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Fédération Internationale
de Football Association (FIFA)
FIFA-Strasse 20
CH-8044 Zürich (CH)

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Fédération Internationale
de Football Association (FIFA),
IP Unit
FIFA-Strasse 20
CH-8044 Zürich (CH)

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Fédération Internationale
de Football Association
Hitzigweg 11
Zürich (CH)

Зображення знака, якщо знак представлений стандартними символами
Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Chemical products for use in photography; photographic paper; sensitized photographic plates and non-exposed films; flashlight preparations; chemical products for use in industry; tanning substances, artificial sweeteners.


Англ.Lotions for cosmetic purposes and cosmetic products, particularly soaps, hair lotions, perfumery products, eau-de-Cologne, pre-shave and after-shave lotions, shaving creams, shampoos, dentifrices, deodorants and antiperspirants for personal use, mouthwashes; nourishing creams, cosmetic creams, hair sprays, additives for cosmetic care, toiletry creams, make-up, particularly lipstick, eye shadow, face powder, cosmetic pencils, ornamental decals for cosmetic use, sunblock lotions; shaving products and shaving soap; cleaning, polishing, scouring and abrasive preparations for household use, washing powders, synthetic cleaning products for household purposes, shoe creams and polishes.


Англ.Petroleum; lubricants; engine oils and fuels; fuel gases; fuel oils; kerosene; candles, waxes.


Англ.Pharmaceutical products; chewing gum for medical purposes; medicinal tea, food supplements for medical use; medical potions; dietetic beverages for medical use; hygiene products for women and young women (included in this class); material for stopping teeth and dental wax; medical products for eye care; dressings, surgical dressings, gauze for dressings, cotton wool; adhesive plaster and plasters; fungicides, herbicides; air purifying and air freshening products; air fresheners for cars.


Англ.Goods made of base metals included in this class, especially chains for keys, figurines and ornaments made of base metals and their alloys; statues and sculptures made of base metals; bottle caps made of base metals (included in this class); banknote clips made of base metals and their alloys; aluminum foil for kitchen use; fixed towel dispensers (of metal).


Англ.Machines for preparing soda water, electric blenders for household use; dishwashers; electric can openers; electric knives; electromechanical machines for food preparation; electric fruit presses for domestic use; electronic kitchen machines; mixers for household use; sewing machines; spin driers; vacuum cleaners and their accessories; washing machines for household use; electric beaters for household use; structural parts of engines and motors.


Англ.Hand-operated hand tools and implements; electric and non-electric razors, including razor blades; non-electric cutlery, forks and spoons; depilatory apparatus, eyebrow tweezers; stationery scissors.


Англ.Spectacles, sunglasses, cases and chains for sunglasses, binoculars; magnets, ornamental magnets, sound and image recording, transmission and reproduction apparatus, recorded or blank sound carriers, media for recording images (still or animated) and sounds, computers, modems, electronic pocket translators, electronic agendas, scanners, printers, calculating machines and computer data processing apparatus, credit card machines, currency converters, alarm devices, loudspeakers, video cameras, camcorders, pre-recorded or blank recording tapes and videotapes; facsimile machines, telephones, automatic answering machines, videophones, photocopiers, photographic equipment, namely cameras, projectors, exposed films, flashbulbs, camera cases, batteries and accessories (included in this class); wind sleeves (wind-direction indicators); small electronic games intended for use with a television set; video game cassettes; CD-ROMs, computer software (recorded programs) including game software; blank CD-ROMs for audio or video recording, video cassettes, music recorded on compact disks or tapes, magnetic cards, memory or microprocessor cards; electronic dispensers, directional compasses, holograms; magnetic credit cards, telephone cards, cash cards, cards for traveling and for shows, check guarantee cards and debit cards, credit cards, irons.


Англ.Diagnosis apparatus for personal use; medical measuring apparatus and instruments; massage apparatus for personal use, babies' bottles, condoms, support bandages, ice and thermal bags for medical use, fitness training apparatus for medical use; imaging apparatus for medical diagnoses.


Англ.Drying machines, particularly laundry driers and electric hair driers, pocket searchlights, table lamps, decorative lamps, lamp shades, incandescent lamps and lighting equipment, refrigerators, freezers, heating apparatus, air-conditioning apparatus, air-cleaning apparatus, stoves (heating), gas cookers, barbecue grills, electric cookers and microwave ovens, electric coffeemakers; electric kettles, electric toasters, electric deep friers, electric water filters, bicycle lights, machines for water supply and other sanitary uses, drinking water fountains, paper lanterns.


