûtons; croutons; crushed barley; crushed oats; curry [spice]; custard; dessert mousses [confectionery]; dough; dressings for salad; dulce de leche; edible ices; edible paper; edible rice paper; essences for foodstuffs, except etheric essences and essential oils; ferments for pastes; flavorings [flavourings], other than essential oils, for cakes; flavorings, other than essential oils, for cakes; flavourings, other than essential oils, for cakes; flavourings, other than essential oils, for beverages; flavorings, other than essential oils, for beverages; flour; meal; flour-based dumplings; flowers or leaves for use as tea substitutes; fondants [confectionery]; food flavorings, other than essential oils; food flavourings, other than essential oils; freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being pasta; lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being pasta; lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being pasta; freeze-dried dishes with the main ingredient being rice; lyophilized dishes with the main ingredient being rice; lyophilised dishes with the main ingredient being rice; frozen yogurt [confectionery ices]; frozen yoghurt [confectionery ices]; fruit coulis [sauces]; fruit jellies [confectionery]; garden herbs, preserved [seasonings]; gimbap [Korean rice dish]; gingerbread; ginger [spice]; glucose for culinary purposes; gluten additives for culinary purposes; gluten prepared as foodstuff; golden syrup; groats for human food; halvah; ham glaze; high-protein cereal bars; hominy; hominy grits; honey; hot dog sandwiches; husked barley; husked oats; ice, natural or artificial; ice cream; ice cubes; iced tea; ice for refreshment; infusions, not medicinal; instant rice; jiaozi [stuffed dumplings]; ketchup [sauce]; kimchijeon [fermented vegetable pancakes]; leaven; linseed for culinary purposes [seasoning]; flaxseed for culinary purposes [seasoning]; liquorice [confectionery]; lomper [potato-based flatbread]; macaroni; macaroons [pastry]; malt biscuits; malt extract for food; malt for human consumption; maltose; marinades; marzipan; mayonnaise; meat gravies; meat pies; meat tenderizers for household purposes; minced garlic [condiment]; mint for confectionery; mints for breath freshening; mirror icing [mirror glaze]; miso [condiment]; soya bean paste [condiment]; molasses for food; muesli; mustard; mustard meal; natural sweeteners; noodle-based prepared meals; noodles; ribbon vermicelli; nut flours; nutmegs; oat-based food; oat flakes; oatmeal; okonomiyaki [Japanese savoury pancakes]; okonomiyaki [Japanese savory pancakes]; onigiri [rice balls]; palm sugar; pancakes; pasta; pasta sauce; pastila [confectionery]; pastilles [confectionery]; lozenges [confectionery]; pastries; pastry dough; peanut confectionery; pelmeni [dumplings stuffed with meat]; pepper; peppermint sweets; peppers [seasonings]; pesto [sauce]; petit-beurre biscuits; petits fours [cakes]; piccalilli; pies; pizzas; popcorn; potato flour; powders for making ice cream; pralines; preparations for stiffening whipped cream; processed seeds for use as a seasoning; propolis; bee glue; puddings; pâtés en croûte; quiches; quinoa, processed; ramen [Japanese noodle-based dish]; ravioli; relish [condiment]; rice; rice-based snack food; rice cakes; rice pudding; rice pulp for culinary purposes; royal jelly; rusks; saffron [seasoning]; sago; salt for preserving foodstuffs; sandwiches; sauces [condiments]; sausage binding materials; seasonings; sea water for cooking; seaweed [condiment]; semolina; senbei [rice crackers]; sesame seeds [seasonings]; shaved ice with sweetened red beans; sherbets [ices]; sorbets [ices]; soba noodles; soya flour; soya sauce; spaghetti; spices; spring rolls; star aniseed; starch for food; stick liquorice [confectionery]; sugar; sushi; sweetmeats [candy]; tabbouleh; tacos; tapioca; tapioca flour; tarts; tea; tea-based beverages; thickening agents for cooking foodstuffs; tomato sauce; tortillas; turmeric; udon noodles; unleavened bread; unroasted coffee; vanilla flavourings for culinary purposes; vanilla flavorings for culinary purposes; vanillin [vanilla substitute]; vareniki [stuffed dumplings]; vegetal preparations for use as coffee substitutes; vermicelli [noodles]; vinegar; waffles; wheat flour; wheat germ for human consumption; yeast; zephyr [confectionery]; zefir [confectionery].


