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Міжнародна реєстрація торговельної марки № 910317
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bld. 20, Nizhnyaya Krasnoselskay, 40/12
RU-105066 Moscow (RU)

Ім'я та адреса представника

Sergey A. Zuykov
Attn. : Sergey A. Zuykov,
P.O. Box 165
RU-129110 Moscow (RU)

Транслітерація знака
Інформація щодо заявлених кольорів

Англ. Blue, yellow, white.

Індекси Міжнародної класифікації товарів і послуг (Ніццької класифікації) та перелік товарів і послуг

Англ.Abrading hand instruments; glaziers' diamonds; pestles for pounding; piercers (hand tools), cutting bars; instruments for punching tickets; piercers for extracting split pins; razors, electric or non-electric; sharpening steels; scythe stones; hand drills; earth augers; gimlets; carpenters' augers; levers; hoes; tables forks; forks; screw-dies, bolt dies; annular screw plates; pin punches; cutting tools (bars); wrenches; lawn clippers; harpoons for fishing; nail extractors; fullers; rakes; hackles for fibers, flax, hemp; cutter bars; whetstone holders; priming irons; bushhammers; lifting jacks, hand-operated; ring screw-plates; borers; police batons; punch pliers; planes irons, drawing knives; clamps; shovels; rabbeting planes; bits; chisels; gouges; engraving needles; goffering irons; blade sharpening instruments; molding irons; cattle marking tools; numbering punches; depilation appliances, electric and non-electric; oyster openers; glazing irons; ear-piercing apparatus; tube cutting instruments; hand-operated tools; scraping tools; picks; molding irons; cutting tools; grindstones; knuckle dusters; centre punches, pickaxes; mallets; branding irons; riveters (hand tools); riveting hammers; nippers; blades; annular screw plates; spoons; foundry ladles; leather strops; breast drills; lasts (shoemakers' hand tools); cleavers; holing axes; scythe rings; tickets punching instruments; can openers; diggers (hand tools); scythes; fire irons emery grinding wheels; sledgehammers; pliers; thistle extirpators; ice picks; razor blades; jig-saws; spoons; firing tools (crow bars); spades; bow saws; beard clippers; hair clippers for personal use (electric and non-electric); hair clippers for animals (hand instruments); trowels; machetes; taps (hand tools); swords; hammers (hand tools); mallets (hand tools); riveting hammers (hand tools); blade sharpening hammers; masons' hammers; mattocks; ditchers (hand tools); reamers; fleshing knives (hand tools); manicure sets, electric and non-electric; pedicure sets; needle files; files (tools); hand pumps; metal band stretchers (hand tools); shaving cases; needle-threaders; cutlery; knives; shear blades; plane irons; scaling knives; farriers' knives; paring knives; braiders (hand tools); budding knives; hunting knives; pen knives; grafting tools; pruning shears; border shears; bill-hooks; scissors; manicure scissors, electric or non-electric; wick trimmers; garden tools, hand-operated; cattle shearers; shearers; pruning scissors; shears; sword and sabres scabbards; vegetable knives; blades (weapons), side arms; stropping instruments, also for scythes; fish-forks, harpoons; screwdrivers; sabres; reamer sockets; drill holders (hand tools); boring chisels (hand tools); perforating tools (hand tools); saws (hand tools); jig-saws; bow saws; fingernail polishers, electric; nail nippers; tweezers; hair-removing tweezers; gums, hand-operated, for the extrusion of mastics; dies (hand tools); fruit pickers (hand tools); pliers; saw blades (parts of hand tools); table cutlery (knives, forks and spoons); crimping irons; hand implements for hair-curling, non-electric; money scoops; pin punches (hand tools); punches (hand tools); atomizers for insecticides (hand tools); syringes for spraying insecticides; expanders (hand tools); weeding forks (hand tools); frames for handsaws; saw holders; rasps (hand tools); cutters; paring irons (hand tools); graving tools; masons' chisels; planes; levers; instruments for liquid decanting; sabers; marline spikes; augers; bits (parts of hand tools); hollowing bits (parts of hand tools); pruning scissors; axes; silver plate (knives, forks and spoons); pruning knives; choppers; drawing knives; gardening trowels; mortise chisels; caulking irons; gouges (hand tools); clamps for carpenters or coopers; mortar for pounding; branding irons; adzes tools; vices; turning tools; hoop cutters; grindstones; sharpening steels; earth rammers (hand tools); ratchets (hand tools); tube cutters; (hand tools); squares (hand tools); extension pieces for braces for screwtaps; cattle stunning appliances; destructing apparatus for plant parasites; appliances and instruments for slaughtering butchers' animals; skinning appliances and instruments for butchers' animals; flat irons (non-electric); irons (non-electric hand tools); razor cases; scrapping tools (hand tools); milling cutters (hand tools); awls; chopper knives; palette knives; stamps; stamping-out tools; paddles; bayonets; nippers; curling tongs; nutcrakers, not of precious metal; sugar tongs; cuticle nippers.


