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Metabowerke GmbH
Metabo-Allee 1
72622 Nürtingen (DE)

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Alte Ulmer Str. 2-4
89522 Heidenheim (DE)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Power tools, in particular electric or pneumatic power tools and parts therefor; hand held power tools; power tools, as far as included in this class, and parts therefor; drilling machines; impact drills; impact wrenches; bench drilling machines; drill screwdrivers; drill chucks; hammer drills and chisel hammers; screwdrivers; groove-milling machines; grinding, cutting and roughing equipment, including orbital sanders; angle grinders; triangular grinders; eccentric sanders; belt grinders and sanders; band files; tube belt grinders; fillet weld grinders; angle polishers; straight grinders; curve shears; plate shears (electric); nibbling machines; glue guns; air tackers, table saws and circular saws; jig saws; descending circular saws; chop and miter saws; saber saws; band saws; trueing machines; planing machines; milling machines, in particular routers and bench milling machines; satin finishing machines; bench belt sanding machines; the aforesaid goods also as battery-powered hand tools; air suction machine and dust removal apparatus for the aforesaid goods; sweeping, cleaning and washing machines; universal air suction machines; vacuum cleaners; electric vacuum cleaners; battery-operated and battery-powered vacuum cleaners; vacuum cleaner bags; brushes for vacuum cleaners; electric garden tools and agricultural machines and parts therefor; lawnmowers; electric lawnmowers; lawnmowers [machines]; robotic lawnmowers; self-propelled lawnmowers; hedge trimmers; chainsaws; yard vacuums; grass trimmers; electric scythes (machines); the aforesaid goods in particular being battery-operated; pumps, in particular water pumps, domestic water systems (pumps) and parts therefor; mechanical machines for generating, distributing and supplying compressed air and parts therefor; welding installations, mainly consisting of welding machines and parts therefor; compressors and accessories therefor, included in this class; welders, and accessories therefor, included in this class; containers and cases adapted to hold the aforementioned goods.


Англ.Accumulator packs; chargers for batteries; accumulators and batteries; devices for storing electricity; accumulators for hand held power tools; battery adapters; electrical adapters; chargers; electrical and electronic components; adapter plugs; apparatus and instruments for recording, transmitting, reproducing or processing sound, images or data; information technology, audio-visual, multimedia and photographic devices; radios; DAB radio; carrying cases for radios; radiotelephones; loudspeakers; portable speakers; recorded media and downloadable media; computer software; mobile apps; distance measuring apparatus; telemeters; metal detectors; tripods, for use with the following goods: surveying machines, measuring tools; clothing, footwear, gloves and headgear for against accidents and disasters such as heat and cold injury, fire, chemicals and radiation; clothing, footwear, gloves and headgear for protection against accidents or injuries; safety clothing; protective shoes; protective gloves; safety headgear; protective goggles; anti-glare glasses; safety glasses; occupational safety googles; protective helmets; protective masks; safety combination belts, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment; workmen's safety harnesses being protection equipment for use with power tools.


Англ.Apparatus and installations for lighting, heating, cooling, steam generating, cooking, drying, ventilating, and water supply purposes; lamps; construction spotlights; hand lamps, also battery operated hand lamps; electric lighting apparatus; spotlights; electric lamps; LED lamps; lighting fixtures [lamps]; luminaires [lamps]; lamps for lighting purposes; portable lamps [for lighting]; electric coolers; refrigerators; refrigerated containers; refrigerating apparatus; refrigerating elements; ventilators; electric fans; portable electric fans; fans for industrial purposes; fans for commercial purposes; electric fans for ventilation; coffee machines; electric coffee roasters; electric coffee kettles; electric coffee makers; electric cordless coffee makers; hot air guns, the aforesaid goods also as battery-powered hand tools, containers and cases adapted to hold the aforementioned goods; electrically heated clothing.

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