Англ.Administration of consumer loyalty programs; administration of frequent flyer programs; administrative assistance in responding to calls for tenders; administrative assistance in responding to requests for proposals [RFPs]; administrative processing of purchase orders; advertising; publicity; advertising agencies; publicity agencies; advertising by mail order; advisory services for business management; appointment reminder services [office functions]; appointment scheduling services [office functions]; arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; auctioneering; bill-posting; book-keeping; accounting; business appraisals; business auditing; business efficiency expert services; business information; business inquiries; business intermediary services relating to the matching of potential private investors with entrepreneurs needing funding; business investigations; business management and organization consultancy; business management assistance; business management consultancy; business management for freelance service providers; business management of hotels; business management of performing artists; business management of reimbursement programs for others; business management of reimbursement programmes for others; business management of sports people; business organization consultancy; business project management services for construction projects; business research; commercial administration of the licensing of the goods and services of others; commercial information agency services; commercial information and advice for consumers in the choice of products and services; commercial intermediation services; commercial or industrial management assistance; competitive intelligence services; compilation of information into computer databases; compilation of statistics; compiling indexes of information for commercial or advertising purposes; computerized file management; consultancy regarding advertising communication strategies; consultancy regarding public relations communication strategies; cost price analysis; data search in computer files for others; demonstration of goods; design of advertising materials; direct mail advertising; dissemination of advertising matter; distribution of samples; document reproduction; drawing up of statements of accounts; economic forecasting; employment agency services; financial auditing; gift registry services; import-export agency services; interim business management; invoicing; layout services for advertising purposes; marketing; marketing in the framework of software publishing; marketing research; market intelligence services; market studies; modelling for advertising or sales promotion; negotiation and conclusion of commercial transactions for third parties; negotiation of business contracts for others; news clipping services; office machines and equipment rental; online advertising on a computer network; online retail services for downloadable and pre-recorded music and movies; online retail services for downloadable digital music; online retail services for downloadable ring tones; opinion polling; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; organization of fashion shows for promotional purposes; organization of trade fairs for commercial or advertising purposes; outdoor advertising; outsourced administrative management for companies; outsourcing services [business assistance]; pay per click advertising; payroll preparation; personnel management consultancy; personnel recruitment; photocopying services; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; price comparison services; procurement services for others [purchasing goods and services for other businesses]; production of advertising films; production of teleshopping programmes; production of teleshopping programs; professional business consultancy; promotion of goods and services through sponsorship of sports events; providing business information via a web site; provision of an online marketplace for buyers and sellers of goods and services; provision of commercial and business contact information; psychological testing for the selection of personnel; publication of publicity texts; publicity material rental; public relations; radio advertising; registration of written communications and data; relocation services for businesses; rental of advertising space; rental of advertising time on communication media; rental of billboards [advertising boards]; rental of photocopying machines; rental of sales stands; rental of vending machines; retail services for works of art provided by art galleries; sales promotion for others; scriptwriting for advertising purposes; search engine optimization for sales promotion; search engine optimisation for sales promotion; secretarial services; shop window dressing; shorthand; sponsorship search; systemization of information into computer databases; targeted marketing; tax filing services; tax preparation; telemarketing services; telephone answering for unavailable subscribers; television advertising; transcription of communications [office functions]; typing; updating and maintenance of data in computer databases; updating and maintenance of information in registries; updating of advertising material; web indexing for commercial or advertising purposes; web site traffic optimization; web site traffic optimisation; word processing; writing of publicity texts; writing of résumés for others; writing of curriculum vitae for others.

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