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Grecotel S. A.
64B Kifisias Ave.
GR-151 25 Maroussi, Athens (GR)

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Dr. Karsten Fischer
c/o TUI AG
Karl-Wiechert-Allee 4
30625 Hannover (DE)

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Karl-Wiechert-Allee 4
Hannover (DE)

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Scientific, nautical, surveying, photographic, optical, measuring, signalling, checking and teaching apparatus and instruments; data carriers, in particular magnetic data carriers, CD-ROMs, DVDs, magnetic cards, smart cards, phonograph records; data-processing apparatus and computers; apparatus for recording, transmission and reproduction of sound, images or data (included in this class); telephone apparatus, in particular mobile telephones and accessories for the above goods (included in this class); calculating machines and data-processing equipment; fire-extinguishing apparatus; magnetic data carriers, in particular magnetic and video tapes, exposed films; computer software; cash registers, automatic vending machines and mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; binoculars; magnifying glasses; spectacle cases, spectacles, spectacle lenses, spectacle frames and sunglasses; optical goods; diving suits and masks.


Англ.Paper, cardboard and goods made from these materials, included in this class, in particular transfers, stickers, containers for stationery, beer mats, paper and plastic bags, paper bags, pads of paper, writing paper; printed matter, in particular books, leaflets, brochures, newspapers and magazines; photographs, postcards; tickets, entry tickets, calendars, cards, catalogues; writing instruments, in particular pens, pencils and fountain pens; artists' materials; paint brushes; office requisites (other than furniture); instructional and teaching material (except apparatus); cardboard, paper and plastic materials for packaging included in this class; printers' type; paper flags and pennants; bookbinding material; adhesives for stationery purposes.


Англ.Textiles and textile goods (included in this class); bed covers, bedspreads and table covers and cloths, bath and hand towels, included in this class; textile napkins and handkerchiefs; curtains of textile material; pennants and flags not of paper, printing blankets of textile material.


Англ.Clothing, in particular t-shirts, trousers, belts, gloves, shirts, blouses, headgear, in particular hats and caps, scarves, ties, overalls, raincoats, shawls, socks, headbands and jumpers, swimming costumes, bathing trunks, bathrobes; footwear, in particular sandals, bathing shoes and sports shoes.


Англ.Advertising, including advertising on the Internet, marketing, public relations, advertising and promotional services (for third parties), rental of advertising material, direct mail advertising; market research including opinion polling and market analysis; management and business organization and management advisory services; bookkeeping; business and business organizational consultancy, advisory and coordination services, in particular in the area of data processing; hotel management for third parties; business organizational consultancy, advisory and coordination services for and of travel agencies, fitness clubs and sports and leisure facilities; distribution of samples for advertising purposes, duplication of documents; services of a building contractor, namely business organizational preparation of building projects; franchise contracts, namely transfer of organizational and business know-how; rental of advertising space on the Internet; sponsorship, namely providing of advertising and promotional contracts for third parties; location of freight vehicles by computer; telemarketing; commercial advisory services for consumer; sales promotion for goods and services of third parties; rental of office equipment; recruitment of office staff; providing of business addresses; providing of advertising space and business contacts, in particular on the Internet; webvertising, namely marketing for third parties in digital networks; auctioneering services, in particular on the Internet; all the above services in particular in the travel and recreational sector; organization of fairs and exhibitions for commercial or for advertising purposes; procurement of contracts regarding the purchase and sale of goods and services by teleshopping channel (for third parties); procurement of contracts regarding services for third parties by teleshopping channel (included in this class); employment of staff for hotlines and call center; order services by hotline and call center; data updating in computer data bases; organizational consulting for development measures of customer loyalty; developing marketing activities that include the provision of bonuses and similar perks; organizational consulting for promoting sales by implementing award, bonus and customer loyalty programs; location of passenger vehicles by computer.


Англ.Transport and storage; transport of persons and goods, in particular by road, rail, sea and air; porterage; transport of money and valuables; travel organization, booking and arrangement of travel, excursions and cruises; arrangement of transport services; rental of diving suits; organization, booking and arrangement of excursions, day trips and sightseeing tours; travel consultancy and escorting of travellers; rental, booking and providing of aircraft; rental, booking and providing of ships, in particular rowing and motor boats, sailing vessels and canoes, rental, booking and providing of motor vehicles and bicycles, horses and diving equipment (included in this class); packaging and storage of goods; parcel delivery; organization of trips, holidays and sightseeing tours; services and operation of a travel agency (included in this class), in particular consultancy and booking services for travel, information about travel, arrangement of transport services and travel; reservation services (included in this class); information about travel on the Internet, in particular about reservation and booking in the tourism and business travel sector (online travel agencies); all the above services in particular in the travel and recreational sector; delivery, dispatching and distribution of newspapers and magazines; consultation by hotline or call centre in the field of tourism, transport and storage.


Англ.Education and further training, educational consultancy; teaching, in particular correspondence and language courses; entertainment; film and video film production, film and video rental, film and video performances; artist agency services; modelling for artists (entertainment); musical performances; circus performances; public entertainment; theatrical performances; organization and providing of child care services (entertainment, education outside school); operation of holiday camps (entertainment); arranging and realization of sport and language teaching and film and musical performances; health club services (included in this class), providing training clubs and fitness clubs, golf courses, tennis courts, riding facilities, kindergartens (education, entertainment), cinemas, discotheques, museums, amusement arcades, sports camps and sports facilities, amusement parks; rental of skin diving equipment; organization of sports competitions; organization and arrangement of cultural and sporting events; reservation services (included in this class) for sporting, scientific and cultural events; game services provided online; rental of recorded data carriers (films, music, games), projector apparatus and the accessories thereof (included in this class); rental of newspapers and magazines, publication of books, newspapers, magazines and other printed material also online including CD-ROMs; issuing of printed matter, in particular of books, magazines, catalogues and newspapers including electronic publications especially online; DVD, CD-ROM and video taping; organization of exhibitions for cultural and teaching purposes; services of a recreation and amusement park in the education and entertainment sector; services of an interpreter and of a translator; photography; radio entertainment, television entertainment; consultation by hotline or call centre in the field of education and entertainment; consultation by hotline or call centre in the field of reservation services for sporting, scientific and cultural events; information about entertainment and entertainment events via online network and internet; providing of information for entertainment services and continuous education via the internet.


Англ.Temporary accommodation, providing of food and drinks; accommodation bureaux services; providing and rental of holiday homes, holiday flats and apartments; room reservation and hotel reservation, temporary accommodation of hotels, boarding houses and motels; catering; services of boarding houses, hotels and motels; rental of meeting rooms; services of restaurants and bars; providing of food and drinks in Internet cafés; consultation by call centre or hotline in the field of room agency services, providing and rental of holiday homes, accommodation service and hotel reservation as well as accommodation and catering for guests.


Англ.Services of saunas, beauty salons, sanatoriums, hairdresser and massage parlour; nursing (medical); operation of baths and Turkish baths; organisation of wellness, relaxation and convalescence programs for holiday stays; medical assistance; convalescent homes; flower arranging; manicuring; massage; hospices; physiotherapy; sanatoriums; animal grooming; dentistry.

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DE, 18.08.2005, 305 29 940.9/39
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DE, 23.05.2005, 305 29 940.9/39
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