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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 826964: THE TOP ALUMINAL
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Aluminal Oberflächentechnik
GmbH & Co. KG
Auf der Birke
56412 Montabaur-Heiligenroth (DE)

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Sternagel, Fleischer,
Godemeyer & Partner
An den Gärten 7
51491 Overath (DE)

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Aluminal Oberflächentechnik
GmbH & Co. KG
Auf der Heide
Staudt (DE)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Chemicals used in industry, in particular electrolyte solutions, pre-treatment solutions, post-treatment solutions, rinsing solutions all for galvanizing processes, in particular for galvanizing processes in non-aqueous systems for deposition of light metals like aluminium or magnesium or their alloys.


Англ.Common metals and their alloys; metal building materials; transportable buildings of metal; materials of metal for railway tracks; non-electric cables and wires of common metal; ironmongery, small items of metal hardware; pipes and tubes of metal; safes; goods of common metal, included in this class; ores; metal goods, especially rods, bars, hooks, for mountaineering and outdoor equipment included in this class.


Англ.Machines; metal, wood, plastics working machines; machines for the chemical industry, for agriculture, mining, textile machines, machines for the beverage industry, construction machines, packaging machines; machine tools; motors and engines (except for land vehicles); machine coupling and transmission components (except for land vehicles); agricultural implements (not hand operated); incubators for eggs; double pulleys and pulley blocks as parts of mechanical winches and hoisting ropes cases as parts of mechanical winches and lifting jacks; mechanical winches, short stroke mechanical winches.


Англ.Hand tools and implements (hand operated); hand operated implements for use in agriculture, horticulture and forestry, for the construction of machines, apparatus and vehicles, for the building industry; cutlery; side arms; razors; spades and folding spades, folding table cutlery, hand operated lifting jacks, mountaineering and outdoor hammers.


Англ.Vehicles; apparatus for locomotion by land, air or water; off-road vehicles and parts thereof, included in this class, boat hooks and other parts of boats, included in this class, paddles, canoes.


Англ.Rubber, gutta-percha, gum, asbestos, mica and goods made from these materials (included in this class); plastics in extruded form for use in manufacture; packing, stopping and insulating materials; flexible pipes, not of metal.


Англ.Treatment of materials.


Англ.Scientific and technological services and research, in particular relating to non-aqueous electrolytic galvanizing processes with light metals like aluminium or magnesium and their alloys.

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DE, 13.11.2003, 303 48 572.8/17
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DE, 20.09.2003, 303 48 572.8/17
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