Англ.Automatic turnstiles; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires; ticket dispensers; coin-operated juke boxes; musical automata (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see rule (13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); automatic vending machines; motor fire engines; answering machines; azimuth instruments; accumulators, electric; electric accumulators for vehicles; actinometers; acoustic diaphragms; acoustic receivers; acoustic couplers; alidades; altimeters; anemometers; ammeters; anode batteries; anodes; aerials; anticathodes; optic apertometers; cathodic anti-corrosion apparatus; air analysis apparatus; electric apparatus for the remote control of ignition; electric apparatus for the remote start; sound recording, transmitting, amplification and reproduction apparatus; apparatus to check franking; electric arc cutting apparatus; electric arc welding apparatus; intercommunication apparatus; electrical apparatus for sealing plastics; electric apparatus for communication; X-rays producing apparatus and installations, not for medical purposes; remote control apparatus; electric monitoring apparatus; testing apparatus, not for medical purposes; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway signals; electro-dynamic apparatus for the remote control of railway points; acid hydrometers; salinometers; aerometers; alcoholmeters; calculating machines; apparatus and instruments for astronomy; audiovisual teaching apparatus; acidimeters for batteries; luminous signaling beacons; accumulators; barometers; galvanic batteries; batteries for pocket lamps; batteries for lighting; solar batteries; electric batteries; photographic washing tank; gasoline pumps for services stations; betatrons; binoculars; electronic tags for goods; computer memories; fire hose nozzles; safety tarpaulins; signalling buoys, life buoys, marking buoys; teleprinters; compasses; positive boosters; accounting machines; electrolysers; vacuum gauges; variometers; balances; scales; letter scales; weighbridges; precision balances; levelling staffs (surveying instruments); camcorders; video cassettes; photographic viewfinders; video telephones; video screens; micrometer screws for optical instruments; viscosimeters; divers' apparatus; wavemeters; oxygen meters; voltmeters; optical fibers; coin-operated gates for car parks or parking lots; densimeters; current rectifiers; high frequency apparatus; computers; gas testing instruments; gasometers; galena detectors; electrical element; galvanometers; heliographic apparatus; surveying apparatus and instruments; magnetic discs; hygrometers; sonars; hydrometers; weights; thread counters; peepholes (magnifying lenses) for doors; holograms; phonograph records; plotters; loudspeakers; sounding leads; plumb bobs; range finders; gauges; sensors; decompression chambers; cell switchers; carriers for dark plates; smoke detectors; false coin detectors; metal objects detectors for industrial and military purposes; photography slides; slide projectors; photography diaphragms; scientific apparatus diaphragms; dictating machines; dynamometers; floppy discs; phonograph records; optical discs; calculating disks; disk drives for computers; juke boxes for computers; distillation apparatus for scientific purposes; disconnectors; grating microscopes; dosage dispensers; road signs, luminous or mechanical; electronic notice boards; breathing apparatus for underwater swimming; breathing apparatus, except for artificial respiration; respiratory masks, other than for artificial respiration; capacity measures; mechanisms for coin-operated apparatus; swimming jackets; bullet-proof waistcoats; life jackets; identification threads for electric wires; wire connectors; electric locks; electricity switchboxes; computer memories; electronic notebooks; charges for electric batteries; protective helmets, masks; gloves for protection against accidents; bells (warning devices); alarm bells, electric; electric door bells; signal bells; acoustic conduits; mirrors for inspecting work; probes for scientific purposes; buzzers and electric buzzers; needles for record players, also corundum; magnetic cards; identification sheaths for electric wires; pressure measuring apparatus; rulers; measuring instruments; precision measuring apparatus; electric measuring apparatus; insulated cooper wire; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; electricity inventers; impact camera lights; protection devices for personal use against accidents; electricity indicators; temperature indicators; inclinometers; incubators for bacteria culture; leveling instruments; azimuth instruments; integrated circuits; interfaces for computers; magnetos (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is considered too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); ionisation apparatus, not for the treatment of air; spark-guards; cables; electric cables; kaleidoscopes (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is considered too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); calipers; slide calipers; screw-tapping gauges; pocket calculators; cinematographic cameras; electronic pens (visual display units); electric coils; video game cartridges; solderers' helmets; cash registers; cathodes; choking coils (impedance); coils, electric; electromagnetic coils; photography spools; cinematographic film (exposed); animated cartoons; computer keyboards; push buttons for bells; magnetic encoders; calibrating rings; anti-dazzle shades; electric collectors; commutators; couplers, data processing equipment; switchboards; compact discs; comparators; marine compasses; computers; notebook computers; capacitors; condensers; contact lenses; contacts, electric, of precious metal; punched card machines for offices; controlling and measuring devices for steam-boilers; copying machines; electricity branch boxes; electricity distribution boxes; electricity connectors; accumulators jars; cabinets for loudspeakers; diving suits; pilots' suits; galena crystals; laboratory apparatus for fermentation; logs (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is considered too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); lasers, not for medical purposes; lactodensimeters; lactometers; photography darkroom lamps; neon signs; thermionic lamps and tubes; radio thermionic valves; amplifying tubes; flashlights; head cleaning recording tapes; magnetic tapes; videotapes; fire escapes; rulers (measuring instruments); slide-rules; optical condensers; optical lenses; correcting lenses; sounding lines; electricity conduits; measuring spoons; magnifying glasses; magnetic wires; magnets; computer mouse (data processing equipment); manometers; mathematical instruments; material for electricity mains (wires, cables); word processors; voting machines; money counting and sorting machines; material testing instruments and machines (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations; hemline markers; weighing machines; accounting machines; speaking tubes; luminous beacons; laboratory equipment (furniture); plane tables; diaphragms for scientific apparatus; meteorological balloons; metronomes; rules (measuring instruments); carpenters' rules; dressmakers' measures; coin-operated mechanisms for television sets; micrometer gauges; microtomes; microphones; microprocessors; microscopes; modems; mine-detectors; lightning conductors; monitors (computer hardware); electricity terminals; junction sleeves for electric cables; cases fitted with dissecting instruments for microscopes; navigation instruments; teeth protectors; knee-pads