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Parkring 29-33
85748 Garching (DE)

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Prinz & Partner mbB Patent- und
Rundfunkplatz 2
80335 München (DE)

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Англ. Black; grey; white.

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Scientific, research, navigation, surveying, photographic, cinematographic, audiovisual, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, detecting, testing, inspecting, life-saving and teaching apparatus and instruments; apparatus and instruments for conducting, switching, transforming, accumulating, regulating or controlling the distribution or use of electricity; apparatus and instruments for accumulating and storing electricity; apparatus, instruments and cables for electricity; apparatus and instruments for regulating and converting electricity; apparatus and instruments for generating solar electricity; photovoltaic apparatus for generating electricity; photovoltaic panels; inverters; string inverters; hybrid inverters; photovoltaic inverters; energy regulators; energy control devices; chargers for electric batteries; batteries; battery packs; battery sets including battery boxes, battery packs and battery mounts; solar batteries; solar batteries for domestic use; solar batteries for industrial use; solar-powered rechargeable batteries; battery charging devices for motor vehicles; battery charging equipment; charging appliances for rechargeable equipment; electrical and electronic measuring and display systems for solar plants; solar modules; solar panel arrays; solar cells; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; recorded and downloadable media, computer software, blank digital or analogue recording and storage media; calculating devices; computers and computer peripheral devices; beam projectors, picture projectors, magnetic data carriers, data processing devices; computer programs and software of all kind, included in this class; software applications [apps] for electrical and communication devices; software and data processing programs; computers and computer software for the control and operation of photovoltaic systems including inverters; LEDs (light emitting diodes) and laser diodes, including organic LEDs and laser diodes; optical cables; fiber optical, optical sensors, light barriers, LED lamp modules, also for signalling purposes; displays using LED-technology; electric and electronic devices and apparatus for the operation, regulation and control of lighting facilities, luminaires and lamps for central building control systems and for the regulation and control of building installations, especially interface modules for such apparatus and devices as well as transformers and electronic ballasts; electric igniters and electronic starters for lamps and luminaires; miniature transformers, choking coils, electrical terminal connectors and contact elements including plugs, terminals, sleeves, commutators, electric breakers [switches]; parts of all the aforesaid goods included in this class.


Англ.Surgical, medical, dental and veterinary apparatus and instruments; artificial limbs, eyes and teeth; orthopaedic articles; suture materials; therapeutic and assistive devices adapted for persons with disabilities; massage apparatus; apparatus, devices and articles for nursing infants; sexual activity apparatus, devices and articles; medical irradiation apparatus and lighting apparatus for medical purposes; parts of all the aforesaid goods included in this class.


Англ.Apparatus and installations for lighting, heating, cooling, steam generating, cooking, drying, ventilating, water supply and sanitary purposes; lighting apparatus, especially electric lamps and luminaires; lighting apparatus and lighting systems consisting thereof, especially on the basis of LEDs, including organic LEDs, LED-lamps and LED-luminaires and their parts, included in this class; lighting lamps and apparatus and devices and systems consisting thereof as well as their parts, included in this class, on the basis of LEDs; LED modules, namely LED lighting systems, including organic LEDs, with light functions for lighting purposes; electric lights for Christmas trees; solar lamps and solar lights; solar thermal collectors [heating]; solar energy powered heating installations; solar water heaters; sunlight collecting apparatus for heating purposes; supports adapted for use with solar heating tubes; heat pumps; air to water heat pumps; heat accumulators; technical irradiation apparatus for material treatment and surface treatment; cosmetic irradiation apparatus, namely, sun-tanning apparatus for cosmetic purposes, ultra-violet sunbeds for cosmetic purposes, ultra-violet sunlamps for cosmetic purposes, ultra-violet ray lamps for cosmetic purposes, ultraviolet cosmetic puff sterilizers for household purposes, ultraviolet sterilizers, ultra-violet irradiators, combined lighting and ultraviolet apparatus, and ultra-violet apparatus for tanning the face; parts of all the aforesaid goods included in this class.


Англ.Printed matter, especially journals, newspapers, books, catalogues and prospectuses.


Англ.Advertising; business management, organization and administration; office functions; administrative processing and organizing of mail order services; administrative data processing; computerized file management; business data analysis services; cost price analysis; merchandise display services; advisory services relating to business planning; business management consulting with relation to strategy, marketing, production, personnel and retail sale matters; business management of projects for energy generation, energy storage and energy consumption optimization; assistance and consultancy services in the field of business management of companies in the energy sector; organizational consulting and business consulting of consumers in relation to energy production and energy consumption consulting of consumers in relation to energy production and energy consumption optimization; provision of advertising space; business management; market assessment services; direct mail advertising; project studies for businesses; market analysis; preparation and presentation of audio visual displays for advertising purposes; data entry and data processing; pricing surveys; provision of sales analyses; business analysis of markets; market analysis; market research; provision of space on web-sites for advertising goods and services; operational business assistance to enterprises; arranging of presentations for business purposes; demonstration of goods; presentation of goods on communication media, for retail purposes; price analysis services; telephone order-taking services for others; distribution of advertising material; dissemination of advertisements; dissemination of advertising for others; rental of advertising space on the internet; arranging of business introductions; advertising by mail order; brochure distribution for advertising purposes; handbill distribution; administrative order processing; demonstration of goods; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods [excluding the transport thereof], enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods, as well as retail, wholesale and mail order services, namely, in the field of lighting products, in particular lamps and luminaires, and corresponding electronic ballasts, apparatus for control, checking apparatus and detectors, as well as technical, cosmetic and medical irradiation and lighting apparatus, luminous decorative goods including electric lights for Christmas trees, clothing and footwear.


Англ.Building construction, repair and installation of lighting systems and advisory service relating thereto; installation, repair and maintenance of solar systems, solar power plants and products in the field of solar energy, namely solar cells, solar cell units, solar panels, solar modules and solar connectors, solar power plants and power plant operated on the basis of fossile resources; installation, maintenance and repair of solar energy systems, energy storage mechanisms and energy management equipment, including associated computer hardware; installation, maintenance and repair of battery charging equipment and devices.


Англ.Generation of power; rental of equipment for power generation and energy storage.


Англ.Education; providing of training; entertainment; sporting and cultural activities; training; education information; business training services; provision of training courses; providing electronic, non-downloadable publications; arranging and conducting workshops; arranging and conducting conferences and seminars, as well as conducting training and information events, especially in the field of lighting technology, home automation and building automation, energy production, on issues of energy management and optimization of energy consumption.


Англ.Scientific and technological services and research and design relating thereto; industrial analysis and research services; industrial analysis, industrial research and industrial design services; quality control and authentication services; design and development of computer hardware and computer software; technical planning of lighting facilities and consultancy relating thereto, architectural services and design of interior decor, especially in the field of lighting; providing non-downloadable software, namely planning and simulation programs for illumination applications, also via the internet; design and development of photovoltaic systems; consulting services regarding the use and saving of energy; consulting services related to energy efficiency; technical consulting for consumers, companies and public administrations and institutions in the field of energy production, energy storage and energy consumption optimization; web portal design; hosting web portals.

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DE, 11.01.2023, 30 2022 119 098
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