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Alma Latina
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Lidl Stiftung & Co. KG
Stiftsbergstraße 1
74172 Neckarsulm (DE)

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Rückertstr. 1
80336 München (DE)

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Англ. Latin Soul.

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Dietary supplements and dietetic preparations; medical and veterinary preparations and articles; dental preparations and articles; hygienic preparations and articles; pharmaceuticals and natural remedies; baby food; dietetic beverages for babies adapted for medical purposes; dietetic substances for babies; infant formula; beverages for infants; medicinal tea; tisanes [medicated beverages].


Англ.Fish, seafood and molluscs; fish spread; fish in olive oil; fish stock; snacks consisting primarily of fish; fish cakes; fish jellies; fish croquettes; steamed or toasted cakes of fish paste (kamaboko); fish sausages; crustaceans, not live; fish roe, prepared; squid [prepared]; crab, processed; spiny lobsters, processed; processed seafood; escargots; processed fish; meat; sausages; salami; ham; meat spreads; meat substitutes; poultry; game; meat extracts; pre-packaged dinners consisting primarily of seafood; antipasto salads; prepared meals made from meat [meat predominating]; prepared meals made from poultry [poultry predominating]; prepared meals containing [principally] eggs; prepared meals consisting principally of vegetables; prepared meals containing [principally] bacon; prepared meals consisting substantially of seafood; prepared meals consisting principally of game; instant soup; soups; broth [soup]; stock cubes; stock; chicken stock; veal stock; consommes; extracts for soups; stock [prepared]; processed fruits, fungi and vegetables (including nuts and pulses); fruit desserts; fruit-based snack food; prepared salads; prunes; banana chips; potato chips; pickled fruits; pickled vegetables; fruit chips; fruit jellies; fruit pulp; fruit salads; vegetables, cooked; cooked fruits; roasted nuts; salted nuts; cut fruits; cut vegetables; dried edible algae; dried edible mushrooms; dried fruit products; dried fruit; crystallized fruits; candied nuts; potato flakes; potato-based gnocchi; potato-based dumplings; potato pancakes; potato fritters; mashed potato; potato salad; potato snacks; preserved fruits; preserved vegetables; mixed pickles; nut-based snack foods; french fries; fruit- and nut-based snack bars; coconut-based snacks; snack foods based on vegetables; snack foods based on legumes; snack foods based on nuts; milk-based snacks; tofu-based snacks; soya [prepared]; soy-based food bars; snacks of edible seaweed; frozen vegetables; frozen fruits; tinned tomatoes; tomato extracts; dried fruit-based snacks; prepared vegetable products; prepared fruits; jellies; jams; spreads consisting mainly of fruits; fruit spread; fruit marmalade; marmalade; compotes; eggs; yolk of eggs; powdered eggs; albumen for culinary purposes; white of eggs; milk; milk products; butter; cheese; cheese products; cream [dairy products]; whipped cream; yoghurt; curd; drinks made from dairy products; coconut milk; powdered milk for food purposes; milk substitutes; whey; dairy puddings; desserts made from milk products; bean dips; cheese dips; dairy-based dips; tzatziki; oils and fats; concentrated butter; butter oil; clarified butter; coconut oil and fat [for food]; maize oil for food; nut oils; canola oil.


Англ.Artificial coffee; cocoa; coffee; tea; rice; tapioca; sago; flour; cereal preparations; bread; pretzels; baguettes; brioches; bean jam buns; frankfurter sandwiches; pastries; cookies; cakes; cake mixes; flour confectionery; rice-based prepared meals; ready-made dishes containing pasta; prepared meals in the form of pizzas; pizza crust; pizza bases; pizzas (prepared); fresh pasta; pasta containing stuffings; dried pasta; noodles; ravioli; farinaceous food pastes; prepared pasta; sandwiches; cereal-based snack food; rice-based snack food; snack food products consisting of cereal products; snack food products made from potato flour; snack foods prepared from maize; snacks manufactured from muesli; packaged food consisting of rice with meat, fish or vegetables; pâtés en croûte; pastries consisting of vegetables and meat; pastries consisting of vegetables and poultry; pastries containing creams and fruit; puff pastry; snack foods made from corn; snack foods made from wheat; cereal snack foods flavoured with cheese; popcorn; crisps made of cereals; flour based chips; tortilla chips; tortillas; edible ices; sherbets [ices]; sorbets [water ices]; frozen yoghurt [confectionery ices]; sweetmeats [candy]; bubble gum; chocolate; chocolate bars; chocolates; prepared desserts [chocolate based]; prepared desserts [confectionary]; prepared desserts [pastries]; muesli bars; sugar, honey, treacle; sweet glazes and fillings and bee products for food; baking powder; yeast; salt; mustard; vinegar; sauces [condiments]; spices; flavourings, other than essential oils, for beverages; ice [frozen water]; soya flour for food.


Англ.Agricultural and aquacultural crops, horticulture and forestry products; sowing seeds; seeds; fresh fruits, nuts, vegetables and herbs; live animals; malts and unprocessed cereals.


Англ.Beer and brewery products; Mineral water [beverages]; Aerated water; Non-alcoholic beverages; Fruit drinks; Smoothies; Juices; Syrups for lemonade; Fruit squashes; Syrups for beverages; Preparations for making beverages.


Англ.Alcoholic beverages (except beer); Preparations for making alcoholic beverages; Alcoholic fruit extracts; Alcoholic essences; Alcoholic extracts.

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