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Міжнародна реєстрація знака для товарів і послуг № 1555279: infotel
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Le Valmy,
4/16 avenue Léon Gaumont
F-75020 PARIS (FR)

Ім'я та адреса представника

83 avenue Foch
F-75116 PARIS (FR)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Scientific apparatus and instruments; nautical, geodetic, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signaling, monitoring (verification), emergency (rescue) apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling electricity; electronic decoders; electronic data processing apparatus, electronic measuring and checking apparatus, electronic apparatus for sound amplification, electronic signal transmitters for motion picture production; teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmission, reproduction, storage, encryption, decryption, transformation and processing of sound or images; audiovisual, telecommunications and telematics equipment and instruments, televisions, remote controls, tape recorders, video recorders, radios, projectors, audio radios, antennas, satellite dishes, loudspeakers, amplifiers, hi-fi systems, computers, computer keyboards, computer peripherals, modems, software (recorded programs), decoders, encoders, devices for accessing and controlling access to information-processing equipment, devices for authenticating telecommunications networks; apparatus for scrambling and descrambling signals and for retransmission; digital terminal, repeater, satellite; microphones, exposed films, sound and video recordings, magnetic tapes, video tapes, compact discs (audio and video), optical discs, magnetic discs, digital videodiscs, video cartridges, games consoles, telephones; magnetic recording media, magnetic cards, smart cards, electronic cards, electronic wallets; integrated circuits and micro circuits, card readers, electronic components, sound recording disks; monitors for receiving data on a global computer network, telematic servers; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; cash registers, calculating machines and data processing apparatus; satellites for telecommunication and scientific use; fire extinguishers; simultaneous programming and television channel selection devices; apparatus and instruments for programming and for selection of television programs; apparatus and instruments for interactive television; television screen, computer screen; electronic tablets; personal fire protection devices; optical goods; spectacle cases; integrated circuit cards [smart cards]; bags designed for laptop computers; smartwatches; electric batteries; charging stations for electric vehicles; diagnostic apparatus not for medical use; smartphones; electronic book readers; electronic tablets.


Англ.Advertising; business management assistance, business management and organization consultancy; commercial business management; commercial administration; business management consultancy; office functions; import-export; bill-posting; distribution, distribution of prospectuses, samples, advertising material (leaflets, prospectuses, printed matter, samples); rental of advertising material; business operation assistance to industrial or commercial companies; business consultancy, information or inquiries; publication of advertising texts; promotional (sales) services for others; contract work for statistics, mechanography, stenotypy, accounting; document reproduction; employment agencies; business management for freelance service providers; computer file management; web site traffic optimization; rental of typewriters and office equipment; shop window dressing; sales promotion services, assistance in the selection (commercial advice to consumers) of household appliances and products, information technology, telematics, photographic, audiovisual, office automation, telephone, home automation, control, heating, air conditioning, furniture, clothing, leather goods, movable and immovable property; consolidation services on behalf of third parties of audiovisual, household appliances, computing, telematics, photographic, office automation, telephone, home automation, control, heating, air-conditioning and furniture products (except for their transport) enabling the consumer to view and purchase them conveniently; public relations; online advertising on a computer network; rental of advertising space; dissemination of advertisements; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; commercial intermediary services; collection of data in a central file; rental of advertising time on any means of communication; company audits (commercial analyses); arranging subscriptions to telecommunication services for others; commercial information agency; newspaper subscription services for third parties, telecommunications subscription services for third parties; demonstration of goods; presentation of goods on all communication media, for retail purposes; online advertising on a computer network; administrative management of exhibition venues.


Англ.Telecommunications; information on telecommunication; interactive broadcasting services for the presentation of goods; news and information agencies; communications by radio, telegraph, telephone or videophone, by television, television broadcasting and over the Internet; transmission of information by telematic means; transmission of messages, transmission of telegrams, computer-assisted image transmission; transmission of data by teleprinter; transmission of radio or television programs, broadcasting of programs especially by radio, television, cable, terrestrial, satellite and from video recordings and sound recordings; rental of message transmission apparatus; communication by computer terminals or fiber-optic networks; communications (transmissions) on an open or closed global computer network; services for the transmission of television programs and selection of channels; provision of access to computer networks; electronic messaging services; interactive telecommunication services; consultancy regarding telecommunication; provision of connections to a computer network; mobile radiotelephony services, providing access to a global computer network; rental of telecommunication apparatus; teleconferencing services; electronic messaging services; rental of access time to a database server; provision of online forums; electronic bulletin board services (telecommunications); provision of access to databases; rental of telecommunication apparatus; rental of access time to computer networks; connection via telecommunication to a global computer network; streaming data transmission; transmission of video-on-demand footage; Provision of chat rooms on the Internet; providing live chat rooms on the Internet; rental of access time to telecommunication networks; rental of access time to database server centers; downloading services for video games.


