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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 1631210: O
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Ім'я та адреса власника реєстрації

Via Masolino Da Panicale, 6
I-20155 Milano (MI) (IT)

Ім'я та адреса представника

Viale San Michele del Carso, 4
I-20144 Milano (MI) (IT)

Інформація щодо заявлених кольорів

Англ. Blue Pantone 294C and Red Pantone 200C.

Опис знака

Англ. Figurative trademark in color which includes the letter "O" and reproduced in the following colors: Blue Pantone 294 C, Red Pantone 200 C.

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Anchor chains of metal; fastening chains in metal; steel chains; cable joints of metal, non-electric; cable connectors of metal, non-electric; cup swivel joints of metal structural joint connectors of metal; clips of metal for cables and pipes; ring-shaped fittings of metal; metal hardware; seals of metal for shock absorbers; boat anchors of metal; towing cables of metal; mooring cables of metal; metal cable tensioners for boats; signposts made of metal; signs, non-luminous and non-mechanical, of metal; mooring bollards of metal; mooring buoys of metal; mooring hooks of metal; trestles of metal, other than furniture; fixing plates of metal; fuel cans of metal; potable water reservoirs of metal; metalware; hooks [metal hardware]; couplings of metal for chains; couplings of metal for tubing; ferrules of metal; metal shackles; metal karabiners; manhole covers of metal; hand railings of metal metallic mountings; duckboards of metal; step stools of metal; flagpoles [structures] of metal.


Англ.Adaptors; plug adaptors; converters for electric plugs; socket outlets (electric -); electric connection plugs; connecting plugs [electric-]; electric plugs; junctions; safety tarpaulins; fuel gauges; divers' masks; gloves for divers; air tanks for use in scuba diving; diving snorkels; loupes for coaxial connectors; navigational buoys; navigational buoys; signalling buoys; cables, electric; adapter cables (electric -); cable splices for electric cables; illuminated signposts for divers; batteries; lithium batteries; converters, electric; electric circuit closers; electrical terminal blocks; acoustic alarms; horns for loudspeakers; signal bells; lifejackets; life-saving rafts; waterproof cases for smart phones; waterproof camera cases; covers for tablet computers; cases for tablet computers; stands adapted for tablet computers; emergency flares; rescue flares; rescue laser signalling flares; transmitters for emitting distress signals; emergency warning lights; escape chutes; emergency signal transmitters; illuminated signposts; signal transmitters; fire extinguishing apparatus; radar apparatus; radar reflecting apparatus; optical finders; marine compasses; telescopes; nautical apparatus and instrument; nautical rescue apparatus and instruments; ampere-hour meters; revolution counters; engine counter; fuel consumption meters; gauges with digital readout; oil level indicators; quantity indicators; temperature indicators; load indicators; contents gauges; electricity indicators; compasses for measuring; satellite navigational apparatus; marine navigation apparatus; voltmeters; barometers; weather information apparatus; meteorological instruments; digital weather stations; radio apparatus and instruments; stereophonic apparatus; stereo amplifying apparatus; radar antennas; radio antennas; satellite aerials; dish aerials; walkie-talkies; satellite transceivers; antenna cables; monitoring instruments; steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles; marine depth finders; sonars; sounding marine depth finders; sounding leads; sounds alarms; radar detectors; audible warning; electric alarms; burglar alarms; electric alarms for fire; security alarms; gas alarms; cartographic apparatus; navigation, guidance, tracking, targeting and map making devices; anemometers; precision balances; beacons, luminous; radio buoys.


Англ.Reflectors (vehicle -); taillights for vehicles; head torches; lamp posts; emergency lighting, trailer lights; electric lamps; running lights for land vehicles; boat trailer lights; dynamo lights for vehicles; humidifiers; portable showers; water purification tanks; electric torches; portable torches (electric torches); pocket electric torches; spotlights; diving lights; lamp shades; lights for vehicles; emergency lighting installations; emergency lighting installations; autoclaves (not for medical use); sanitary water conduit fittings; taps; filters for water purifiers; filters for air purifiers; filters for cleaning air; stainless steel sink tops; single-lever faucets for sinks; sink strainers [plumbing fittings]; electric cooktops; inset cooking tops; cooking hobs; kitchen ranges [ovens]; combinations of refrigerators and freezers; cool boxes, electric; toilet bowls; sewage purification apparatus; flushing tanks; sanitary drain armatures for showers; filters for wastewater; air reheaters; electrically-operated devices used in cooling; reverse osmosis elements for reducing the salt content of water; barbecues.


Англ.Safety restraints for use in vehicles; seat cushions for the seats of boats; ship propellers; propeller spinners; trolleys; bumpers for trolleys; steering wheels; rudder gear; boat rudders; steering gears and rudders [for vessels]; casters for trolleys [vehicles]; stabilisers for reducing the motion of ships; petrol tanks for vehicles; bands for wheel hubs; general purpose trolleys; portholes; windshield wipers; glove boxes for automobiles; vehicle seats; covers (shaped -) for boats; boat launching trolleys; hoods for watercraft; boat tillers; hydrofoils for boats; steering stands for marine vessels; alarm systems for watercraft; trailers for towing boats; rudder gear; boat bumpers.


Англ.Jackets [clothing]; sports jackets; rainproof jackets; warm-up jackets; light-reflecting jackets; fishermen's jackets; combinations [clothing]; coveralls; wet suits for water-skiing; rain boots; waterproof boots for fishing; gloves [clothing]; fingerless gloves; jerseys [clothing]; maillots; sleeveless jerseys; baselayer tops; berets; deck shoes.

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