for workers; fire-pumps; self-regulating fuel pumps; fuel dispensing pumps for service stations; surveyors' levels; verniers; sound recording carriers; magnetic data media; optical data media; socks, electrically heated; sheaths for electric cables; identification sheaths for electric wires; shoes for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; astrophotography lenses; objectives lenses; fire extinguishing apparatus; egg-candlers; electricity limiters; clothing for protection against accidents, irradiation and fire; asbestos clothing for protection against fire; ozonisers; octants; eyepieces; ohmmeters; spectacle frames; eyeglass frames; light conducting filaments; optics mirrors; plumb lines; spectacles; sunglasses; commutation panels; signalling panels, luminous or mechanical; eyeglasses; electronic pocket translators; telecommunication transmitters; stills for laboratory experiments; transmitters of electronic signals; telephone apparatus; periscopes; computer peripheral devices; gloves for divers; asbestos gloves for protection against accidents; gloves for protection against X-rays for industrial purposes; computer printers; printed circuits; furnaces for laboratory experiments; pipettes; pyrometers; planimeters; plates for batteries; plane tables (surveying instruments); wafers silicon slices; cassette players; sound recording strips; exposed films; life-saving rafts; laboratory trays; drainers for use in photography; semi-conductors; polarimeters; fire engines; floats for bathing and swimming; graduated glassware; swimming belts; life belts; vehicle breakdown warning triangles; electric converters; telerupters; cosmographic instruments; food analysis apparatus; diagnostic apparatus, not for medical purposes; distance measuring apparatus; appliances for measuring the thickness of leather; photography speed measuring apparatus; surveying instruments; time recording apparatus; speed checking apparatus for vehicles; electric make-up removing appliances; speed checking apparatus for vehicles; optical apparatus and instruments; audio-video receivers; optic prisms; cigar lighters for automobiles; apparatus for editing cinematographic films; cleaning apparatus for phonograph records; cleaning apparatus for discs; apparatus for changing record player needles; hair-curling devices with electric heating; fire beaters; sighting telescopes for firearms; test tubes; pressure indicator plugs for valves; telegraph wires; telephone wires; electric wires; electric conductors; copper wire, insulated; fuse wire; recorded computer software; operative computer programs; projection apparatus; projection screens; record players; compact discs players; respirators; central processing units (processors); rods for water diviners; electricity distribution consoles; radar apparatus; masts for wireless aerials; radio vacuum tubes; transmitting sets for telecommunication; radios, also for vehicles; radio stations; sprinkle systems for fire protection; demagnetizing apparatus for magnetic tapes; frames for photographic transparencies; electricity distribution boards; automatic distribution machines; screens for photoengraving; protectors, electric flat irons; speed regulators for record players; electric light dimmers regulators; electric voltage regulators for vehicles; measuring rods; marking gauges; automatic time switches; electric relays; safety restraints, other than for vehicle seats and sports equipment; X-ray photographs, other than for medical purposes; X-ray apparatus for industrial purposes; rheostats; retorts; optic reflectors; refractometers; refractors; grids for batteries; horns for loudspeakers; saccharometers; reflecting discs for wear for prevention of traffic accidents; blinkers; dog whistles; whistle alarms; sextants; electricity inductors; life nets; nets for protection against accidents; fire alarms; signals, luminous or mechanical; mechanical signs; naval signalling apparatus; alarms; anti-theft warning apparatus; non-explosive fog signals; sirens; scanners (data processing equipment); connections for electric lines; electric connections; slides; sound locating instruments; electric resistances; spectrograph apparatus; spectroscopes; speed indicators; satellites for scientific purposes; photography shutter releases; intercommunication apparatus; radiotelegraphy sets; radiotelephony sets; fire hose nozzles; spectacle glasses; optical glass; glass covered with an electrical conductor; anti-glare glasses; stereoscopes; counters; parking meters; postage stamp meters; kilometer recorders for vehicles; revolution counters; abacuses; bar code readers; readers (data processing equipment); sheremeters (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is too vague for the purpose of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); sulphitometers; taximeters; ear plugs for divers; tachometers; word processors; television apparatus; telescopes; telephone receivers; teleprinters; telephone wires; theodolites; thermometers, not for medical purposes; heat regulating apparatus; thermostats; thermostats for vehicles; crucibles; tone arms for record; protractors; transistors; totalizators; battery chargers; electricity transformers; simulators for the steering and control of vehicles; stands for photographic apparatus; sounding lines; starter cables for motors; electric discharge tubes, other than for lighting; capillary tubes; X-rays tubes, not for medical purposes; quantity indicators; automatic indicators of low pressure in vehicle tires; gasoline gauges; water level indicators; electric loss indicators; clinometers; mercury levels; spirit levels; levels (instruments for determining the horizontal); amplifiers; particle accelerators; electric installations for the remote control of industrial operations; steering apparatus, automatic, for vehicles; balancing apparatus; video recorders; sound reproduction apparatus; invoicing machines; tape recorders; apparatus for games adapted for use with television receivers only; theft prevention installations; electric film cutting apparatus; drying apparatus for photographic prints; teaching apparatus; chargers for electric batteries; elevator operating apparatus; oxygen transvasing apparatus; railway traffic safety appliances; centering apparatus for photographic transparencies; sounding apparatus and machines; electric door openers; electric door closers; electric data processing apparatus; electric anti-interference devices; electric flat irons; signaling headlights; signal lanterns; filters for ultraviolet rays, for photography; filters for respiratory masks; magic lanterns; optical lamps; cameras; glazing apparatus for photographic prints; photography shutters; darkrooms; enlarging apparatus; photovoltaic cells; containers for contact lenses; spectacle cases; cases for eyeglasses; containers for microscope slides; cases especially made for photographic apparatus and instruments; chemical apparatus, instruments and devices; chromatography apparatus for laboratory use; chronographs (time recording apparatus); chains for eye-glasses; cyclotrons; compasses (measuring instruments); frequency meters; time recording devices; fire blankets; screw-tapping gauges; pedometers; electrified rails for mounting spot lights; sound locating instruments; slide calipers; eyeglass cords; eyeshades; switchboards; electricity distribution boards; probes; radiology screens for industrial purposes; fluorescent screens; photography screens; exposure meters; welding electrodes; electrolysers; electric soldering irons; electricity ducts; epidiascopes; ergometers; electricity armatures; retorts.