Англ.Bicycles, motorcycles, automobiles, trucks, pickup trucks, buses, airplanes and boats; balloons, aerostats, baby carriages, car seats for babies or children, automotive accessories, namely glare shields, luggage racks and ski racks, hubcaps for wheels; pneumatic tires, seat covers, vehicle covers, foot mats as automotive accessories; automobile engines.


Англ.Jewelry, timepieces, wall clocks, medallions, pins (jewelry), pendants of precious metals for teams and players; souvenir bowls and plates, tankards, statues and sculptures, pendants, kettles, bottle caps of precious metals; medallions, tie clips and tie pins, not of precious metals; ashtrays and cigarette cases of precious metals; coins; fancy key rings made of plastic, pendants.


Англ.Musical instruments and musical boxes, electric and electronic musical instruments.


Англ.Presents and party items made of paper, namely napkins, tablecloths, paper bags, invitation cards, gift-wrapping paper, coasters, table mats; tablecloths of paper, crepe paper; garbage bags of paper or plastic materials, wrapping paper for foodstuffs, labels (not made from textile materials), paper flags, paper pennants, handkerchiefs of paper, typewriter paper, copying paper, paper coffee filters, paper hand-towels, wet wipes, toilet paper, envelopes, babies' napkins of paper, writing paper and school supplies, namely writing pads, paper sheets for note taking, protective jackets, writing instruments, including fountain pens, pencils, ball-point pens, ball-point pen and pencil sets, felt-tip markers, fiber-tip pens and roller felt-tip pens (precision roller pens), markers; correction fluids for printing blocks; rubber erasers, bookends, pencil sharpeners, calendars, self-adhesive paper for notes, posters, greeting cards, stencils, sticking labels, coloring and drawing books, printed teaching material, magazines, newspapers, books and journals, especially relating to sportsmen or sports events, road maps, tickets, checks, printed timetables, collector's photographs of players, bumper stickers and photographs, photographic albums; stationery, office requisites (except furniture); postage stamps; paper or cardboard cards, namely credit cards, telephone cards, cash cards, cards for traveling and for shows, check guarantee cards and debit cards; autograph books, handkerchiefs of paper, book cover paper, book covers, chalk, document folders, bulldog clips, thumbtacks, ink, paint boxes, kitchen paper, writing paper, writing pads, bulldog clips, note pad holders, address books, pencil ornaments, holders for paper supplies, inking pads, rubber stamps, rulers, score sheets, adhesive tapes for stationery and office use, holders for such adhesive tapes, staples, stencils, luminous paper, programs for events, albums for events, passport holders.


Англ.Leather and imitations of leather and goods made of these materials and not included in other classes; umbrellas, parasols, trunks and travel bags, particularly sports and leisure bags (other than those adapted to products for which they are made), backpacks, bags, school bags, handbags, beach bags, suitcases, vanity cases, key cases, garment bags for travel, bags in the shape of soccer balls, wallets, coin purses; document holders.


Англ.Mirrors; goods of plastic materials, namely souvenirs such as statuettes, identification cards (uncoded) and trophies; plastic key cards (uncoded); cushions, cushions as automobile accessories; cushions, also for outdoor use; furniture, particularly clothes hangers, racks (furniture), fans for personal use, display stands, inflatable promotional objects; bookshelves; fixed (nonmetallic) towel dispensers.


Англ.Non-electric household or kitchen utensils and containers (made of base metals or plated therewith); drinking vessels, tumblers, cups and glasses, plates and dishes, trivets (not of precious metals); gloves for household purposes, bottle openers, cap openers, bottles, non-electrical cooling systems for food and drinks; hair combs and brushes, toothbrushes; dental floss; glassware, statues and sculptures made of porcelain, terra cotta or glass in connection with soccer.


Англ.Textiles and textile fabrics (included in this class), particularly sleeping bags (sheeting), flags, pennants, bed linen, sheets, curtains, drapery, counterpanes and bedspreads (of textile material), hand towels and bath linen, dishcloths and glass-cloths, blankets for outdoor use, handkerchiefs (textile), textile draperies and cloths; labels for clothing.


Англ.Clothing, headgear, including shirts, knit shirts, sleeveless blouses, T-shirts, dresses, skirts, body linen, swimwear, shorts, trousers, pullovers, bonnets, hats, sashes, scarves, caps, tracksuits, sweatshirts, jackets, uniforms, neckties, headbands and wristbands, gloves, aprons, bibs, pajamas, romper suits and children's clothes for playing, stockings and socks, footwear, suspenders.


