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ci4.net Aktiengesellschaft
8-10, Weipertstraße
74076 Heilbronn (DE)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Magnetic recording carriers and data carriers, magnetic cards, software, prerecorded recording carriers of all kinds, in particular video and audio cassettes, recording tapes, phonograph records, floppy discs; compact discs, DVDs, cards with their own e-mail internet mailbox enabling messages to be exchanged by e-mail via the counter-mailbox of the card issuer (smart cards).


Англ.Paper, card (cardboard) and goods made from these materials, included in this class; printing products; uncoded plastic cards; photographs, typewriters and office articles (with the exception of furniture); educational and teaching materials (with the exception of equipment); packaging materials made of plastic, included in this class; playing cards.


Англ.Advertising, marketing, market research and market analysis, sales promotion; professional business consultancy; business and organisation consultancy; agency and conclusion of business transactions for third parties; negociation of business transactions through a computer network, in particular the Internet; distribution of goods for advertising purposes; advertising agency; collecting, saving and processing of data/messages; providing of information in the Internet and interactive consultancy services of an organisational and business nature, in particular enabling electronic enquiries; providing of directory services.


Англ.Telecommunication services in the field of message sending, namely the operation of electronic computer centres, electronic mailbox systems and computer hubs for providing electronic data transfer; services of an Internet provider, namely providing of Internet access; transmission of data/messages; technical communications namely transmission of information, texts and pictures of all types to digital networks, and in the form of text and graphics, translation and also saved on data carriers.


Англ.Internet services, namely agency and leasing of access time to databases; organisation, design and providing of websites for others; providing of information in the Internet and interactive consultancy services of a technical nature, in particular enabling electronic enquiries; agency and leasing of access time to data networks and databases.

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DE, 11.09.2000, 300 38 172.7/38
Дані щодо пріоритету відповідно до Паризької конвенції
DE, 19.05.2000, 300 38 172.7/38
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