Англ.Lamp shades; autoclaves; automatic watering installations; heat and steam accumulators; defrosters for vehicles; air deodorizing apparatus; desiccating apparatus; air ionization apparatus (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is considered too vague for the purposes of the classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); disinfection apparatus (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is considered too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); tanning apparatus; milk and beverages cooling apparatus; refrigerating apparatus and machines; hand drying apparatus for washrooms; coffee roasters; framework of metal for ovens; coolers for furnaces; expansion tanks for central heating installations; lamp globes; bidets; bath tubs; spa vessels; bath tubs for sitz baths; electric waffle irons; water-closets; taps; air valves for steam heating installations; tubes and canalization valves (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is considered too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); air-conditioning fans; fans, parts of air conditioning installations; electric fans for personal use; air conditioners for vehicles; air conditioning installations; water heaters; bath heating installations; water conduits installations; flushing apparatus; air reheaters; extractor hoods for kitchens; ventilation hoods; ventilation hoods for laboratories; gas generators; gas condensers, other than parts of machines; electric discharge tubes; acetylene generators; hydrants; burners; acetylene burners; petrol burners; gas burners; burners for lamps; germicidal burners; incandescent burners; oxhydrogen burners; laboratory burners; oil burners; alcohol burners; portable forges; hot water bottles; pocket warmers; footwarmers, electric or non-electric; bedwarmers; grills; disinfectant dispensers for toilets; deodorising apparatus, not for personal use; lampshade holders; stills; distillation columns; showers; showers cubicles; chimney flues; refrigerating containers; roasters; friction lighters for igniting gas; chimney blowers; lighters; ash boxes for furnaces; coil (parts of distilling, heating or cooling installations); evaporators; flares; portable Turkish bath cabinets; portable toilets; heating apparatus; refrigerating chambers; domestic fireplaces; hot air ovens; electric pressure cooking saucepans; thermostatic valves; electrically heated carpets; light bulbs; solar heating collectors; lamp globes; fire bars; air conditioning apparatus; gas boilers; laundry room boilers; heating boilers; electric coffee machines; pipe line cocks; mixer taps for water pipes; kitchen ranges (ovens); electric lights for Christmas trees; acetylene flares; safety lamps; gas lamps; curling lamps; germicidal lamps for purifying air; projector lamps; lamps for directional signals of automobiles; light bulbs for directional signals for vehicles; arc lamps; laboratory lamps; soldering lamps; ultraviolet ray lamps, not for medical purposes; miners' lamps; electric lamps; chandeliers; magnesium filaments for lighting; barbecues; microwave ovens (cooking apparatus); refrigerating apparatus; incinerators; footmuffs, electrically heated; electric heaters for feeding bottles; heaters for baths, for heating irons; immersion heaters; cooking rings; brackets for gas burners; heat pumps; filaments for electric lamps; electric heating filaments; heating apparatus for defrosting windows of vehicles; hot air bath fittings; bath fittings; kiln furniture supports; sauna bath installations; refrigerating appliances and installations; cooking apparatus and installations; electric blankets, not for medical purposes; lighting apparatus for vehicles; heating apparatus for solid, liquid or gaseous fuels; electric heating apparatus; lighting apparatus and installations; lamp reflectors; vehicle reflectors; steam boilers (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purpose of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); pasteurisers; lamp casings; electric coffee percolators; stoves (heating apparatus); solar furnaces; bakers' ovens; furnaces, other than for experimental purposes; urinals; feeding apparatus for heating boilers; lamp hanging supports; aquarium heaters; electric heating cushions (pads), not for medical purposes; cooking utensils, electric; polymerization installations; regulating and safety accessories for water apparatus; safety accessories for water or gas apparatus and pipes; fumigation apparatus, not for medical purposes; plate warmers; roasting jacks; ice machines and apparatus; electric appliances for making yogurt; radiator caps; washers for water taps; anti-glare devices for vehicles (lamp fittings); heating radiators; central heating radiators; electric radiators; sinks; light diffusers; anti-splash tap nozzles; roasters; nuclear reactors; heat regenerators; flushing tanks; pressure water tanks; lamps; standard lamps; lighting installations for air vehicles; luminous house numbers; toilet seats; scrubbers (parts of gas installations); sterilizers; water sterilizers; air sterilizers; electric laundry dryers; hair dryers; malt roasters; heat exchangers; luminous tubes for lighting; pipes, pipe lines (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); electric discharge tubes for lighting; boiler pipes for heating installations; flare stacks for use in the oil industry; portable toilets; humidifiers for central heating radiators; wash-hand basins (part of sanitary installations); toilet bowls; air conditioning installations; cooling installations for tobacco; cooling installations for liquids; water purification installations; desalination plants; watering installations, automatic; processing installations for fuel and nuclear moderating material; purification installations for sewage; air filtering installations; water distribution installations; swimming pools chlorinating units; water softening apparatus and installations; water supply installations; automatic ash conveyor installations; whirlpool-jet apparatus; ventilation and air-conditioning installations and apparatus; aquarium filtration apparatus; headlights for automobiles; hair-dryers; shaped fittings for furnaces; electric coffee filters; filters for drinking water; filters (parts of household or industrial installations); filters for air conditioning; bicycle lights; lights for vehicles; pocket searchlights; torches; lanterns for lighting; Chinese lanterns (fairy lights for festive decoration); fountains; ornamental fountains; bath fittings; refrigerators; refrigerating cabinets; chromatography apparatus for industrial purposes; heating dampers; electric kettles; dental ovens; ice boxes; carbon for arc lamps.