Англ.Braids; tassels or similar articles; ribbons; buttons or similar articles; needles or similar articles; sewing boxes; decorations for clothing (excluding those made of precious metals); medallions and badges for clothing (excluding those made of precious metals); brooches (clothing accessories); hat pins (excluding those made of precious metals); hair nets, hair bands; hair slides, hair ribbons, other hair ornaments; medallions not of precious metals; pins not of precious metals, badges made of plastic, pins.


Англ.Carpets and rugs, doormats, mats (also for cars), beach mats.


Англ.Games, toys; sports balls, board games, cuddly toys and dolls, toy vehicles, puzzles, balloons, inflatable toys, soccer equipment, namely balls, gloves and knee, elbow and shoulder pads; soccer goals; party hats (toys); small electronic games other than for exclusive use with a television set, hand-shaped objects made of foam (toys); gymnastics and sports articles (included in this class), playing cards, confetti.


Англ.Meat, fish, poultry and game, meat extracts, cooked fruit and vegetables, edible oils and fats; potato chips, French fries, prepared nuts, marmalades, jellies and jams, milk and dairy products, cheese, fruit and vegetable preserves.


Англ.Coffee, tea, cocoa, sugar, artificial coffee, flour, cereal preparations, cereals, bread, pastries, including cakes, cookies, biscuits and crackers, candy, confectionery and rice; cereal chips, edible ices, honey, mustard, vinegar, sauces (condiments), spices, salt.


Англ.Animal feed; grass seeds; fresh fruit, berries, vegetables and flowers; animal litter, natural turf.


Англ.Non-alcoholic beverages, syrups and powders for preparing non-alcoholic beverages, mineral and sparkling water and other non-alcoholic beverages, fruit and vegetable drinks and fruit and vegetable juices, beers and ale; frozen fruit beverages.


Англ.Alcoholic beverages (except beer).


Англ.Matches, lighters, cigarette cases and ashtrays not of precious metal, cigarettes, tobacco.


Англ.Employment agency services, personnel recruitment; advertising and advertising agency services, Internet advertising, dissemination of advertisements, rental of billboards, rental of advertising spaces, bill-posting, television advertising, sports promotion and public relations agency services; market research, opinion polls; advertising for and organization of exhibitions for commercial purposes; compilation and administration of data banks; archiving fixed and animated images; preparation of statistical data and information on sports performances; advertising for soccer events.


Англ.Issuance of credit cards; issuance of travelers' checks; financial affairs; banking business, including credit and fund investment; insurance underwriting; lease-purchasing, particularly of sound and image recordings; promotion of soccer matches and exhibitions, namely financial sponsorship thereof.


Англ.Vehicle service stations, vehicle cleaning, vehicle lubrication, vehicle maintenance, vehicle washing and vehicle breakdown services.


Англ.Telecommunication, particularly mobile telephone and telex communication services; communication via computer terminals; communication via telegraphy; communication by telephone; telefax communication; radio call services; communication services by telephone for conferencing; television program broadcasting; broadcast of cable television programs; radio program broadcasting; information bureau and news agency services, other message transmission services; rental of telephones, facsimile machines and other communication apparatus.


Англ.Operation of a travel agency; transport of persons and goods by plane, railway, bus and lorry; postal services, messenger and mail delivery services; vehicle rental; rental of parking spaces; organization of travel and boat trips; storage of goods; taxi services; transport of goods and persons by boat; heat, gas or electricity distribution; refuse disposal services, newspaper, review and book delivery, distribution of solvents, paraffins, waxes, bitumens and petroleum products, excluding liquid gas.


Англ.Development of film for cinema; photograph enlargements, photograph printing, photographic film development; rental or hire of machines and instruments for developing, printing, enlarging or finishing photographs, printing services, production of printed matter.


Англ.Education, training, entertainment; sporting and cultural activities, organization of sporting and cultural events and activities; video and audiovisual systems rental, videotape, radio and television program editing; booking of seats for shows and sports events; timing during sports events, management of performing artists, organization of football events; translation services; taking photographs, shooting video recordings.


Англ.Computer consultancy services; computer data processing (computer programming); computer software design; hosting of Web sites; data bank licensing.


Англ.Restaurant services (food services), fast-food restaurants; catering services; temporary accommodation, hotel services, operation of holiday resorts, boarding houses and tourist houses.

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CH, 19.03.2001, 501784
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