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Via Alessandro Manzoni, 38
I-20121 Milano (IT)

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Corso Emilia 8
I-10152 Torino (IT)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Agricultural machines; agricultural elevators; agricultural, gardening and forestry machines and apparatus; sprayers for use in agriculture [parts of machines]; electrical motor pump units; hydraulic pumps; pumps; gear for machinery; farm machinery; excavators; filters; filter press; hydraulic motors; hydraulic machines and hydraulic door openers and closers (parts of machines); hydraulic controls for engines and machines; membrane pump; hydraulic controls for agricultural machines; hydraulic pumps for irrigation appliances; hydraulic controls for engines; distribution machines for flexible pipes; fertiliser spreaders [machines]; agricultural machinery consisting of a power-operated applicator system comprised of power-operated sprayers; spraying machines for precision application of herbicides, insecticides, fungicides, or fertilizers to crops; insecticide sprayers; sprayers attached to a vehicle for spraying crops; fertilizer production machinery; rotating nozzles for use with high pressure water washing machines; speed regulators for machines and engines.


Англ.Electrical controls for irrigation sprinkler systems; electrical controls for sprinkler systems; computer operating systems; computer software for irrigation apparatus and systems; control devices for irrigation systems; computer software for the calculation, design and/or measuring of irrigation systems and/or drip irrigation systems, including for area calculation and/or design anchor measurement of drops, headers, pipes, tubes, filters, pumps, electrical cables as components of irrigation systems; equipment (hardware) for monitoring and calculations and/or sizing of irrigation systems; computer hardware for designing of irrigation systems; water level indicators; downloadable software for use in the placement and positioning of irrigation sprinklers; software applications for cell phones, smart phones, portable electronic devices and wireless devices, namely, software for irrigation scheduling and control of irrigation systems; downloadable software in the form of a mobile application for irrigation scheduling and control of irrigation systems; electronic variable frequency drive controller consisting mainly of a node, gateway and pressure transducer; downloadable software in the form of a mobile application for irrigation scheduling, control of irrigation systems, design of irrigation equipment and parts, estimating the costs of such equipment, and for using and analyzing field maps; downloadable software used to control and monitor irrigation pivots, pumps and valves and other irrigation devices; radio used to communicate between a water pump and an irrigation machine and installed in the pump site; communication equipment, namely, electronic and computer instruments consisting of receivers, transmitters, computer hardware, sensors and computer software that provide access to websites for determining, mapping and tracking precise geographic locations, and for the transmission of data, all for use in the monitoring and operation of irrigation equipment, as well as the monitoring of storage containers for grain products and weather monitoring; meteorological instruments; scientific, nautical, surveillance, photographic, cinematographic, optical, weighing, measuring, signalling, supervising, life-saving and educational apparatus and instruments.


Англ.Sprinkler installations [automatic] for agricultural purposes; watering apparatus [automatic] for garden use; agricultural irrigation units; sprinkling devices [automatic], other than machines; decorative fountains, sprinkler and irrigation systems; watering machines for agricultural purposes; drip irrigation systems; irrigation sprinklers; irrigation spray nozzles; valves being parts of sprinkler systems; drip irrigation emitters [irrigation fittings]; water sprinkling devices [automatic]; automatic watering installations for use in gardening; automatic watering installations for use in agriculture; irrigation equipment; apparatus for water supply; irrigation devices; parts and accessories for irrigation systems; water pressure tanks, safety and regulation accessories and components for water distribution installations; equipment for the recovery of water, and equipment plants for softening water, water treatment apparatus or systems for the discharge of water, water filtration equipment, water purification machines and apparatus, plant for desalination of water, cooling water systems, water sterilizer; water treatment plants, water distribution plants and systems, filters for water, plant for treatment of waste water, water softening apparatus and installations; irrigation machines for agriculture; accessories for regulating and safety of water devices; apparatus for filtering water; water supply installations; devices for water supply; water filters devices, mixer taps for water pipes; irrigation and distribution water plants for gardens; irrigation and distribution water plants for agriculture; automatic water distribution apparatus; equipment and installations for lighting, heating, cooling, steam production, cooking, drying, ventilation, water distribution and sanitary systems; spray nozzles for use with agriculture irrigation systems.


Англ.Financial affairs; financial investments; financial analysis; financial advice; fiscal valuation; financial transactions; monetary affairs; financing services for the securing of funds in respect of ventures; venture capital financing; venture capital management; real estate affairs; management of property and real estate assets; financial management of holding companies; finance services; financial services relating to savings; debt management; insurance; insurance consultancy; financial research and information services; business banking; trading of bonds; stock exchange listing; stock exchange brokerage; fiduciary services; financing services; fund investments; fund placement; electronic fund transfer; asset management; pawnbroking; guarantees (sureties); rent collection; foreign exchange transactions; payment collection; providing financing for civil engineering construction; insurance agency services in the agricultural sector.


Англ.Construction and maintenance services relating to water irrigation; installation and maintenance of irrigation systems; vermin exterminating [other than for agriculture, forestry or horticulture]; pest control services, other than for agriculture, horticulture and forestry; maintenance and repair of agricultural machines; civil engineering relating to agricultural land; providing information relating to the repair or maintenance of agricultural machines and implements; rental of self-propelled lifting platforms; rental of civil engineering machinery for use in construction; installation of environmental engineering systems; rental of earthmoving equipment and excavators.

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