Англ.Vats, not of metal; bamboo curtains; reels, not of metal, non-mechanical, for flexible hoses; pulleys of plastics for blinds; nuts, not of metal; hospital beds; cork bands; casks of wood for decanting wine; barrels, not of metal; mooring buoys, not of metal; identification bracelets, not of metal, for hospital purposes; sideboards; busts of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; costume stands; bolsters; pipe valves of plastics; work benches; vice benches, not of metal; coatstands; coat hangers; shoulder poles; display stands; showcases; newspaper display stands; artificial honeycombs; signboards of wood or plastics; loading gauge rods, not of metal, for railway wagons; coffins; doors for furniture; screws, not of metal; playpens for babies; divans; keyboards for hanging keys; boards; display boards; flagpoles; flower stands; curtain tie-backs; wall plugs, not of metal; binding screws, not of metal, for cables; cable or pipe clips of plastics; rivets, not of metal; tortoiseshell imitation; locks other than electric, not of metal; locks, not of metal, for vehicles; bead curtains for decoration; bottle closures, not of metal; closures, not of metal, for containers; mirrors, looking glasses; corals; whalebone, unworked or semi-worked; animal claws; animal hooves; stag antlers; shells; animal horns; rattan; ivory, unworked or semi-worked; reeds (plaiting material); plastic key cards, not encoded; reels of wood for yarn, silk, cord; valves, not of metal, other than parts of machines; water-pipe valves of plastic; staves of wood; saw horses; bed casters, not of metal; casters, not of metal for furniture; brush mountings; bassinettes; tent pegs, not of metal; curtain rings; chests of drawers; containers, not of metal for storage and transportation; floating containers, not of metal; lecterns; hampers; baskets, not of metal; bakers' bread baskets; bottle casings of wood; dog kennels; taps for casks, not of metal; armchairs; hairdressers' chairs; clothes hooks, not of metal; ladders of wood or plastic; cases for jewellery, not of precious metals; dressmakers' dummies; mattresses; air mattresses, not for medical purposes; hydrostatic beds not for medical purposes; spring mattresses; furniture; furniture of metal; school furniture; metallic seats; sleeping bags for camping; decoration mobiles; house numbers, not of metal, non-luminous; duckboards, not of metal; numberplates, not of metal; meerschaum; cask hoops, not of metal; furniture partitions of wood; mother-of-pearl, unworked or semi-worked; mirror tiles; ambroid plates; identity plates, not of metal; loading pallets, not of metal; handling pallets, not of metal; transport pallets, not of metal; wickerwork; head-rests; stakes for plants or trees; trestles; magazine racks; stands for calculating machines; flower-pot pedestals; pillows; cushions; air cushions, not for medical purposes; removable mats for sinks; racks; library shelves; shelves for filing-cabinets; furniture shelves; wood ribbon; straw edgings; bedding, except linen; stands (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); corks; corks for bottles; bungs, not of metal; stair rods; desks; embroidery frames; picture frames; reservoirs, not of metal nor of masonry; fodder racks; curtain rollers; tool handles, not of metal; knife handles, not of metal; scythe handles, not of metal; broom handles, not of metal; fishing baskets; writing desks; benches; nesting boxes; drinking straws; vats, not of metal; honeycombs; sofas; statues of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; figurines of wood, wax, plaster or plastic; oyster shells; filing cabinets; bars, not of metal (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); ambroid bars; silvered glass for mirrors; counter tables; umbrella stands; gun racks; carts for computers; dressing tables; shelves for typewriters; draughtman's tables; chopping blocks; tables of metal; desks; tea carts; steps, not of metal; chairs; high chairs for babies; bins, not of metal; placards of wood or plastics; footstools; crates; straw plaits; boarding stairs, not of metal, mobile, for passengers; troughs, not of metal for mixing mortar; trolleys (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); straw mattresses; beehives; washstands; funerary urns; wax figures; door fittings, not of metal; window fittings, not of metal; coffin fittings, not of metal; bed fittings, not of metal; furniture fittings, not of metal; infant walkers; tanks, not of metal; stuffed animals and birds; hinges, not of metal; easy chairs; poles, not of metal; screens (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); cupboards; medicine cabinets; meat chests, not of metal; plate racks; slatted indoor blinds; yellow amber; lockers; boxes of wood or plastic; bins not of metal; chests for toys; letter boxes, not of metal or masonry; bottle racks; towel dispensers, fixed, not of metal.