Англ.Transport; freighting; packaging and storage of merchandise, products, mail, newspapers; car sharing and car-pooling services; organization of travel and transport; transport information; packaging of goods; wrapping of merchandise; warehousing; storage; warehousing; rental of warehouses; ferry operations; rental of garages and parking spaces; physical storage of electronically stored data and documents; storage information; provision and rental of warehouses paid upon use; unloading, removal services; logistics services for transport, packaging, warehousing of merchandise; vehicle rental; delivery of merchandise; storage of data or documents stored electronically; delivery of newspapers; water, electricity or energy distribution; distribution (delivery of goods); towing; vehicle rental; taxi transport; reservation of trips and travel tickets; chauffeur services; transport brokerage; shipbrokerage; freight forwarding services; freight brokerage; freight (transport of merchandise); rental of storage containers; courier services (mail or merchandise); navigation; carrying and storage; rescue services; traffic information; freight forwarding; logistics services relating to transport; collection of recyclable goods; rental of navigation systems; information services with respect to travel and transport; car transport; assistance with the organization of transport and travel; escorting of travelers; car sharing information; sharing or rental of vehicles; issuing of tickets for travel; issuing of transport documents; reservation and rental, also on-line, of seats for travel and on means of transport; reservation of transport documents; information on services for the reservation, issuance, withdrawal, exchange and reimbursement of tickets for travel; identification, booking and rental, including online, of parking places and areas, garages; hiring, reservation, garage (parking) of vehicles; travel organization provided by a travel agent; organization of transportation and travel, including car pooling.


Англ.Education; training; entertainment; entertainment and courses; radio, television or walkman entertainment and lessons, video player; leisure services; sporting and cultural activities; information on education or entertainment; leisure services; publication of books, magazines, manuals, collections; editing of books, magazines, manuals, collections; lending of books, magazines, manuals and anthologies; animal training; production of shows, films, TV films, films on video tapes, reports, debates, video recordings and sound recordings; performing arts' agencies; rental of video recordings and sound recordings, films, musical instruments, images, portable music players, portable video players, phonographic recordings, sound recordings, video tapes, cinema projection equipment, antennas, satellite dishes, theater sets and their accessories; rental of easels and equipment for graphic or pictorial creations; rental of show scenery; organization of competitions, lotteries and games for educational or entertainment purposes; organization of cultural, sporting and entertainment competitions; editing of concerts, broadcasts, debates and reports; editing of audiovisual and multimedia programs, texts and/or images, still or animated, and/or musical or non-musical sounds, and/or ringtones, for interactive or other purposes; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; booking of seats for shows; rental of devices (apparatus) for access to interactive audiovisual programs; news reporters services; videotaping; consultancy in the audiovisual field; games services offered online (from a computer network, personal stereo, portable video player); gambling services; electronic publication of books and journals online; electronic desktop publishing; rental of sound recordings; hire of video recorders, radio or television sets; videotape editing; game services provided online from a computer network; gambling services; electronic publication of books and journals online; electronic desktop publishing; photography services, namely photographic filming, photographic reporting; reception planning (entertainment); reservations of seats for shows; musical composition and nightclub services; performance of music hall shows; orchestra services; organization of shows (impresario services); news reporters services; videotaping; photography services, namely photographic filming, photographic reporting.


Англ.Scientific and industrial research; engineering work, professional consultancy and drawing up of plans unrelated to business operations; surveying (engineering work); testing of materials; scientific laboratory services; laboratory research services; software design, development, updating and rental; consultancy relating to computers and information technology; consultancy with respect to computer security; computer programming, computer rental; design of coding, decoding, access control systems for television and radio programs, and to all transmission of information, design (development) of interactive programs and apparatus; test services for quality or standard certification; technical research; clothing design services; meteorological information services; research and development of electronic, computer and audiovisual, scrambling and access control systems in the field of television, computing, telecommunications and the audiovisual sector; secure archiving services for electronic media; authentication services for electronic messages; certification (quality and origin control) services; design and development of software for electronic television program guides; telemedicine services; information concerning data processing applied to telecommunications.


Англ.Legal services; mediation; security services for the protection of property and individuals; intruder alarm monitoring; legal research; rental of domain names on the Internet; online social networking services; clothing rental; copyright management; missing person investigations.

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