Англ.Carboys, non-electric deep fryers; aerosol dispensers, not for medical purposes; bottles; China ornaments; dishes, not of precious metal; goblets, not of precious metal; boxes for sweetmeats, not of precious metal; lunch boxes; carboys; refrigerating bottles; bird baths; portable baby baths; plungers for clearing blocked drains; glass wool, other than for insulation; non-electric waffle irons; ice buckets; coal scuttles; buckets made of woven fabrics; cooking skewers of metal; napkin holders, not of precious metal; stretchers for clothing, trousers, shirts; hair for brushes; birdcages; carpet beaters; signboards of porcelain or glass; candle extinguishers, not of precious metal; flower pots; chamber pots; glue-pots; decanters; combs for the hair; sponges for household purposes; toilet sponges; deodorising apparatus for personal use; shaving brush stands; ironing boards; bread boards; washing boards; strainers, not of precious metal; smoke absorbers for household purposes; containers for household or kitchen use, except in precious metal; heat-insulated containers for food; frying pans; buckskin for cleaning; closures for pot lids; toothpicks; blenders and mills for household purposes (hand operated); cleaning instruments (hand-operated); candelabras, not of precious metal; stew-pans; cauldrons; ceramics for household purposes; cages for household pets; polishing leather; boot trees stretchers; napkin rings, not of precious metal; poultry rings; butter-dish covers; cheese-dish covers; piggy banks, not of metal; baskets, for domestic use, not of precious metal; bread baskets; feeding troughs; cookie jars; tea caddies, not of precious metal; lye washtubs; cosmetic appliances; earthenware saucepans; mess-tins; non-electric coffee percolators; coffeepots, non-electric, not of precious metal; coffee grinders, hand-operated; semi-worked fused silica, other than for building; beer mugs; tankards, not of precious metal; rat traps; buttonhooks; jugs, not of precious metal; perfume burners; kitchen utensils; non-electric portable coldboxes; watering cans; insect traps; mixing spoons; basting spoons, for kitchen use; pie servers; spatulas; butter dishes; crumb trays; litter trays for pets; majolica; material for brush-making; polishing materials [for making shiny] [ except preparations, paper and stone]; hand-operated noodle machines; non-electric polishing apparatus and machines, for household purposes; pepper mills hand-operated; coffee grinders, hand-operated; feather-dusters; brooms; isothermic bags; confectioners' decorating bags; basins; ice-cream bowls; mosaics of glass, not for building; saucepan scourers of metal; soap boxes; mouse traps; fly catchers; nozzles for watering cans; spouts; nozzles for sprinkler hose; picnic baskets (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); toilet cases; floss for dental purposes; fiberglass thread, not for textile use; biscuit cutters; pastry cutters; sprinklers; sprinklers for watering flowers and plants; sprinkling devices; cotton waste for cleaning; wool waste for cleaning; cleaning tow; chopsticks; cocktail stirrers; pepper pots, not of precious metal; pressure cookers, non-electric; polishing gloves; gardening gloves; gloves for household purposes; sand-glass; plates to prevent milk boiling over; trays for domestic purposes, not of precious metal; trays of paper for domestic purposes; lazy susans; vegetable dishes; cabarets (trays), not of precious metal; heaters for feeding bottles, non-electric; trivets; coasters, not of paper and other than table linen; menu card holders; flat-iron stands; egg cups, not of precious metal; flower stands; knife rests for the table; grill supports; supports for frying pans; abrasive pads for kitchen purposes; scouring pads; drinking troughs; powdered glass for decoration; pottery; painted glassware; tableware, other than knives, forks and spoons, not of precious metal; porcelain ware; earthenware; crystal; trouser presses; tie presses; cruet stands for oil and vinegar, not of precious metal; spice sets; appliances for removing make-up, non-electric; cleaning appliances (in the opinion of the Internation Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); soap dispensers; toilet paper holders; food cooling devices containing heat exchange fluids, for household purposes; bottle openers; glove stretchers; drying racks for washing; non-electric apparatus for wax-polishing; clothes-pegs; glass caps; powder compacts, not of precious metal; perfume sprayers; powder puffs; dusting apparatus, non-electric; combs; sifters; drinking horns; shoe horns; candle rings, not of precious metal; door-handles of porcelain; knobs of porcelain; salad bowls, not of precious metal; sugar bowls, not of precious metal; beaters, non-electric; whisks, non-electric, for household purposes; services (tableware), not of precious metal; coffee services, not of precious metal; liqueur sets; tea services, not of precious metal; cinder sifters for household purposes; siphons for carbonated water; wine tasters, siphons, pipettes; domestic rolling pins; hot pots, not electrically heated; steel wool for cleaning; currycombs; blenders, non-electric, for household purposes; fruit presses, non-electric, for household purposes; salt cellars, not of precious metal; drinking vessels; sacred vessels, not of precious metal; vessels of metal for making ices and ices drinks; cups of paper or plastic; glasses; drinking glasses; statues and figurines of porcelain, terra-cotta or glass; glass for vehicle windows (semi-finished product); plate glass (raw material); opal glass; glass incorporating fine electrical conductors; enamelled glass; fiberglass other than for insulation or textile use; vitreous silica fibers, not for textile use; glass jars; glass flasks; soup bowls, not of precious metal; basins; table plates, not of precious metal; graters (household utensils); insulating flasks; cloth for washing floors; indoor terrariums for plant cultivation; cleaning rags; dusting cloths; cloths impregnated with a detergent for cleaning; toilet utensils; urns, not of precious metal; water apparatus for cleaning teeth and gums; wax-polishing appliances, non-electric, for shoes; utensils for household purposes; not of precious metal; kitchen utensils, not of precious metal; strainers for household purposes; coffee filters, non-electric; flasks, not of precious metal; bottle gourds; molds (kitchen utensils); cake molds; ice cube molds; comb cases; bread bins; tea strainers, not of precious metal; teapots, not of precious metal; kettles, non-electric; cups, not of precious metal; ironing board covers; tea balls, not of precious metal; glass bowls; mops; shakers; corkscrews; pig bristles; brushes; dishwashing brushes; brushes for cleaning tanks and containers; horse brushes; scrubbing brushes; lamp-glass brushes; toothbrushes, also electric; animal bristles brushware; carpet sweepers; toilet brushes; brushes, electric, except parts of machines; eyebrow brushes; nail brushes; mangers for livestock; nest eggs (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); boxes of metal, for dispensing paper towels; garbage cans; scoops (tableware).


Англ.Toy vehicles; climbers' harness; swimming pools (play articles); novelties for parties, dances; billiard cues; skating boots with skates attached; dolls' feeding bottles; stationary exercise bicycles; creels (fishing equipment); waterskis; bladders of balls for games; shuttlecocks; spinning tops; dumb-bells; appliances for gymnastics; hang gliders; discuses for sports; flying discs; dominoes; surf boards; spring boards; skateboards; chessboards; checkerboards; darts; Christmas trees of synthetic material; play coins; kites; toys; toys for domestic pets; teddy bears; mobiles (toys); practical jokes novelties; games; automatic games, other than those adapted for use with television receivers only and prepay; board games; ring games; parlor games; edges of skis; toy masks; reels for fishing; swings; skittles; ninepins; golf clubs; hockey sticks; seal skins for skis; bells for Christmas trees; dolls' rooms; building games; Christmas crackers; ice skates; roller skates; dice; ski bindings; dolls' beds; building blocks; dolls; flippers for swimming; fish hooks; lines for fishing; rocking horses; bows for archery; skis; surf skis; mah-jong; wax for skis; puppets; targets; clay pigeons; chalk for billiard cues; scale model vehicles; balls for games; billiard table cushions; elbow guards; billiard cue tips; dolls' clothes; fencing weapons; twirling batons; paragliders; boxing gloves; baseball gloves; golf gloves; gloves for games; fencing gloves; toy pistols; air toy pistols; detonating caps (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); caps for toy pistols; rattles; horseshoe games; candle holders for Christmas trees; Christmas trees stands; sole coverings for skis; artificial fishing baits; archery implements; billiard markers; kite reels; soap bubbles; protective paddings; bats for games; foils for fencing; rollers for stationery exercise bicycles; harpoon guns; scooters; butterfly nets; nets for sports; tennis nets; scrapers for skis; artificial snow for Christmas trees; clay pigeon traps; billiard tables; coin-operated billiard tables; tables for table tennis; indoor football tables; gut for rackets; cricket bags; golf bags, with or without wheels; slides; body-training apparatus; machines for physical exercises; backgammon games; ornaments for Christmas trees (except illumination articles and confectionery); bowling apparatus and machinery; conjuring apparatus; apparatus for electronic games other than those adapted for use with television receivers and coin-operated; counters for games; small balls for games; billiard balls; play balloons; chess games; draughts; shin guards (sports articles); sport weights; chest expanders.


Англ.Automatic file management (in the opinion of the International Bureau, the specified term is considered to vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); commercial information agencies; cost price analysis; rental of advertising space; auctioneering; transcription; opinion polling; marketing studies; statistical information; personnel recruitment; business management and organization consultancy; business organization consultancy; professional business consultancy; business management of performing artists; word processing; organization of exhibitions for commercial or advertising purposes; arranging newspaper subscriptions for others; shop window dressing; business appraisals; evaluation of standing timber; evaluation of wool; commercial or industrial management assistance; business management assistance; rental of mannequins (in the opinion of the international Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); typing; mail services (in the opinion of the international Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); economic forecasting; rental of photocopying machines, office equipment; document reproduction; compilation of information into computer databases; business inquiries; sales promotion of goods of classes 8, 9, 11, 20, 21, 25, 28 for others; systemization of information into computer databases; tax preparation; drawing up of statements of accounts; location of freight cars by computer; business management of hotels; public relations; modelling for advertising or sales promotion; telephone answering; photocopying; the bringing together, for the benefit of others, of a variety of goods (excluding the transport thereof), enabling customers to conveniently view and purchase those goods; procurement services for others.


Англ.Brokerage agencies; debt collection agencies; real estate agencies; accommodation bureaux; credit bureaux; financial clearing; issuing of travellers' checks; issuance of credit cards; exchanging money; debit card services; credit card services; organization of collections; antique appraisal; jewellery appraisal; stamp appraisal; real estate appraisal; numismatic appraisal; art appraisal; transfer of electronic funds; lending against security; check verification; renting of apartments; leasing of real estate; rental of offices; rental of farms; financial sponsorship; instalment loans; customs agencies; estate management (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the common Regulations), apartment house management; actuarial services; retirement payment services; mutual funds services; trusteeship services; safe deposit services; fiscal assessments; factor operations.


Англ.Drilling of wells; fulling of cloth; pipe-line and water-line works; linen ironing; pressing of clothing; disinfecting; rat exterminating; mining extraction; knife sharpening; riveting; renovation of clothing; painting or repair of signs; sandlasting; underwater works; rental of road sweeping machines, bulldozers, cleaning machines, excavators, windows cleaning (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations; quarrying services; umbrella repair; parasol repair; burner maintenance and repair; film projector repair and maintenance; safe maintenance and repair; clock and watch repair; pump repair; upholstery repair; shoe repair; clothing repair; photographic apparatus repair; furniture restoration; plumbing works; washing of linen; laundering; pipeline construction and maintenance; shipbuilding; street cleaning; vermin exterminating, other than for agriculture; artificial snow-making services; irrigation devices installation and repair; elevator installation and repair; heating equipment installation and repair; furnace installation and repair; kitchen equipment installation; installation, maintenance and repair of computer hardware; office machines and equipment installation, maintenance and repair; telephone installation and repair; burglar alarm installation and repair; air conditioning apparatus installation and repair; fire alarm installation and repair; freezing equipment installation and repair; electric appliance installation and repair; machinery installation, maintenance and repair; interference suppression in electrical apparatus; furniture maintenance; chimney sweeping; boiler cleaning and repair; cleaning of clothing; dry cleaning; diaper cleaning; leather care, cleaning and repair; fur care, cleaning and repair.


Англ.Bus transport; automobile transport; garages rental; rental of vehicle roof racks; warehouses rental; transportation brokerage; freight brokerage; vehicle towing; water transport; water supply; water distribution; vehicle driving; air transport; carting; railway transport; wrapping services (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); pleasure boat transport; ice-breaking service; piloting; marine transportation; passenger transportation; freight of goods; barge transport; armored-car transport; transportation; transport by pipeline; porterage; refloating of ships; shipbrokerage; vehicle order; truck rental; rental of diving bells; rental of diving suits; rental of motor racing cars; rental of wheelchairs; rental of storage containers; horse rental; refrigerator rental; electricity distribution; distribution of energy; river transport; ambulance transport; courrier services; salvage of ships; underwater salvage; taxi transport; tram transport; rescue operations transport; storage of goods; warehousing; boat storage; chauffeur services; freight forwarding.


Англ.Modelling agencies for artists; education academies; rental of tennis courts; lending libraries; bookmobile services; physical education; nursery schools; animal training; dubbing; zoological gardens; publication of books; education information; correspondence courses; videotape editing; music-halls; education; religious education; health club services; sport camp services; gymnastic instruction; practical training; organization of balls; organization of exhibitions for cultural or educational purposes; arranging of beauty contest; operating lotteries; organization of competitions (education or entertainment); arranging and conducting of symposia; arranging and conducting of conferences; arranging and conducting of congresses; arranging and conducting of colloquia; arranging and conducting of seminars; production of radio and television programmes; educational examination; videotape films production; film production; rental of audio equipment, camcorders, video cassette recorders, sound recordings; rental of movie projectors and accessories; motion pictures rental; rental of stadium facilities; rental of lighting apparatus for theatrical sets or television studios; rental of skin diving equipment; rental of sports equipment (except vehicles); publication of texts, other than publicity texts; planning services (in the opinion of the International Bureau the specified term is too vague for the purposes of classification - see Rule 13(2)(b) of the Common Regulations); providing golf facilities; sport competitions time-keeping.


Англ.Arbitrating services; architecture; authenticating works of arts; installation of computer software; biological research; mechanical research; physics research; research and development of goods for others; underwater exploration; consultancy in the field of computer hardware; consultation in environments protection; intellectual property consultancy; quality control; licencing of intellectual property objects; dress designing; urban planning; computer system design; computer software design; computer programming.

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